Latest Wedding Photography trend: Black and White photography back again

Latest Wedding Photography trend: Black and White photography back again

A few years ago some would say “black and white? That’s so 80s!” We even heard famous photographers say that it is time that we stopped shooting in black and white. Perhaps it was the time to try something else, but that time has passed now. Just the way trends repeat themselves year after year, black and white has come back again.


Latest Wedding Photography trend Black and White photography back again

Surely, one would argue that black and white pictures were only taken because there were limitations in technology. Today that we have moved on, our colors should move on from monochrome too.

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But we have to tell you, this latest trend is in for a reason. Here are a few reasons you should try these shades on your wedding day –

It helps to amplify the emotions

It is easy to lose the charm of the moment and the emotion of the sequence when you are distracted by colors. In Indian weddings, there are a lot of colors – from the bride’s lehenga to the groom’s sherwani – you have colors and colors attracting your eyes. But just see it for a moment from the perspective of the bride and groom. They want their emotions to be highlighted too.

This is why most would-be couples opt for monochromatic pre wedding shoots. It somehow manages to amplify everything the couple is meaning to say. When the colors are gone, the only things you’re left with are the darkness of the eyes, the tenderness of the kiss, etc. You can truly connect with the emotions of the subject.

It has a timeless quality

One of the reasons why monochrome is back in the business is because of its timeless quality. We all tend to look back in order to crave t he “good old times.” There’s this philosophy associated with the past that there was a golden period some time back. Hence the styles, the colors and even the black and white of that era are considered a classic.

Today when you pose in black and white, you know that people will see it several years down the line – at least which is what we want and hope when we go with wedding shoots, right? That quality, that essence, is what you will find in the monochromatic undertones. You will definitely feel like this is a material that you can hand down to your kids and their kids down the line. The classic pictures will feel eternal and therefore it’s no doubt that they have come back in style after so long.

Enhanced composition

Elements in the frame that had no relation to one another in color might suddenly interact in black and white. It means that when you are doing a photography shoot with your spouse, you may find surprisingly that your hair plays a crucial role with the color of their shirt, etc. there are things that get amplified and that is a good thing always when you are shooting wedding photographs

Black and white vs. Color

So we have learnt a little bit about why black and white is such a big deal, but what about color pictures? Are they no longer alluring? We are going to give you individual points to consider before choosing the tone. Just because black and white is on trend right now, doesn’t mean it is ideal for you. It all depends upon what your requirements and strengths are.

  • Durability: the black and white photos are the more durable ones. When they are printed in special archival fabrics they can easily last a hundred years. Yes, you can pass them on to your grand children in hard copy.The color pictures on the other hand last for about two or three decades before fading. The black and white photos may be more expensive but they are also the most durable and they can last a lifetime. Take a look at your grandparents’ pictures for example. The detail is still intact.
  • Focus: what do you want to capture? The tension in the groom’s face perhaps? Or the specific way the bride is smiling at her friends in the party? Whatever you choose to capture, you can do so with this focus in mind. Then go with black and white or color pictures.If you want to focus on the hues, the bride’s mother dancing or the Sangeet night laughter, then color picture is the best for it. We already told you that monochrome is for little moments that you want to be seen without the distractions. So the focus is the main criteria here.
  • Hiding flaws: Do you want to get rid of some blemishes from your skin? Hide such flaws from the screen with black and white. If there are imperfections in your makeup then photography will hide this too. But in such case, color photography would not come to your rescue.This is why black and white usually works when the pictures are pre wedding. When the bride is getting ready and you are taking a close up shot of her face or her eyes have just been done and you think they need capturing. That is when black and white works. Of course when the bride has come forth flaunting her multi colored indo-western lehenga, you wouldn’t want to capture it in black and white because that will go against every rule of photography.


There’s a reason the black and white shots surpassed the historic era. There is something in the moments that are captured in black and white that makes the memory a heightened one. When the bride and groom are dancing close to each other holding hands, what would be the best shot? Yes, you guessed it right!

The black and white photography trend may have come back after many years but the black and white photographs are forever. Don’t believe us? Check out a few of those photos yourself and you will know why every bride and groom requests for at least one of these photos on their wedding.

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