NTR and Raashi Khanna going to Get Married

NTR and Raashi Khanna going to Get Married

Young Tiger Jr. NTR is starring in Jai Lava Kusa but there’s more than just that coming about in his life. He’s also going to be married very soon. He will be married very soon to Raashi Khanna in Chilkur. This is especially expected to be a big deal as the two are already starring together in the upcoming movie.

NTR and Raashi Khanna going to Get Married

There are a few interesting points about the two worth checking out in terms of how the movie is being organized:

  • Tarak will be playing three different roles. One of those roles for NTR is as a villain. Reports are that each character he plays will be unique and distinct in some way. Images of the villain he is playing have gone viral in recent time. He has especially expressed interest in the film as it is a project of whose kind he has not attempted before.
  • Khanna is going to star as one of the key female roles. She is not playing the female lead though in that Niveda Thomas will be the lead in the film.
  • There are a few other big roles that have been filled as well. Piradarshi, Hamsa Nandini and Nandita Raj will all appear in the film as well among many other big stars.

The movie will be released on 20th May 2017, which also happens to be Tarak’s birthday. Kalyanram will be supporting the movie financially with support from the NTR Arts program. DSP will provide the score for the film as well.

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