Mehndi designs on wrist looks more like bangles

Mehndi designs on wrist looks more like bangles

Mehndi has become an integral part of fashion trend now. In traditional occasions like Rakshabandhan, Eid, Deewali, Puja and such girls consider mehndi as an important part of their attire. Any occasions where you are wearing traditional cloths like Saree, Salwar suit, Lehenga and you can choose any stylish mehndi design to add extra points to your look. But if talk specifically about wedding you must have the best mehndi artist of your town.

Mehndi designs on wrist looks more like bangles

While talking about mehndi designs, we can see that gone are those days when people use to have clumsy and congested designs. Nowadays the fashion consultants don’t leave any stone unturned to become more innovative, they convert old conventional things into new look. Like mehndi designs are not restricted to the palm only, but you can have wrist mehndi as well. Applying mehndi on wrists only will look exactly like bangles and it will perfectly complement your accessories as well. Here I have selected 10 beautiful mehndi designs for your wrist. Have a look.

Traditional Floral Design

Traditional floral design is not new, but placing it on wrist only is definitely a new concept. You can cover your fingers along with your wrist here. Floral designs always go well with traditional cloths, like saree. If you are wearing saree for the occasion, then I will suggest you to have floral wrist mehndi on one wrist, may be on the right hand which is visible properly. Wear a wrist watch or wristlet on the left hand to complement the mehndi.


Glitters in mehndi are one of the trendiest styles these days. Apply plain red coloured henna and garnish it with colourful glitters to give it a trendy and stylish look. In case of wrist mehndi also you can use different glitters. When you’re applying wrist mehndi, you have to think of something innovative that complements your attire as well as the accessories you are wearing with it. using glitters or stones in your mehndi will give it a shining look that can be matched with your stone studded earrings or neckpiece.


If you are not into glitters or stones, then I have a better idea. You can easily use different colours in your mehndi. If you are thinking that mehndi has only one colour that is red, then you are wrong and you have to explore more about it. Mehndi can be of different colours. If you have floral design, then use red, pink, blue or any vibrant colour for the flowers and green can be the colour of the leaf. If you have geometric or other graphical designs then use distinguish colours to make it more vivacious and elegant. Using different colours according to your outfit can make a lot difference to your x-factor. You can also add some colored stone to make it unique.

Round Shaped

If you are applying wrist mehndi to substitute your hand accessories like bangles, then go for round shaped designs. We often apply two different designs on different sides of the same hand. But in this case different designs will not work if you are planning to substitute your bangles with henna tattoo. Have a round shaped design; it can be floral, checks, rajasthani motifs or something really elegant that suits your personality. It design must be flowing from one side to another like you see in a bangle or wristlet.


Old designs of mehndi, checks, can be a good option for wrist mehndi. It is easy but classy. Checks design is something that goes with everything. Even if you’re not applying mehndi on your entire hand, you can use checks designs on wrist and fingers to complement your look. Checks can be filled with glitters or different colours as well. A very famous mehndi design is lace glove heena.

Rajasthan Motifs

Rajasthan motifs are the designs that are saved for the bridal mehndi. Usually Rajasthani motifs carry a royal look where models like elephants, king, queen, royal couple, palanquins and such designs are made. Now it is obvious that you will not apply such heavy designs on your wrist. But you can apply small designs like the Rajsthani architectures, Jaipur style designs or you can have elephant trunks for your wrist mehndi design.

Unusual Shape

I have mentioned about the round shaped wrist mehndi designs in this article. Along with a symmetric design you can also have asymmetric design as well. By unusual shape I mean something that people have not seen or expected. Asymmetric shapes in mehndi or henna tattoo is something that is quite unique. When everyone is going in a same direction, you can always take a different way to reach your destination. Having unusual shape in mehndi is like that. Shapes like square, oval, wavy or like asymmetric chandelier design will work for your wrist mehndi anytime with any outfit.  Please read the article to know the peacock mehndi deign a symbol of love.

Handcuffs Design

Handcuffs sound horrible to you, isn’t it? But when you are applying trendy wrist mehndi, it will not be horrible anymore. Rather it will give you trendy and unique look. Handcuff does not mean a ‘hathkadhi’ type design here. The design looks like a pair of bangles on your hands. In this design there will be same patterns in both the wrists. If it is floral in one side, another side should also be floral. Another important fact is handcuff designs are always round shaped.

Embroidered Design

In Embroidered design you get a lot of options. As you know that embroidery comes with different patterns and designs, you can use them in your wrist mehndi as well. If you like to have congested design then embroidered design can be a good option for you. It is simple, short and classy. As mentioned embroidered designs are congested, but make sure it should not look clumsy. If you use multiple colours or stones in this design, it will look brighter and will perfectly fit with your outfit.

Arabic Design for Wrist

Arabic designs are not so new in mehndi design. Arabic designs were originated from south-east Asian countries. In this design we apply mehndi from one corner of the palm to diagonally opposite corner. If you are applying mehndi on your wrist only it is obvious that the area shrinks so you need to be careful while applying Arabic mehndi on wrists. For this pattern you can consider floral or embroidered design. It does not need to be round shaped always, but you can apply ‘ratanchur’ design as well. It is traditional Bengali jewellery for hands. Arabic pattern for wrist mehndi can substitute Ratanchur as well.

Above all you must know how to keep mehndi for long lasting.

Wrist mehndi Things to know
Pattern Any patterns can be chosen
Shape Shape should be round mostly, half round shapes don’t give wrists a complete look
Accessories You can pair your wrist mehndi with wrist watches but a big no to Bangles.
Colours Use vibrant and contrast colours, avoid red and brown shades as mehndi has these colours.
Area Wrist mehndi is not only for the wrists though, you can have it below the elbows as well

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