Malayalam actress Bhavana got engaged to longtime beau and Kannada Producer Naveen

Malayalam actress Bhavana got engaged to longtime beau and Kannada Producer Naveen

Malayalam actress Bhavana recently got engaged to Kannada Producer Naveen. The duo was seeing each other for quite some time. Now they finally decided that it is time to tie the knot. In what was essentially a simple ceremony, the duo has finally got engaged. The ceremonies are all performed privately.

Malayalam actress Bhavana got engaged to longtime beau and Kannada Producer Naveen

The venue and more

The ceremonies took place at a private party at Kochi. The venue was private and only the friends and family were present. The duo looked really happy in the pictures. Bhavana’s close friends Samyuktha Verma and Manju Warrier were present at the event. One hears that the wedding will also be a private event. Only the friends and family will attend the wedding. However, Bhavana has not fixed a date yet. She is neck deep in projects right now. It is not clear when she will tie the knot.

Clothes and accessories

Bhavana looked stunning at her engagement in amber brown lehenga Saree. It was a Label’M exclusive. Both the bride and the groom were wearing traditional clothes. The groom was wearing a white and cream colored dhoti and kurta. It is the typical South Indian Groom attire. It seems like both the bride and groom were trying to keep it simple. So should we expect a bang at their wedding? Only time will tell. For now we only have rumors to suffice.

Marriage rumors

There were a lot of rumors in the air. Earlier media reported that they will get married in mid-2016. However, that did not happen but since they have got engaged, speculation is that they will tie the knot by the end of the year. After Bhavana’s father Balachandran’s sudden demise, the couple decided to postpone the wedding.

But now the buzz is that it will be an August wedding. In 2017, in the month of August, they will probably tie the knot. Some people have also speculated that they will get married in Bangalore. The family will announce the official date soon. But it will definitely be a close affair. The reception might be the one ceremony where we will see the couple come out to meet their star-studded guest list.

Wishes for the couple

The engagement might have been a close knit affair, but their industry friends congratulated them. They made sure that they made their buddy feel welcome. After all, the wedding invites are still on their way. Actor Anoop Menon took to Facebook to congratulate the couple on their engagement. Wishes from more celebrities poured in.

Bhavana’s recent incident

Bhavana recently came to news after some goons tried to abduct her. It is not clear if it is because of this, but Bhavana decided to settle down. Naveen was her long time boyfriend and it was a given that these two would tie the knot soon. It seems like it is going to happen this year itself. The fans are very excited for the celebrity duo. Bhavana had earlier said in a statement that she always wanted to be with someone who looked at life in a mature way.

Naveen was a big support to Bhavana after her father’s demise and after the abduction incident which shook the industry. She made her choice to stick to Naveen and get engaged. The businessman-actor couple might not have declared the date yet, but they have decided on one. The reception is likely to be a grand affair.

Bhavana’s mom on engagement and wedding

It is true that the talk about their marriage was on the air. From the beginning of 2016 people have been asking several questions which got Bhavana’s mom fuming. She said that she would also like to know when her daughter is getting married as she doesn’t know about it. if it happens, she would like to know from the media personnel. After their engagement, Bhavana’s mother was asked the same question. She replied then in an even tempered manner. She said that Bhavana’s father had decided on the date long before his demise. The marriage will take place on the same date.

Bhavana’s commitments to the industry are deep and it is not clear if she would continue with the wedding despite the arrangements at workplace. Just like her engagement, which came out of the blue and surprised everyone, her wedding might do the same. However, there were assurances from all parties that as soon as the date was fixed, it will be announced.

As for now, Bhavana seems deeply engaged in two projects – Honey Bee 2 and Adam. Honey Bee 2 will star Asif Ali and in Adam she’s working with Prithviraj. Both of these are big budget projects and she is on a tight schedule to finish them. She plans to finish her assignments before tying the knot and spending time with her husband-to-be.

How it all began

  • Bhavana was linked with Naveen for a long time. Since the shooting of Romeo in 2012 they have been linked. But they kept denying their relationship to the media.
  • Later they came out and announced that they were in fact dating each other. But it was only earlier in 2017 when Bhavana’s mother announced that her marriage was already fixed.
  • The media and fans got to know that Bhavana’s marriage was fixed to Naveen all along. This gave the Naveen and Bhavana couple fans some hope. Finally they got engaged.
  • Throughout the crisis that once prevailed, Naveen stood by Bhavana like a rock. Bhavana had to face a lot of threats and harassment but Naveen supported her.

The fans and the friend and family are happy that the duo has finally got engaged.  It must be mentioned that right now the mentions of the marriage are all contradictory. It is only after an official announcement is made, can we reveal the date to you. Till the time, keep an eye out on this space for more information.


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