Pakistani Mehndi design

Pakistani Mehndi design

When you think about mehndi designs the Indian sub continent and Middle East is what comes into your mind. Given that these are the places where Henna tattoos or mehndi were first developed, you are bound to think of these. But what we don’t know is that within the Indian subcontinent too there’s a variety of design. Pakistani designs differ from that of the Arabic mehndi designs. These are just as beautiful though.

So what gave birth to the Pakistani designs as a whole? The difference is in the implementation. If you look closely, the Pakistani mehndi design is an amalgamation of Indian and Arabic styles. So since it falls between these two regions, both of these places have left an impact on the mehndi designs of this place. The after effects of this are beautiful to say the least. The Pakistani mehndi designs today stand in their own right and are in huge demand.

Pakistani Mehndi Design

The classic mark of a Pakistani design is the black mehndi for the sketch and red mehndi for internal fillings. So if you want your mehndi to have a shadowy effect or a more mysterious look, then go with these. Here are some of the best Pakistani mehndi designs:

  1. Complex bridal design: The design is complex and therefore it is much graceful. You know in case of designs, as with any artistic work, the more complex the intricate, the better it looks on the outside. This is the case with this design too. It looks beautiful – you can see that it has a lot of round shapes as well as Moroccan mehndi design based on triangles. This is what classifies the bridal designs as such.
  2. Intricate designs plus patterns: There’s a whole new world beyond the minute works. This is what the Pakistani designs show us. In this particular type of mehndi design we can see the patterns coinciding with the intricate designs to give something gala to look at. The rounding patterns that extend till the upper arms are a must see. If you notice further, the two hands seem to complement each other. Hence, it is a design again suited for the bride perfectly – and not just for someone who wants to get a single hand painted.
  3. Stylish and simple: If that’s your way, then you will love it. This one is all about leaving the right gaps at the right places in your hand. Once again if you have longer hands and fingers then only you should go with this one because others your hands will look very short and stuffy. The uniqueness of this design is that it looks stylish. It is a modern design that looks fresh and it’s perfect for the bride’s friends who want to not to as elaborate as the bride, yet want to grab enough eyeballs. you can also read the article about peacock mehndi design.
  4. Two rounded designs: This design is extremely beautiful. It has two rounded designs at the top and at the back of your hand. The beautiful motif takes up the most space in your hand and is perfect for the bride who is trying to go simple. Yes, this design is simple. Expect to see some Rajasthani Mehndi design yet Arabic undertones here. Although for the most part the round element at the center is Arabic. The elegant designs make this style a great selection for the brides D-day.
  5. Traditional Pakistani Design: Okay, the traditional Pakistani design may resemble the designs from the rest of the subcontinent. So don’t be surprised if you find flowers or peacock tail motifs in there. The hands in this type of mehndi designs are painted with intricate patterns. The swirls and the floral designs are what make it look ethnic and classy.
  6. Unique design: If you are a bride that wants something out of the box then this will be the one we recommend. It has a very unique pattern in the sense that in the mehndi designs we usually try to shade the mid portion of the hands – here those mid portions are the ones that are kept empty. The designs along the fingers and the nails are also not like ones that are generally seen. It is a classic. You can also read the article to know how to make your mehndi unique by adding some coloured stone on it.
  7. Designs for all times: Whether it is a mehndi you want for your cousin’s wedding or a mehndi that you are doing because you love henna, this one can be adorned at all occasions. It is a little bit different from the others because it is simple and we cannot really call it a bridal mehndi because it is not gorgeous enough to suit a wedding. Ideal for kids, this design is intricately adorned with floral patterns and other such motifs.
  8. Design with mascara: The Pakistani ladies, as it would seem, have really done a lot of research with their mehndi designs. They have come up with some absolutely stunning effects such as this one. It uses mascara to create a shiny effect on the designs. This design in particular is involved with lining the side of the motifs which are kept blank. You can also read the article to know theme based mehndi design.
  9. Leafy long pattern: This pattern extends till your elbows if you want it. It consists of creating a lengthy and complimentary floral pattern on each hand. It functions like a classic leafy pattern. It works best for wedding functions. For the brides too, this type of mehndi design can be a really cool idea. It has just that right amount of gorgeousness and once again just like all the other Pakistani designs, this one has some gaps between its motifs as well.
  10. Colorful distinguished design: Although this design looks amazing and really complicated, it is not. You can do this on one hand too. It has leafs detailing and to complement the leaves it has green detailing done. It is going to make heads turn that’s for sure. The not so subtle uprising motif towards the beginning of the design also looks very enchanting. Add your colors and rock this one at your wedding.
  11. Convoluted designs: Okay speaking the truth, the convoluted designs are not for everyone. If you want to go with something that has just the right depth into it, then only go with it. It takes a lot of time to do these but it looks gorgeous so it’s worth it. This is one of those Pakistani designs that come with its own package. They wrap your entire hands and feet with this design and it does look very heavy once done.
  12. Extremely complex bridal: This is the ultimate bridal mehndi if you are trying on one. This bridal Pakistani design is prominent and looks lavish. It is embedded with geometric shapes that are mostly found in Moroccan designs and floral motifs apart from the very prominent drawing of bride and groom on the center of your hand. It is the best for the bride that wants all eyes on her.

Above all you must also know ways to keep your mehndi long lasting.

Overview :Designs as types:

Serial no. Design type Design names
1 Floral motifs Floral mehndi design, patterned
2 Round motifs Rund central piece design, round general design
3 Geometric shapes Geometric design of Moroccan styles
4 Non bridal Convoluted designs
5 Bridal Extremely complex bridal, Colorful distinguished design

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