Mehndi Songs playlist 2017

Mehndi Songs playlist 2017

Amidst the tension of planning and ceremonies, a bride wants to have fun too. It is a wedding after all. It happens only once. So you have to enjoy it to the fullest. Thankfully our Indian  wedding rituals are somewhat different than the rest. We have mehndi and ladies  Sangeet ceremonies where we are to enjoy to the fullest. It is a ceremony to even enjoy your own wedding – which gives you enough reasons to forget your worries for some time.

Mehndi Songs playlist 2017

So people call in DJs and play their own playlists in loud. If you want to do the same then get on with it. Here are some of the 2017 songs that you can play at your wedding –

Peppy Songs

If it is a wedding, then you have to have peppy songs in there. We suggest you mix the peppy tracks with the romantic ones to create a good overall rhythm. But if you are during the ceremony and you need some energy then play these songs sequentially and you will feel the vibe –

  1. Cutie Pie: Cutie Pie is the latest addition to the list of mehndi numbers. In the song, Anushka Sharma is seen as the bride who is doing her mehndi. The scene has some really fun elements. It will be very easy to see these elements translate to your own marriage.
  2. Pehli Baar: Pehli Baar is a fast and peppy song that talks about the first time you saw your would-be husband or wife. So it will bring you down the memory lane. It is a very modern-edgy song. So it will not go with all kinds of audience or moods.
  3. High Heels Te Nache: High Heels is your blatant desi track that can suddenly chime up the ambience. But there are some parts of the lyrics during the end which can be offensive to some relatives. Cut and edit that part and go ahead with the next track.
  4. Gulabo: Gulabo is a song that can totally spike up the ambience. Nowadays the song is played very much in televisions and music stations. It is solely dedicated to the bride so it will suit more at the bride’s place during her mehndi and even Sangeet ceremony.
  5. Lip to Lip: Lip to lip is once again a song whose lyrics can raise a few eyebrows if you are brought up in an orthodox family. We only recommend this song because it is a wedding occasion and the song has a very nice junk tempo to it.
  6. Saree Ke Fall Sa: Saree Ke Fall Sa is going on to become a classic in this section. The song speaks about the little tidbits between the bride and the groom. But the highlight of the song its tune which makes it very peppy and fun listening to.
  7. Udi Udi Jaaye: This new entrant in the wedding genre will stay here for a long time. Although technically it is not a wedding song, but it goes well with the ambience of wedding houses and won’t stand out as an odd entry. Pick this one up and rock it.

A tabular overview:

Name of Song Movie or Album Release Date
Cutie Pie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 2016
Pehli Baar Dil Dhadakne Do 2015
High Heels Te Nache Ki & Ka 2016
Gulabo Shandaar 2015
Lip to Lip Katti Batti 2015
Saree Ke Fall Sa R…. Rajkumar 2013
Udi Udi Jaaye Raees 2017


Romantic Tracks

Romantic tracks are a must during the mehndi ceremony. When you have played the fast tracks and all your guests have become tired, it is time to play the soft, romantic chords so that you maintain the mood but also give people some solace from the high energy tempo. Here are a few new songs that will keep things fresh and vibrant and won’t let the mood go dull –

  1. Humma Humma: The new rendition to the immortal 90s song. This track will get the moods higher because no matter what – whether you love it or hate it – you cannot ignore this song. It is a perfect shaadi house song if you ask.
  2. Gerua: It is the mehndi event and everyone is already getting themselves painted yellow or saffron. This song will perfectly fit with the occasion. It is one of those romantically charged songs you cannot ignore.
  3. Zalima: Zalima is a new entrant too. It is already topping the charts and it will only go higher with time. So keep this song on your list of favorites because it will lift up your spirits too.
  4. Dheere Dheere Se: This semi-rock track will get you grooving amidst all the romantic numbers. It is a great song to be played at the groom’s place. So play ‘dheere dheere’ and get ready to wed.
  5. Agar Tum Saath Ho: This song is again good to be played at the bride’s place because the main lyrics are in Hindi. It can be a mellow tune whereby the parents are getting emotional at the bride’s place.
  6. Mast Magan: Mast magan will get the bride and the groom to get ready to wed for the occasion. It is a perfect track to play when you are getting ready or when the ambience has suddenly turned very energetic.
  7. Nazdeekiyan: Nazdeekiyan can be played when the mehndi is actually being applied on the skin in slow motions. The song is very mellow but it has a deep meaning which can reverberate with the mehndi.
  8. Rang Sharbaton Ka: This song is for the groom and the bride both. It talks about romance and weddings. So try something out of the box and add this to your playlist.

A tabular overview

Song name Movie or Album name Release Date
Humma humma Ok Jaanu 2017
Gerua Dilwale 2015
Zaalima Raees 2017
Dheere Dheere Se Honey Singh 2014
Agar Tum Saath Ho Tamasha 2015
Mast Magan 2 States 2014
Nazdeekiyan Shandaar 2015
Rang Sharbaton Ka Phata Poster Nikla Hero 2013


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