How to make beard soft and straight naturally before wedding

How to make beard soft and straight naturally before wedding

So your wedding is around the corner. It is a proven fact – women love beard. There are thousands of reasons for keeping beard – it makes you look more masculine, it makes you look irresistible. Do we really need to keep going on?

How to make beard soft and straight naturally before wedding

To keep an irresistible beard, you also have to maintain it properly, especially if you are the groom. So this is how you do it folks –

  1. Use shampoo regularly
    By regularly, we mean at least twice a week. This will wash away all the sweat and dust and keep your beard soft and supple. But don’t just go about using the shampoo you put on your hair. Buy a good quality beard shampoo (yes those are available), from the market. There are different shampoos for face and head because facial skin is not as rugged as your head. So you need a softer yet powerful shampoo. Take the shampoo in your hands and move it in circular motion. Leave the beard shampoo on for some time and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. You can also follow our page
  2. Don’t forget to use conditioner
    Just like you use shampoo, don’t forget to apply conditioner as well. For that extra softness and tamed hair, you need to use a conditioner. Once again, don’t use the regular conditioner. Use the beard conditioner. Beard conditioners are selling like hot cakes in the market right now. So you can always find one in the stores. Conditioners moisturize the beard hair and they can also make your beard look softer, sharper and shinier. If you are going for that cool look, you know you need a conditioner. Over time use will also enhance the quality of your facial hair.
  3. Every day clean up
    You have to clean your beard every day – just so that the sweat and dust of our environment doesn’t stick to it for long. This will also ensure that when you are actually shampooing your beard, the right effect gets on to it. Regular washing makes the beard softer and lighter. Many a times beards become coarse over time and they are sticking out. Nobody really likes the feel of that. To keep your beard clean, trim and sophisticated looking, clean it up every day with a face wash – it will also clean your face at the same time.
  4. Rinse your beard well
    Since we are applying so many products, you will have to ensure that you rinse off the beard properly. Leftover shampoo, face wash or conditioner can make your face dry. It can also make beard look sloppy. Rinsing it off with water is the best option.Don’t just rinse it and leave it like that. Make sure you also comb your beard properly after drying it with a towel. This will make sure that the entire residue is removed properly. Leave the rest of the beard to air-dry itself after you have combed it properly all over.
  5. Add nourishment
    Usually when we are using a lot of hair care products, it tends to leave the beard dry. Once in a while indulge in some natural herbal remedy. You can use warm coconut oil or olive oil to apply it on your thick beard and keep it on for some time.

Shave properly

  • Before shaving, apply some warm coconut oil to your beard. This will do two things – firstly it will moisturize your beard and secondly, it will make your bear softer – so it will come off easily.
  • Make sure that you change your razors once every three months – this will keep things fresh and hygienic. Use a proper shaving cream that goes along with your shampoo and conditioner.
  • Trim your beard often. This will help you grow your beard more rapidly. It will also help you grow a softer and richer beard. As beard grows over time, it will become coarser.

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