How to pick latest lipstick colour as per brides skin tone

How to pick latest lipstick color as per brides skin tone

Lipstick, the best friend every woman carries in her purse.

If it is the day of your wedding, then it becomes all the more special to have the right shades. From the day of your wedding and the days after, you ought to have the right collection. The article is full of information in this context. Welcome aboard.

How to pick latest lipstick colour as per brides skin tone

The wedding day and the shades of red

Finding the right shade of red, as per your skin tone, can be a hard nut to crack. The shades of red are so many, of multiple brands that you are bound to get confused. Well, stay good, we will help you sail well through the journey.

Look at thyself closely. Especially, look at the back of your palm. If your veins appear to be blue than your UNDERTONE is cool and if the veins appear to be green, then your UNDERTONE is warm. Former will go well with the shades of pink and for latter, orange and the shades further will suit well. If you cannot decide what color your veins are, then you may try both types.

Fair skin tone

If you are fair then best is to opt for coral and orange base shades. Orange, brown and rust shades will complement your skin color and make your lips pop. While buying red lipstick, make sure the shade is slightly pink and bright.

Not fair, but not dusky either

You are God’s favorite when it comes to lipsticks. Any shade will look good on you. Whether the red lipstick has got pink or orange tinge, both will look nice on you.

Dusky skin tone

If your skin like that of Tony Braxton or Michelle Obama, then maroon and brown shades will simply look awesome on you. The texture of the lipstick matters as well. Glossy and creamy shades add to the festive look and make you look fresh. Whereas, matte shades stay on your lips for hours. You may even blend two shades together. For instance, if you have bought a bright red shade and once you get ready, it looks odd on you; blend the shade with some complementing color, like brown or golden. All you need is a subtle head and make sure you try the lipstick before your main day.

Other shades

Just because some empress of fashion says that neon shades are in vogue that does not mean it will suit you as well. Wake up! DO not just follow what is shown in the magazines. Follow TLCs song – unpretty.

Fair skin tones

There are many who think, if your complexion is fair, then you must wear dark shades of lipstick, well it is just the opposite. Lighter shades will go the best on you. Soft nude shades, apricot and coral colors are what will complement your skin. If your undertone is warm, go for peach base and is the undertone is cool, go for mauve and mocha colors.

Wheatish complexion

This complexion is best for all seasons and for all shades of lipsticks. No matter what the color of the shade is, it will suit you. Pink, brown, red, buy any. For warm undertones bronze and cinnamon colors will look better than the rest and for cool undertones cranberry and tomato red is right.

Dusky complexion

Dusky complexion is highly recommended not to buy orange and shades of red that are slightly pink. For warm undertones, go for subtle brown shades and for cool undertone go for brick red color of lipstick.

Dark complexion

Having a dark complexion is indeed a blessing. You are the ladies who get to opt for lipstick in real sense- the colors. Brown, red, purple and other such colors will look just awesome on you. One request- orange and shades of orange, better maintain distance from them. They will look nice, but not as graceful as other colors. Warm undertone will look good with copper, walnut and bronze shades and for cool undertones, ruby red (the dream lipstick for many women) is just the right investment.

Some points of concern

Shelf life

Shelf life of a lipstick is indeed a point of concern. Check for the manufacturing and expiry date mentioned at the bottom of the container. On an average, the shelf life is not more 3 years, yet, better keep your records under check.

There are times, when some stores sell the lipsticks that are already a year old. They try and finish their stock ASAP, do not fall prey to promotional gimmicks and be good. If you are not the kind who uses lipstick every day, go for smaller lipsticks and discard them once they expire, even if a lot of it is left inside the container.

Trying it before buying it

The most commonly committed mistake by ladies is, they test the shade of the lipstick at the back of their hand. It is wrong! Test the shade on your finger tip, place it closer to your face and check in the mirror. The idea color is the one that is two shades darker than the original color of your lips.

Change is the only constant

While you are out and about treating yourself, make sure you buy a new shade. Yes! Many of you are comfortable with what you have already been using. This time, try something new. You never know, there is another shade that enhances your valor.

Replicas X

Please do yourself a favor and do not buy replicas. There are several companies which will offer you the exact same shade at half the price. Prevent such investments. Buy good quality products at the correct price. Fake ones may damage your lips too. GO for long term investment rather short term.


Many office going ladies opt for lipsticks which are non-transferable. But these lipsticks usually dry your lips out and spoil them. Glossy shades are temporary but keep your lips moisturized. Also, try to read the reviews of a particular brand before releasing the money. Complete your homework well, understand your skin type, tone and preferences the best and then invest your hard earned money on it.

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