Mandana Karimi’s Wedding

Mandana Karimi’s Wedding

Former Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi has become one of the hottest stars on television in recent time. Needless to say, she broke a lot of mens’ hearts when she announced her engagement to Gaurav Gupta last July. But it’s proven to be exciting in that Karimi has just gotten married to Gupta. This all took place in a ceremony this past January. Many of their best friends came out to celebrate the event.

Mandana Karimi’s Wedding

Many new details have been surfacing in recent time about the event. It would be tough to try and find as much info as possible, what with the ceremony having been secret for the most part. Fortunately, we have compounded plenty of points here as a means of sharing with the world the excitement and happiness of this special moment in the lives of some of our favourite stars.

Key Point About the Wedding

The wedding took place in January during a private ceremony. While many friends and family members attended, the event was essentially secret to the public.Details on the specific location of the event haven’t been released. Still, photos released by the couple and friends on Instagram show that they have had a great time at the wedding and are looking forward to a long life together.Many short videos posted online show that they had quite a bit of entertainment at the wedding. The soundtrack to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge could be heard in the background.

The wedding was especially intriguing for how it wasn’t too publicized and that it was designed to be kept private for the most part. Fortunately, the great wedding proved to be rather entertaining and fun. It was especially worth hearing about when the wedding itself actually took place.

A Stunning Look For Mandana

There are many great points about Mandana Karimi’s appearance that deserve to be noticed:

  • Mandana was wearing a bright red sari with plenty of shiny accents all around. These accents especially reflected light quite well. A good red scarf material was also added to her outfit. It was distinctive from the rest of her outfit in terms of how it was organized and the color scheme involved.
  • Some jewelry was also included in her outfit. A minor pendant was featured around her neck. It has been tough to try and figure out what was on it as photos of it are not very clear.The mehndi she had on her arms was also attractive. It features a few floral accents all around to create a pretty design. It adds a good look for her to wear during this special event.

In addition, Gupta had a nice black dress with a slight red floral accent on it. His outfit looked rather attractive without being overly flashy. Of course, the ladies of the event were certainly the ones that stood out the most with their varied colors on their outfits.

Mandana’s outfits were rather varied throughout much of the events relating to the wedding. She focused more on lighter colors all throughout the entire occasion.

Great Guests

A good variety of guests appeared at the wedding. Gauahar Khan and Bani Judge were both at the wedding. Khan had been there with the couple and helped to take a picture of them while they were performing Pooja. The shot has gone viral in recent time as people are looking to learn more about this exciting couple. Even Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput took time from their busy schedules to hang out. It’s unclear as to whether any of these couples were dancing with one another.

Jackky Bhagnani and Aftab Shivdasani were at the wedding too. Shivdasani brought his wife along as well. He and Karimi recently worked on the third installment of the Kya Kool Hai Hum film series.

There are a few additional specifics to note about these stars:

  • Shahid Kapoor had a night kurta-pyjama for the ceremony. It had a lighter tone to it. Mira Rajput had a standard yellow outfit. This is similar to what she has been wearing at a few other public events in the past.
  • Gauahar had an embroidered suit. This had a stunning style that made it a little more unique from what the others wore at the event. Bani was wearing a bright saree. She had a very outstanding look to her that made her stand out. Tusshar was also found at the event. Not much has been reported as to what Tusshar was doing but reports from many who were at the wedding suggest that this fellow did indeed attend.

The appearance of Shahid and Mira was especially worth noting. They are new parents of recent time and have been rather active in the past few weeks. This event is certainly a time for

A Good Schedule

It seems that the scheduling for the wedding was done as a means of getting more of the couples’ friends out to the ceremony. While they had their marriage confirmed in court, they chose to wait for some of their best friends and family members to be able to attend to actually have a wedding ceremony. Bani Judge had just gotten free from shooting the latest installment of Bigg Boss while Gauahar Khan just got off of the Begum Jaan film shoot.

About the Court Wedding

Details on the court wedding that took place before this ceremony have been released. Mandana has stated that it took place in January. She said that it took place between family members of people on both sides. She especially remarked that it was a rather unusual situation. Mandana was especially hoping to get into this big ceremony as a means of having a little more fun during the celebration.

Although she was happy to spend that time with family members, she had especially been looking forward to the official wedding ceremony. This especially came as she wanted to have fun with family and friends alike. This proved to be certainly worth the wait for her. With the legal aspect that comes with the marriage out of the way, it was now time for her to enjoy her new married life with many of her best friends.

What About the Bachelorette Party?

Naturally, Mandana did hold a bachelorette party before the wedding. Details on what happened at the party are unclear. But it is known that this took place after a brunch party and before the mendhi ceremony. While the mendhi that she was wearing on her arms was definitely noticeable, it is unclear as to how the bachelorette party went.

There is one particular photo that has been surfacing in recent time. She was wearing a fun sash with a floral crown at her party. This was in a quaint space in a friend’s house. It appears that they didn’t necessarily go anywhere during the bachelorette party. Essentially it was designed to be an occasion that is a little more relaxing without being too complex. In other words, there weren’t any occasions or activities here that were too outlandish or unusual.

A Quick Background

It should be noted quickly that Mandana Karimi had been married to Lalit Tehlan in the past. There were rumors that she was dating Parth Pawar for a while. This is intriguing as he is the son of politican Ajit Pawar. The original rumors surrounding what was going on proved to be relatively unfounded as the wedding itself was simple and not all that substantial when all is considered.

Interestingly enough, the wedding ceremony itself took place just a day after one of her appearances on Bigg Boss. This is especially amusing considering how it was an appearance where she got upset with Lopamudra Raut. Specifically, she was upset over how Raut has been hassling Bani quite often. This isn’t necessarily the most outlandish moment to have taken place on Bigg Boss but it is still a noteworthy moment that got people talking. The wedding just ended up adding to the momentum that she has experienced lately.

Mandana and Gaurav had been dating for about two years before they were married. The proposal actually took place on the day before their two-year anniversary. Mandana stated that she was shocked when he proposed to her but in the end she is happy about it because she knows just how much Gaurav loves her.

It wasn’t until after she was a guest on the tenth season Bigg Boss that she confirmed her wedding with Gaurav. The event has been anticipated for quite a while since then. However, the couple managed to still get it going in private as a means of making it easier for them to have a better wedding experience. We all wish them the best of luck in their new life together.


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