10 Mehendi designs for Karva Choth

10 Mehndi designs for Karva Choth

The Karva Choth is here once again and it is time for you to get dressed like your wedding day. Get your hands and feet covered in twists and curls and of the mehndi designs. Yes, it is the time to hire your favorite mehndi artist, or even host a mehndi party with your girls while getting the mehndi done and even unwinding some. Of course the party will be free of refreshments. But mehndi should be the prime focus of the event. You can get different types of mehndis done for this event. You can also read the article to know how to search the right mehndi artist in your town.

Mehndi designs for karwa choth

Every woman wants to look best on her Karwa Choth and they want to keep up the fast too. If you are feeling a little confused lately and are unable to pick the right design for yourself, then let us tell you that you have international options at your bay. Currently the glitter and color mehndi are trending but you can go with the all time popular Moroccan or Rajasthani designs as well. Take a sneak peek into what is there in each of these types of mehndis and then choose for yourself:

  1. Arabic Mehndi designs
    These designs are pretty thick and you can expect to get a rich maroon color off it when this design is complete. Motif wise it comprises of leaves, flowers, vines, etc. they look excellent on all types of hands. If you want a design that has your fingers covered fully, then this one will be it. Needless to say it looks beautiful once completed – yet you have to decide if it is your type of mehndi at all. Focus on the thickness of the mehndi instead of the decorative lines. It can be done both on hands as well as feet. You can also read the full article to read about arabic mehndi design.
  2. Floral mehndi designs
    Well to be fair there is never a thing that does not look fine with flowers. The mehndi designs are obviously no different given the fact that the mehndis of all cultures have floral motifs on them – albeit differently crafted, but similar in pattern. Floral mehndis make you look seductive. If that’s your style then go ahead with it. The best part of this type of design is that they can be adorned with glitters or enhanced by adding some dye. It’s completely up to you! These are also bridal designs so they will definitely look good on your Karwa Choth hands. You can also read the article to know different ways of making flower jewellery on mehndi ceremony.
  3. Bangle style
    Have you seen the Bangle Style? You have haven’t you? These are very common in bridal mehndi designs. Basically the outline of an elaborate bangle is drawn on your hand. These usually extend up to the upper arms and they have parallel watch like lines on your wrist. Usually there is a clear demarcation between the hand and where the wrist begins. If you have roundish, small hands, then avoid it – because it will make your hands look stuffy. But those who are blessed with long finger nails and hands, they can go for it. To read more about this design you can also follow the link Mehndi designs on wrist looks more like bangles.
  4. Pakistani or Indo-Arabic Styles
    Yes there are traditional Pakistani mehndi designs as well. These designs due to their demographic location are impacted by both Indian and Arabian cultures. Hence we get both what comes out at the end as an Indo Arabic style that looks beautiful on hand. The brides can opt for this mehndi. But if you are donning this for Karwa Chauth you can do that too. It will look amazing on your long hands especially if you stretch it up to your arms. The bold Arabian outlines bound by Indian patterns intricately, look amazing.
  5. Indian styled mehndi
    Now there is the one and the only type of mehndi design which is as common as ever. But the plus point is that they cover up your hands more than anything. The peacock mehndi design is pretty common in this type of mehndi and they are a favorite of many Indian women. The swirly designs are very traditional and if you have to impress your mother in law, then nothing will make you look prettier than this. These are patterns most Indian women will recognize because they have all got this at one point.
  6. Typical Mehndi Designs
    Okay so Rajasthan is in India then why are these to designs separately mentioned, right? Well, Rajasthan has a lot of variation in its mehndi designs. Also called the Marwari Mehendi design, the Rajasthani mehndi design is known for its typical clear spaces between the motifs. This is unlike the rest of the Indian mehndi designs. The curvy designs, the peacocks, the flowers and the intricate lines are all drawn from the hand till the elbows. The tips will be gracefully covered. These designs especially look well on your feet. Don’t mind indulging in some Rajasthani feet mehndi this Karwa Choth if you must.
  7. African or Moroccan Mehndi Designs
    The Moroccan designs, as they are popularly called, are the ones that are placed with a lot of symbols for protection. You can inevitably find an eye in most of the Moroccan mehndi designs these are perfect for warding off evil eye – that is the popular belief in their culture. The Moroccan mehndi designs are more than just decoration, they are symbolic and each of the lines and the patterns mean something and is a symbol of wellness and warding off evil spirits. Many women prefer to get them during Karwa Choth.
  8. Mughal mehndi designs
    Yes, you cannot go any more gala than a Mughal design. If you want to wow your relatives and also get something unique that will appear very elegant then go with the traditional Mughal mehndi designs. These designs are ones of a kind. They are one of the oldest in designs. Make sure you get them done by an expert who knows what they are doing when handling a mehndi design of this length and order. Basically these designs are very intricate and they can be adorned in any occasion. The slanting patterns and domes make them very regal indeed.
  9. Glitter design
    There are things that don’t call for attention and gel well with the background – glitter mehndi is not one of them! They are for the alpha females who want to take control and want all eyes on her. These designs are becoming a trend these days and for the right reasons – they look gorgeous as anything. Don’t be surprised if your best friend is jealous of you when you wear them. These mehndi designs are just something else. You can try and match it with any of the other designs mentioned in this list. For example, an Arabic glitter designs, etc. You can also read the article about Make Your Mehndi (Henna)Unique: Add Some Colored Stones to It
  10. Multi colored mehndi
    Break the moulds and be free. Get red all over your mehndi. The colored mehndi looks amazing on the hands of the modern woman. They can be less boring and they will give some interest value to the onlookers. Yes, now you can impress your husbands and get their attention with these colorful mehndis. So what are you waiting for?

Check out some important stuff:

Sl. No. Design Type Design Name
1 Modern designs Glitter mehendi design, multi colored
2 Semi modern Moroccan
3 Traditional Mughal,
4 Basic Indian, Pakistani

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