Peacock Mehndi Patterns – A Symbol of Love

Peacock Mehndi Patterns – A Symbol of Love 

Animal motifs are not an unusual thing in mehndi designs. These have been used time and again in different sizes and shapes of mehndi designs. However when it comes to bridal mehndi, it has a different meaning altogether. So the very first and most important thing to find best mehndi artist in your town.

Among all the animal motifs, peacock is the most stunning one with all its colorful feathers designed so beautifully. The national bird of India is presented in all its grace and glory in the mehndi and it achieves a new height.

Peacock Mehendi Patterns - A Symbol of Love

If you are a bride who is going for a peacock mehndi, check out these beautiful designs that will take on a new meaning when they’re on your hands:

  1. Beginner design: This design is as simple as it gets. However the lines on the feather are complicated. It is also the easiest place to hide the name of your partner if you are getting a mehndi done in this shape. This particular piece is also the symbol of fragility – see how the dandelions have shaped up from the sides of the little finger. It shows the vulnerability of the bond of love and is a metaphor for the would-be bride’s hands. It is best to get when you are preparing for your wedding.
  2. Contemporary mehndi design: This is a design that has been tried and tested for decades. You must have caught it on the wedding photographs or might have even got one yourself. These are used simply because of the reason that they are beautiful. They are gorgeous and look appealing on long hands. Their intricate fishnet design makes them even softer on the hands. If you are wondering where the peacock’s tail is, simply know that it has been replaced by dragon’s tail – which is much less complicated in design and looks beautiful.
  3. Vivacious peacock: In case you are an all-in bride, this peacock will suit you best. It speaks of boastful designs that leave no stone unturned to have all eyes to it. In case you are that bride that needs everything just a notch up, this one’s for you. The best thing about a peacock design is that you can have it toned down or aggressively decorated like this one. You can also add some colored stones on it.
  4. New age peacock: The subtlety about peacock design is in its feathers. Also that is one thing that makes it easier to have a peacock designed anywhere in your body. Whether you want it in your foot or in your hands, you can go for it. Also, peacock designs are not just exclusive for brides. People all across age can have it. It is that timeless symbol of love that will continue to stay in the peacock designs and in the mehndi for a long time to come. In this design you will get the new age vibe wherein you will be able to put it across different areas of your body and not just in your hands.

These are just a few broadly classified peacock mehndi designs that you can get in various occasions. But it is not the sole way in which you can implement it. You see the variation of a peacock design can be vast. It can be used as simply one peacock in your hand or as a singular feather floating above. There are certain things to keep in mind when getting you a mehndi design of peacock pattern:

  • When getting a singular feather, make sure that the area is long. Consecutively you can get it on your hands if they are not very long – it will make your hands seem long and sharp. The best place to get a single feather design is on your toes. It is metaphoric for light feet and it will give the design a great appeal.
  • Avoid getting a large clumpy peacock drawn in your hands if your hands are small. This will make your hands seem even smaller and the design will not complement you. On the other hand, you can get the peacock drawn at the back of your hands if you have a short palm. This will enhance the illusion effect making your palms seem gorgeous.
  • If you are getting it for your bridal, chances are there at least one peacock will be drawn in your hand throughout the mehndi design. This is the best opportunity to ensure that you get your customary would-be’s name drawn on the hands. Please read the article to know about lace glove henna: A revolution in the field of mehndi.

Looking for a nice peacock design for different parts of your body?

A peacock design is surely a symbol of love. Its feathers are beautifully shaped to resemble the golden ratio. Since it is so intricately symbolized with love and freshness, it is often found on the bride’s hands. However, your hands don’t have to be the only place you are getting a peacock design on. You can show off your symbol of compassion on these parts of your body also:

  • For toes: For toes make sure that the tail is very long. You don’t have to get one feather – but whatever you get make sure that it is has a nice length and it is long enough. This will enhance the overall effect of the entire area where it is drawn.
  • For the hands: For the hands – you already know anything that has a touch of peacock or is inspired by peacock works. It can be layered and can have multiple facets that differentiate from the original theme but peacock always seems to work for the hands. You can also get them out till your elbows in a multi level design. Please read an article to know about Latest Haath Phhol|bracelet style mehndi design
  • For shoulder: For shoulder, make your design more roundish than long. This will enhance the softness of the design – otherwise the elegance will be lost. Make the tail roundish or ovals (as if to fall from the shoulder). This will once again enhance the overall effect of the peacock pattern mehndi on your body.
  • Upper arms: the upper arms are a tricky area. Nowadays many women are getting peacock mehndi designs on their arms just because they look really elegant up there. Once again just like the toes, you will have to make sure that your design is elongated here as well – to complement the overall structure of your hands. Otherwise you can also go all the way and make it a little round – if you are skinny that is. You can also read the article about Arabic Mehndi (Henna)design- Can be a good option for bride

Hope that helps you folks out there. A peacock mehndi symbol is really the epitome of grace and enigma. If you decide to get one, make sure that it is well known. Another thing with the henna tattoo is that they get as deeper as you want them to. You don’t want a black peacock mehndi. Make sure you keep it just for the right amount of time to make it reddish or maroon. This article will not be completed if you don’t read about the ways to keep your mehndi long lasting.

So now that we know all that we have to regarding the mehndi designs and the body parts suitable for it, let us take a quick recap:

Sl. No. Mehendi design Suitable body parts
1 Long mehendi Feet and upper arms
2 Dragon tail Back of the palm or lower arms
3 Thick and elongated Back of the palm
4 Singular feather Toes, shoulder
5 Long round tail Shoulder, legs

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