Make Your Mehndi (Henna)Unique: Add Some Colored Stones to It

Make Your Mehndi(Henna) Unique: Add Some Colored Stones to It

Mehndi can be done in a number of ways – literally! It is the most versatile art form. Since you are the bride, you can add some twist to mehndi with some glitter and colored stones. Biu the first step is to find best mehndi artist in your town.If you haven’t heard about them yet, hold your breath for the most awesome revelation. These colored stone twists have been going around for quite some time. However, they haven’t become very popular yet. This gives you the chance to be the unique bride in the house. You can also read Lace Glove Henna: Revolution in the field of Mehndi

Make Your Mehendi Unique: Add Some Colored Stones to It

So let’s get you started with the types:

  1. Elaborate bridal patterns: This one is really something. You will be able to make bangles out of the shape of mehndi and add colored stones to make it look like a satlada jewelry. This type of mehndi design has to be really intricate and complex to be able to incorporate the bangle pattern into it. Sometimes glitter is also added to make the stones shine brighter.
  2. Stone on the leg: You can add some of these designs on to your leg – especially on your leg. The hands are the most exposed part and while getting married your feet may not be the most dazzling one. However, if you manage to give this part attention, it will go a long way in making the day seem brighter. Those colored stones will shine brighter on the leg and make it even more auspicious. Usually the colored stones on the leg mehndi are either blue or red, because they are the ones that catch the eyes the most during these busy occasions.
  3. Using stones on simple designs: The mehndi design can be as simple as a butterfly and you can add colored stones to it. The addition of a single colored stone changes the entire look of the mehndi design. These are especially good for the bridesmaids or the sisters of the brides. You can get these stones done and match them with the bride so as to make the bride have a contrasting color combination and stand out from the crowd.
  4. Matching with your clothes: If you don’t want to go elaborate, you can choose to complement your clothes. See, your colored stones are going to stand out amidst all that lighting and glitter. So whatever you choose as the color of your mehndi stone should be chosen very carefully. It should match your overall outfit and not go against it. It doesn’t have to be of the same color. But if you have a blue stone with a red dress, then it will not be a hit. Try to stay as close to the overall dress combo as possible.
  5. The single center piece: Also, if you are the minimalist bride there’s something very simple you can do. Make a mehndi design with a big round stone at the middle of the mehndi. Instead of having the stones shine from all corners of your mehndi, you can make it the star of your show. But yes, it will be harder to carry. There’s a chance that it might fall off during the ceremonies. For this reason, it is best to use lighter ones and make a small center so that the stone you use is smaller in size.
  6. White studs vs. Red ones: When choosing the colored stones you will have to be very specific about the color of the mehndi itself. While it may seem like the white studs would do it justice because the mehndi itself is dark in color, you might be able to get better shade match with red colored stuff. So you will have to really choose them with all these things kept in mind.
  7. Glitter and stones: This is the “it” fashion now. Using the glitters is how you highlight the stones. You will be able to get more out of the stones if you are using the glitters right. In fact, most mehndi designers often will ask you to accompany the two of them.

When to use them?

Now that you have got a little idea about the studded mehndi designs, let’s learn when to use which design:

  1. Heavy Embroidery: you have chosen a lehenga with heavy embroidery. Thankfully, the mehndi is the last thing that you will have to decide upon. If you have chosen a dress that is highly embroidered, chances are that the dress is going to outshine your mehndi. You must go easy on the stone studding. It will maintain the look and feel of the dress and your mehndi will actually complement your dress. Never go overboard with mehndi if your dress on the D-day itself is stealing the show.Please read the article to know what can be the different dresses a bride can wear on her wedding.
  2. When you are wearing Juttis: This one’s a no brainer – if you are wearing Juttis, chances are that your feet will be covered and the rest of your leg won’t even be visible to the audience. So having rocks embedded on your mehndi on your legs is not even an option there. You will have to make all the creativity on your arms.Please read the whether the zardosi shoes are good to wear on wedding.
  3. When getting an arm length mehndi: If your mehndi is arm length and you want studs all over until the end, make sure you are comfortable in it. If you aren’t comfortable, you will not be able to walk around in those easily. Please read the article to know Mehndi designs on wrist :looks more like bangles.
  4. Carving the groom’s name: how do you incorporate the groom’s name onto the mehndi when you have to get a stone embedded mehndi? About this, don’t worry at all. The mehndi designers are well aware of the traditions and even though the stone chipped mehndi is a new trend, you can still carry on getting the groom’s name on the mehndi using some tricks (best known to the designers). In fact, it is even more fun because now you can highlight their names with the stones.

Tip: Always remember – never get large dome sized bulky stones on our vulnerable areas like the hands, legs and feet. If the centre piece falls off, the entire mehendi will seem off beat. Go with whatever feels comfortable – you are already carrying so much load in the form of your dress, shoes, etc.

Please read the article to know about the Arabic mehndi design.

Also you might want to check if you want to get colored mehndi done at all. There are many who don’t want to get colored mehndi done simply because it ruins the garment. Also a classic mehndi when incorporated with the rest of the features is essential for good growth.

above all you must also know how to keep mehndi for long lasting.

Here are a few more tips to remember when you are doing your mehndi design with colored stones:

Sl. No. When using… Tip
1 Red stones Look best when in contrast with red or maroon dress
2 Colored mehendi Use same colored stones
3 Glitter Make sure the blanks are filled with glitter and stones equally
4 Heavy mehendi designs Make sure to use stones lesser in weight
5 Single piece on center The object should be light and short
6 You have a different colored dress


Match the stones with your dress using similar colors.

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