What is nadi dosh ?

What is nadi dosh?

Before we starts talking about nadi dosh it is important to know even the kundli matching is necessary for successful marriage or not.

What is nadi dosh in kundli?

Basically nadi dosh is the date and the time in which a person is born. So according to the time of the day, there are three nadis in which a person can be born:

  • Aadi: The “aadi” is the first nadi in which a person is born. If you have a birth star that coincides with this nadi and time of the day then you are an aadi nadi born.
  • Madhya: The “Madhya” nadi as they call it is the middle nadi. This changes if you are born during the day time and it determines your birth star again.
  • Antya: The “antya” nadi is the last nadi – it is classified with the nadi of culmination. Now once again if you are born at a certain time of the day in a month your nadi can become the antya nadi.

This is among one of those gunas which has be meet for successful marriage.

Depending upon the time of the day and the birth star, if the couples are born under the same nadi then they are a mismatch. This is called a nadi dosh. If two people born under the same nadi happen to be married then they can experience marital dispute. However, there’s a remedy for it.

What is nadi dosh while matching Kundli for marriage

Nadi dosh in marriage

For finding out how the marriage between two people will be, astrologers use this system called Nakshatra Melapak. The worst thing that happens when there is a nadi issue between the two people is that they have no kids at all. Even if they have kids, the kids will have weaker anatomy. This is why most astrologers say a direct “no” if both the bride and the groom have the same nadi. This is basically the problem of nadi dosh in marriage. But according to some astrologers nadi isn’t the only factor for having strong kids. The stars in the fifth house of the couple also matter. Hence, nadi dosh can be remedied. You can also read the article how to choose a perfect wedding date which is suitable to all.

Is it acceptable or not?

Since it has been said that the three types of the nadis if matched can create a weaker progeny you can be assured that there will be some who will not accept it. But today like everything else astrology is also progressing. Some astrologers are of the belief that other factors contribute to the health of the children as well and not just nadis. You can aslo read the article to know how to define your wedding based on your moon or sun signs.

Scientific reasons behind this dosh

The nadi dosh is true scientifically because nadis are energy centers in your body. It is related to genes and the hereditary systems. People with the same nadi usually have similar genetic diseases. The science behind why you shouldn’t marry your kith and kin is the same reason behind nadi dosh. The same types of energy centers are not healthy for having babies.

Overlooking the nadi dosh can result in delay in child birth or no child birth at all. The trinadi matchmaking is done to prevent any diseases in children. The term nadi itself means “pulse”. It controls the health and life aspect of human beings. The more diverse this between the two parents, the healthier the child will be – it is the same reason people with the same DNA don’t get married.

Types of nadi dosh

The nadi dosh in the individual is the type of element that the person has in high amounts in his body these are again divided into three parts called the vaat, pitta and kapha. These three are the problem areas within the person’s body – which means these are the regions that are already weak inside the person’s body. These can be classified as the following:

  1. Aadi or the Vaat nadi dosh: A person having aadi nadi will have vaat dosh. This means that this person should not eat more of the element that causes vaat or they will end up with diseases like high uric acid, gout, etc.
  2. Madhya or pitta nadi dosh: Those who have the Madhya nadi actually suffer from pitta dosh. They should never consume more of that food which is heavy to digest. They need food that cools down their systems or they can have diseases such as acid reflux, heart burn or gastric ulcer.
  3. Antya or kapha nadi dosh: Those who have antya nadi suffer from cough and cold a lot. This is why they should not drink cold things they are prone to illnesses associated with cough and cold.

Now if you and your partner happen to have the same nadi that means your kids will also have a problem related to the same body part. Since you both have the same physical ailments your kid will probably have an aggravated issue at that region. This is the basic of nadi dosha.

What is the solution?

As we already told you, there are solutions. Some astrologers suggest these things if you have nadi dosha as a couple:

  • Chanting maha mrityunjaya mantra: Chanting the maha mrityunjaya mantra is very helpful in getting rid of the nadi dosha. Usually this is chanted for 9 or 21 or 36 or 108 times. You may chant it for 108 if your astrologer has so recommended.
  • Marrying Vishnu: The girl having nadi dosh with her husband is first married off to Vishnu. This is said to nullify the nadi dosh of the couple.
  • Charity: The girl and the groom are both asked to do some charity present some milk, clothes, etc to the poor and needy. In the past it was asked to present a Brahmin with clothes and cows.

What is the scientific solution for this?

Let us face it nadi issue seems more like a biological issue than astrological, does it not? So what is the solution for this problem? Let us find out:

  • Balancing the issues in your diet: We told you different nadis have different bodily issues. You can correct them using some balancing techniques such as eating a proper diet and maintaining a healthy system.
  • Finding other procreation solutions: Today medical science has advanced giving us options such as test tube baby among many. These solutions will help see that the child born has good genes from both the parents.

You can also read the article to know how to define your honeymoon destination according to your zodiac sign.

Nadi dosh pros and cons

Serial No. Cons Pros
1 Child born can be weak Medical science can help this factor
2 Same nadi means same ailments Not necessarily. Also, degree varies
3 Problems in marriage Not if born under same nakshatra
4 Sustainability of marriage questionable Only same nadi cannot guarantee sustainability of marriage
5 Can never have children Science can correct this problem.

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