8 Mehndi Designs On Legs For wedding

8 Mehndi Designs On Legs For wedding

When it comes to wedding we leave no stone unturned to find the right mehndi design. While people mostly focus on the mehndi on hands, many people leave the leg mehndi design out of the question. This is one of the things that you can notice when you are moving about in your bridal lehenga so it must be done perfectly. Many brides totally forget about the leg mehndi or choose not to do them. For them too we have some picks which are easy and won’t need much doing. In any case legs are the most beautiful canvases on which mehndi are to be portrayed. Mehndi can have an enlarging or softening effect on your feet texture. This you can use to your advantage.

8 Mehndi Designs On Legs For wedding

Many women crave the best leg mehndi design that covers the toes while some would want the toes to be left out. Some women want their mehndi to begin from above the ankle, while some would want it only on the feet. No matter what it is you choose, you will always find the right mehndi design to suit your preferences. This can be seen in this case. Here we have assorted the top 10 mehndi designs for bride’s legs:

  1. Bangle like design on ankles: Although this design has a lot of different angles, the one that is very prominent here is the bangle like design right above the ankle and then some motifs on top of it. It makes the feet look gorgeous and makes a woman feel like she is wearing some kind of feet jewelry all the time. Albeit it is said that this piece of leg mehndi can make any woman feel like she is a Queen. It sure looks like that from this image. The small and intricate details of the design talk a lot about how much time it takes. It is surely not for those who are just looking to try out a simple feet mehndi. If you are a bride that wants to feel the best on her D-day then go with it. The anklet design makes the feet gorgeous. It is a unique design – not much seen today. You can also read the article Mehndi designs on wrist looks more like bangles.
  2. Simple stretch design : This is a very simple stretched design beginning from the feet and extending up to the ankles and above. The toes are not covered in this one however the design has a very good ring to it when it comes to festivities. Yes, it is not a design that is solely dedicated to the bride. Even the people attending the wedding can do it, but since the feet of the bride will not be visible during the ceremonies and in case the bride wants to go low key on her feet mehndi this is the ideal one to go forward with. Mainly floral motifs have been used in this one and it continues along the side of the feet mostly. You can also read the article to know about Moroccan Mehndi design.
  3. Large feet mehndi :Expect this mehndi to extend up till your knee – or right below your knee. If that is something you’d want, this is the perfect time to get it. This unique mehndi design kisses the Indian complexion to a tee. It will look even more gorgeous if black mehndi is used. The design in itself is intricate with all kinds of motifs from floral to peacock tail to square patterns and they are split to beautifully across each leg that together something elegant and above average is created on the bride’s leg. In deed you will need to have a lot of patience to get this one done – as you can see it is not an easy one. But the end result is a guaranteed success. The toes are also covered with floral motifs and will make your feet look richer with decorations.
  4. Simple black mehndi design:This is a simple black mehndi design which looks very gorgeous on any leg. It has peacock motifs and there are simple rounds and triangles of geometric shapes. You will be able to get this one done in no time. So it is a time saving option for the bride. But then how do you make such a simple design flattering on the bride’s leg? Simple – by making it with black mehndi instead of the regular one. You can also read the article to know about Peacock Mehndi Patterns – A Symbol of Love
  5. No fuss leg design: You already have chunk loads of mehndi up till your arms. Now you want a simple one for your feet. You don’t want to be tip toeing around the house when it is you who is needed the most in almost all rituals. If this is the bride that you are then you can go with this one. It is really fuss free and will be done in no time – you can move around in them without the fear of smudging them no doubt and you will be able to do them on your toes as well. We can see that there are several Arabian styled designs and floral patterns in this mehndi. The best part is that even though there is a fusion art, there is no shred of complicity in the design. It is a great pick for the bride that loves her art and wants minimal.
  6. Feet forward:I like to call this design feet forward because indeed there is a lot of detail at the front portion. It is a smart idea for a design because usually it is just the feet that are visible during such events. So when you lift that lehenga up to move about, you can show off how gorgeous your feet look. It is a great design and is layered with so many intricate details that it is a splendid one to watch out for. The middle section of the feet is open and has very less design. You can say that it is a combination of modern and traditional mehndi design.
  7. Floral simple pattern: Okay give or take this one looks a lot like the one we mentioned in #2. But there’s a tad bit of difference here. This one has elaborate floral patterns and it covers the toes also. It has layered shadings which are all done with mehndi and the floral motifs on the toes are quite unique. There is a lot of intricacy in the designs here. It is an ideal choice for the modern woman. But it is not restricted to the brides. It can be donned by her guests as well.
  8. Traditional Indian: So this traditional Indian design is characterized by a lot of designs on the front of the feet with just a single thin line of motifs extending up from the side of the feet. The end result is a gorgeous mehndi which will make you look fabulous. It screams “bride” all over it so it is a typical wedding leg mehndi that can be donned by the bride only
S. No. Type Name
1 Modern Feet forward
2 Classic Indian
3 Fusion No fuss

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