13 Mehndi Designs For Fingers Only

13 Mehndi Designs For Fingers Only

Mehndi is one of those things which we love doing because of its intricate details and pretty motifs. However, a large part of the mehndi design consists of the finger details. If you can nail that one right then you have the rest of the mehndi design handed to you on a platter. Yes, albeit the design leaves a mark on you if fingers are done properly. But there are so many ways to get the fingers done.

13 Mehndi Designs For Fingers Only

By making sure that you have chosen the correct finger mehndi design you can be assured that you have a design that you’ll be happy with at the end of the day. It is crucial for bridal designs but for the rest of the events too – try out some of these finger details:

  1. Simple flowers and rectangles
    Though this simple flower design is really easy to create, it can look very rich and attractive on your hand. You can extend this one to your palm if you feel like it but it is essentially for the fingers. The rectangles fill up the fingers and some people have urge to have their fingers filled up with design – if that’s what you want, you’ll surely be happy with this one.
  2. Black mehndi design with semi circle and dots
    This design has a lot of dots, also you have to create partitions. But the most elegant part of this design is the semi circles. You can create them in branches. They really make your fingers look elegant. It is a very unique design and one that you can sport in special events and occasions.
  3. Arabic finger designs
    Arabian mehndi designs usually have a lot of finger work to be done. There are loads of creepers, flowers and leaves extending up to the tip of fingers in this design. This type of mehndi design is suitable for the back of your fingers – they look complete and go with the texture of the back of your hand. You can use the black mehndi to border the area or to cover the fillings of the original mehndi. You can also read the article about arabic mehndi design,
  4. Slanted patterns with triangles
    If covering the tips of the fingers is not your thing, then this will be the best thing to a black mehndi design. In this design you cover the entire finger leaving out the last column. However, the ones that you cover will have a lot of details. There are lines and crosses and triangulated fillings throughout. You can also add one flower motif in the middle. This one generally suits the back of your hand.
  5. Extremely simple semi circle and dots
    Once again we are back to the design that glamorizes the back of your hand. You can end this by adding a round circle with patterns at the base of your finger covering the three fingers in the middle. Also, in this design usually the middle finger is decorated the most – making it the central focus of the entire design. It is best for those who are trying to get a simplistic look for an occasion or party.
  6. Abstract, light design creepers
    Best suited for those who don’t want their designs to be very outstanding, the creepers do their best to make simple work for you. The abstract designs only add on to the existing richness of the design. The creepers are very finely decorated. There are these little designs which are so closely knit that you cannot see them. The overall effect is what is best in this design. It gives a very classy look.
  7. Indian mehndi designs
    Animals and human figures are common in the Indian mehndi designs. So it should come as no surprise if you find them in your finger paints as well. However, one of the most demanded mehndi motif in the Indian design is the peacock mehndi design– or more specifically the peacock tail. Peacock tails when painted on fingers make your mehendi design look attention grabbing. You cannot really say no to a peacock design on your fingers. Some get them done on the feet and they look elaborate.
  8. Circular and minimal
    This is a minimal mehndi design, meaning that this mehndi design doesn’t have a lot of details to it. Talking about the fingers, this part is made with just a top design and dots there onward. If you have to attend office and have to keep your hands clean, then you can opt for this type of mehndi design. It will keep your hands clean and you will also look trendy at the same time because these circular designs are very in.
  9. Small flowers
    This is a very nice mehndi design to be done on the palm of your hand. You can stretch the flowers up to your fingers. It will cover the lower portion of your hands as well and give you an overall nice appeal. The best part of this design is that it is fairly easy and can be designed by you pretty easily on hand. If you want a long design then go with this one as it is extended till the wrist.
  10. Moroccan Simple
    This design can be done with black mehndi to enhance the effect. The essence of this design lies in the lines. There are a lot of geometrical figures on this design and it can be seen that the little flowers are nothing but dots. The extended lines which look very gracious by the way, are the little threads that hold the entire design together. It is very fashionable and perfect for the fashionista that doesn’t want to go too traditional. You can also read the article to know about the moroccan mehndi design.
  11. Multiple designs
    Who said you have to do only one design for all fingers? You can go out that extra mile and experiment a little. With this black mehndi design you can try out multiple designs on your fingers. You will be able to portray the uniqueness of each finger. It is really a fun idea to explore this angle when it comes to the mehendi designs.
  12. Peacock tail
    This is yet another simple but gorgeous design. In this design mainly the Arabic and the Middle Eastern designs can be seen afloat. The flower pattern hangs below the center piece which is the peacock tail. If you want you can get rid of the center piece and just focus on the peacock tail extending up till your fingers. This is a type of mehndi design that will stay with you through the events and the occasions.
  13. Single strokes mehndi designs
    This is a single stroke mehndi and it is best done at the back of your hand. If you have long fingers, you will love this one and it will bring out the best side of your hand’s shape. Single stroke mehndi is just that – made with a single stroke. It extends from your wrist up till your fingers and covers many fingers since it goes in zigzag motion (you can also make it in roundish motion)/. It will give your hands an edge.
Serial no.    
1 For events Semi circle and dots
2 Bridal Peacock tail, Indian design
3 Casual Single stroke, Moroccan

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