Mandap Hire during Wedding Factors to know

Mandap Hire during Wedding Factors to know

A Hindu Wedding consists of a lot of ceremonies. But it all revolves around the wedding. On the wedding day a typical worship is performed by the priest during which, the bride and the groom are seated in a mandap. A mandap is an altar on which the holy chants are recited. It is here that the bride and groom are united with the seven rounds of Hindu matrimony. This is why all eyes are on the mandap on the wedding day and it is a must to decorate the mandap.

Mandap Hire during Wedding Factors to know

How to Hire Mandaps?

In the earlier days people would make mandaps in their homes. Now weddings take place in resorts and alternate venues, so mandaps need to be portable too. So people hire mandaps from nearby places. But hiring mandaps is not as easy as it sounds. There are several things that the mandap should tick off from our list.

Types of Mandap Options

Before we go into how to choose the mandap, we will discuss the type of mandap designs that are available. This will give you a rough idea about the type of mandap you want to hire.

  • Custom Mandap: A custom mandap is one which is tailored just for the needs of the brides and grooms. This type of mandap is custom made so that it complies with your theme and choice. The fabric and material used is also of your choice.
  • Floral Mandap: A floral mandap usually has flowers decorating the edges of the mandap. Garlands of flowers, mango leaves and bouquets are usually hung around the raised platform. In order to make this brighter, brides and grooms these days go for bright chandeliers and lightning in the floral mandap. This makes the mandap glow.
  • Fabric Mandap: Fabric mandaps are not found everywhere but they can make your wedding look really gorgeous. They use myriad different types of colors and fabrics. This is why they are called the fabric mandap designs. Their shades, patterns, styles are all combined in such a way that they will grab the eye for sure.

Cost of Mandaps

Now that we know the types of mandaps are available, we will have to check out their cost. Cost is a very important factor in choosing the right mandap. To know the costs, talk to the local mandap hiring place. Different areas usually charge different amounts. Keep looking to find the best deal. But once you find a good mandap within your price range, go for it, especially if the marriage is during the peak season. Chances are, you won’t find a better deal anytime soon.

The cost of the mandaps depends upon the size of the mandap, the choice of colors, decorations. So the greater the décor, the greater the prices are. Talk to your wedding planner and discuss your budget and your requirements for getting the best deal. It is always a good idea to stick to budget.

Size of the mandap

The size of the mandap is important in choosing, but the size itself is dependent on your venue. So the venue will decide the size of the mandap. Keep an eye on the place and the corner where the mandap is going to be set up. Look out for the logistics and the little details that will make it easier to have the mandap set up there. Usually the banquets and the regular venues are very compliant with the tidbits. They might also give you an inch by inch size of the mandap set up. This will be very beneficial for you, ask the hotel or banquet about the size of the area where the mandap is setting up.

Colors and Material

The colors and material will play a great role in the design determination. Ask your planner to get the color choice listed with you. Since the colors have to go with the wedding colors, you need the contrast determined. Red, gold and white are considered the most auspicious colors for weddings. To these, you can add drapes, diyas and ribbons so that the mandap comes alive.

Most commonly silk is used to decorate the mandaps. You can also use marigold flowers, roses – which are very common and orchids if you want to spend some more. Once you have selected the colors, you can go ahead with the materials, with them, you need lighting. The lighting is the cherry on top that is going to add gorgeousness to the wedding mandap.

Theme compliance

You may already have a theme for your wedding. The flowers, decoration, lighting, and everything has been done according to it. Now you have the last step – the mandap to decorate. It is the best idea to go ahead and decorate the mandap in the colors that guests see all around. Or you can create a sharp contrast with those colors and stand out at the mandap.

Stage decoration

The stage is also a very important part of the venue and it should be chosen with care. The decoration of the stage and the decoration of the mandap go hand in hand. This is why you have to choose every aspect carefully while decorating it. If you have a big and robust stage then it can accommodate all your friends and family. There can be room to do more. Many areas have their own stage décor people. You can choose the right one among them to get started.

Style of the mandap

Another important thing is the size of the mandap. You will have to choose from four main types of styles. They are – triangular, canopy, dome shaped and mandap with floral backdrop. These types are sometimes also collaborated. But it is better to stick with one design to define the mandap distinctly. The weather conditions also define the mandap type you might prefer. Also some mandaps like dome shaped ones look good in day weddings. For night weddings usually triangular or open mandaps are preferred.

Number of people

The strength of the wedding guests plays a huge role. Suppose you have your parents, groom’s parents and their relatives on the mandap, will it accommodate all? Decorators must take the number of guests into consideration and know that at least half of them will assist the bride and groom on the mandap.

Position and seating

The position is a vital factor in choosing the shape, size and style of the mandap. Not everything depends upon the mandap itself. As we already said, you have to have a look at the mandap style to know the design. Many a times the position of the weddings has to be compliant with the vaastu. The priest can be the best judge of the vaastu of the wedding.

Usually the Indian Hindu weddings are set up at the eastern side of the house. They face the east. So in order to make sure that you are seated comfortably during those few hours, you have to make necessary adjustments. Adjust the directions of the mandap so that they are open on all fronts and the seating is comfortable. If you take care of these measures, you can surely get your mandap done right.


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