Moroccan Mehndi design

Moroccan Mehndi designs

The mehndi designs have been going rounds for centuries. This is just a type of henna that women in the Middle East and south eastern part of the world do to their bodies. You can read the article to know how to search the best mehndi artist in your town.

Now if you are an Indian bride, you don’t need any introductions to mehndi, but you surely need to know the ones that are not from the Indian culture? Who knows what you might like? So here we are going to tell you about the Moroccan mehndi designs. These are typically uncommon in India.

Moroccan Mehndi design

What exactly are Moroccan mehndi designs?

Moroccan mehndi designs are characterized by geometric patterns. There are a lot of straight lines and one the thing you will find most in it are triangles – in between the lines and outside them. So forming a contrast with the usual round, flower type designs that we see in Indian mehndi’s, there are a lot of straights and symbols. Please read the article to know the peacock mehndi design: A symbol of love.

The symbols used in the Moroccan mehndis are every powerful. They are known to keep the evil eye away. There is the powerful protective eye symbol which we will talk about later. So together with the symbols and the geometric patterns, the mehndis are complete and they form a natural solution to the bride’s henna problems.

These designs in general are very simple. There are several types of designs which be broadly classified under 5 main types. These designs shape and tone a particular part of the body. Of course there is the symbol. So if you want to go with them, you can try some of these:

  1. The easy one: This one’s for the minimalist bride. If you want to go with some mehndi design that does not look too heavy on your hands then you must go with this one. Make sure that the motifs are larger if you are comfortable having only one design on your hands and not too artistic shots. The easy breezy one is good for the bride’s friends as well. You can get them done on the children’s hands too. The little one who wants to resemble the bride will love it. You can also read the article Make Your Mehndi (Henna)Unique: Add Some Colored Stones to It
  2. Full hand design: Now we know that Moroccan designs are filled with angled patterns which might not b best if you want full hand designs. But there are a few hacks which make it possible. So don’t worry if you want to go with Moroccan design then also you will get a full hand mehndi. The patterns will fill up the hand up to the finger tips and you won’t have to fill them up. Yes, there will be gaps, but if there are minute designs then your hand will really look filled. If this is you type of mehndi then you better go for it. You can also read the article about Belly Mehndi Designs Latest Trend
  3. The forearms design: You know by now that if you are going with Moroccan designs then you have to have the forearms design in order. Plus, they will not be as elaborate as you’d like them to be. They will be pointed and there will be areas that are not covered by henna. For women who love to make their hands look sharp, this is the best design – in fact it is a must do design. You can go fusion with this mehndi – covering up any other local design with a forearm Moroccan design and totally start a new trend.Please read the article to the Pros and cons of applying Zarodsi Style Mehndi Design.
  4. Back of the hands: Some girls like to highlight their long fingers – and you can do that with the Moroccan designs because the Moroccan designs have these long lines a part of the design which can totally be very simple yet elegant. So if you are someone who adores their hands and want to highlight their features, you can totally do so with the help of the Moroccan Mehndi design nowadays. These are the best of the lot. In fact, you can do these yourselves – they are so easy to do. You can also read the article to know Arabic Mehndi (Henna)design- Can be a good option for bride
  5. Feet Design: The feet design can be along the line of your feet so as to create the illusion of well defined edges. That’s it! You have a mehndi design now that can take care of your flaws and act as a concealer. No wonder the ladies have loved these designs so much since 2014. Even if you don’t want to get a Moroccan hand design, you can seriously think about getting it on your feet because the feet are essentially beautified with the lines and the triangles which are a major part of the Moroccan Mehndi designs. You can also read the article to know about  Lace Glove Henna: Revolution in the field of Mehndi
  6. Mehndi symbols: You will see a lot of symbols in the Moroccan design. There’s an “all seeing eye” on the top of the triangles or pyramids in the design. This is known to cast off the evil eye and protect the new bride and groom from the same. Since similar concoctions are used in Indian culture, you might want to go with this one. After all who would not want an additional blessing on their wedding right? You can hide it below your palms or get it drawn on your toes for additional blessings. Please read the article to know Theme based mehndi design

Who should go for the Moroccan Mehndi Designs?

Now that we know the different types of Moroccan designs that are out there and the different types of them that you can go for – are they really for you? Who should go for the Moroccan mehndi designs after all? Find out:

  • Those who have small feet, arms legs: Let’s face it the Moroccan designs are filled with wide angles, triangles and lines. The designs are pretty simple really but what you have to do with them is find the places you want to go with them. If you think that your arms are slender then don’t go for them on your arms because they will only make your arms look skinny. However, you can make them on your hands. They will completely transform the appearance of your round hands with the right contrast. The same goes with the feet. It can also apply to wrist so that it can look like a bangle.
  • Those who want an out-of-the-box mehndi: Now you friends are getting married and you have done the typical mehndi in all their weddings. For yours, you want something different. If this is you then you want to try the Moroccan mehndi. This will be the perfect one that is in trend these days. You won’t find a more happening mehndi design if you ask us.

Want to make the Moroccan mehndi darker? Just make a lemon and sugar mixture (with equal quantities of lemon, sugar and water). Apply this mixture on your mehndi when it gets dried and then again apply it on your hands when it the syrup also dries up. This will help you get the perfect mehndi texture with the brightness that suits. How to keep your mehndi for long lasting.

Another tip: Don’t use water to remove the mehndi after it has dried up. Instead, try and remove it with coconut oil.


Here are some of the Moroccan symbols and their meanings:

Serial no. Designs Symbols of
1 Fish Prosperity, water, fertility
2 Birds Destiny, messengers between sky and earth
3 Snakes Fertility, phallus, healing powers
4 Eagles Power
5 Turtles Protection from evil eye
6 Lizards and Salamanders Seekers of the sun, human soul seeking enlightenment

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