10 mehndi designs for sisters and friends of the bride

10 mehndi designs for sisters and friends of the bride

So you are at your wedding and you need to pick a mehndi design to go with that dress. At the same time you have to maintain that it is not as gorgeous as the bride while it is not even toned down because you want to shine bright. So here is what you can do – you can pick a mehndi design that says that you are the sister or the friend of the bride. It will be the perfect armor to grab attention of that hottie from the ‘ladke vale’s’ side.

10 mehndi designs for sisters and friends of the bride

If you are the bride, you will of course want that all eyes are on you on this day. So you might go that extra mile to make the henna(mehndi) artists get some ideas. These ideas are super cool but they are not as grand as the one you are getting. But for you to know what these are, you will have to do some research yourself. Fret not! We are here at your rescue. Here are some of the coolest mehndi designs that you can get done. Of course, they will look stunning and your friends and sisters might even thank you for picking it out for them.

  1. The twisted net patterned mehndi
    The best part of these mehndi is that it is so simple that it can be done by anyone. Even after being that simple, it leaves a very gorgeous mark on the hand. So if your relatives have work the next day they won’t be overwhelmed by it. It will suit their hands perfectly and they can also camouflage it easily because it mostly consists of dots and lines. So you have the perfect combination of simple yet gorgeous.
  2. Arabic Circular motif mehndi
    This Arabic circular mehndi design is excellent for the bridesmaids. It has just that right amount of twist to make it look party ready and at the same time, it has simplicity so not to be clashing with the bride. With the fingers covered with mehndi completely, the center piece shines bright in this one. You can make out just by the way it is done that it is a brilliant piece of design extending yup to the forearms if one desires so. The arcs and mural painting on the forearms are one that you mustn’t miss. You can also read the article Arabic Mehndi (Henna)design- Can be a good option for bride
  3. Floral leg design
    Getting mehndi design on the leg? There are so many choices you would say. Indeed there is no less choice when it comes to the leg design. Getting the legs painted at a wedding festival is something the bride’s sister or friend would absolutely do – unless she has to wear heels within the next 20 minutes. So if she is getting a leg design, this would be a nice floral design that sparks interest. It is a design that is simple and elegant enough to make the girl be recognized as the sister of the bride. It is very good looking indeed and is perfect for the occasion.
  4. Plain circular motif
    The circular motif is a traditional design and it can be done in a variety of ways to either tone up or tone down the gorgeous effect. In this particular circular pattern, the designs towards the outer part of the circle are simplified while the inner circle has been made richer. This gives an overall blooming effect to the entire circle. Also, it fills the hand in such a way that even if you don’t get any other part filled except the fingers, it looks very gorgeous. This design can be done by the ones who have thin hands.
  5. Only at the back – floral
    Sisters who insist that mehndi on the palm is for those who are getting married, should get this one done. Also, it makes you look chic. Needless to say one has so many errands to run on the wedding day, if you get mehndi done at the palm you basically get temporarily crippled. If you wouldn’t like that, and you want to also flaunt some graceful mehndi, getting it done at the back is an ideal way to go about it. The floral mehndi don at the back of the hand speaks volumes about the type of bridesmaid you are.
  6. Moroccan mehndi design
    Busy by the day? Got office by the end of the week? Or simply impatient? The Moroccan design would be the ideal ordeal for this woman. Get her to sit only for a while because the simplistic Moroccan mehndi designs don’t take up a lot of time to be done. They are also easy to maintain while drying, and the gorgeous effect you ask? It is multiplied by anything! Simply put, any bridesmaid would love to have this on her hand.
  7. Floral Mandala
    Your friend or sister is a little bit enthusiastic about your wedding. She wants to have the best mehndi done. She wants to look fabulous and she won’t stop at any simplistic design. This is the mehndi for that energetic bride’s sister that wants to enjoy your wedding to the utmost level. It has the perfect blend of super quality mehndi design with the same round motifs at the center. The only difference is that it is richer than the other mehndi designs and you will be able to see that it has transformed into something super gorgeous once it’s done.
  8. Net patterned back mehndi
    This mehndi design is done in net patterns. This is again for those that love to have something simple on a wedding day. Also for the ones who are impatient, this must be it because it doesn’t take very long to make this simple piece. Also being done at the back of the hand it gives the busy bridesmaid the freedom to move about and do things. She can also play with the designs and extend it up to the forearms if she pleases.
  9. Easy floral mehndi 
  10. This type of floral mehndi design is usually done at the back of the hand. The best thing about this pattern is     that it is really simple. Also, the design mainly is done at the back of the palm with only slightly extending towards the fingers on the up side. The motifs are circular and you will find the peacock tail pattern in bits and pieces throughout this design. It is one of the best parts of the peacock design.
  1. Full back floral
    This is a very unique type of design with a lot of swirls and twists. The only thing recognizable about the pattern is the flowers. It seems like the flowers are tied to a string of pearls and they rest gracefully on top of the bridesmaid’s hand. It is best done in black mehndi because behind the Indian skin tone, the black mehndi texture will be very prominent. It will make the mehndi design effervesce.

Apart from all that you must also read the article to know how to keep mehndi long lasting?


Here’s another way to choose the mehndi designs for the bride’s friends and relatives:

Serial No. Type of purpose Suitable mehndi design
1 For leg Floral leg design with peacock trails
2 Easy design Circular motif at the center
3 Less time, visible Floral mehndi design
4 For work Moroccan

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