How to pick a right outfit for Sangeet Ceremony

How to pick a right outfit for Sangeet Ceremony

When it comes to Sangeet, you will have to dress adequately but not as lavishly as you would do at the wedding. So how do you keep your profile while at the same time not over doing it? Honestly, dressing up for the Sangeet for women is harder than dressing up for the wedding. You have got to keep many things in your mind. But we’ll tell you how to get that right balance. This is how you can choose to pick the right outfit at the Sangeet ceremony:

  1. By going Bollywood: Let’s face it, Bollywood stars have appeared on their own Sangeet ceremonies with a lot of dazzle. They somehow managed to keep the limelight while at the same time dress appropriately for the occasion. They had designers work for them. You can also take a hint from the attire of Bollywood stars and run down the course.If you are funky you’ll probably love this one. Going Bollywood style on your Sangeet can actually be very smart. This is because Bollywood songs and also regional songs will be playing during your ceremonies and the clothes that you wear will definitely make you stand out from the crowd without any effort from your part. So that will be a very subtly smart thing to do. But make sure that it will hamper your wedding budget.
  2. Dress light for the Sangeet: Another tip for you to remember is to dress light. Keep it simple. Your Sangeet is the function before your D-day. So remember to prep things up but not over do it. Dressing lightly has its own quirks. Also Sangeets are usually pretty close knit with only the family and friends attending the event. So here you will have to choose the dress that has the simple, cocktail feel to it.Dressing light will also be easy on your budget and it will go well with the crowd. If you can stand out even after wearing elegant clothes you’ll know you have nailed it. Sangeet should come as the breather right before your D-day. So make sure that you have clothes that fit the description.
  3. Steer clear of heavy fabrics: You don’t want to wear heavy drapes or lehengas that weigh kilos on your Sangeet. That will again be too regal for the ceremony. Also, your Sangeet is where you will have to shake a leg. That will be difficult to do when you are asking around in your heavy lehenga. If your Sangeet has a traditional theme and setting then the best you can do is wear maxi styled fusion clothes or lightly adorned lehengas. You know what? Heavy fabrics are a strict no-no. You will be so busy on your sangeet day. You will still obviously have some preps left for your wedding day. Do you really want to be immovable under all that fabric? I think not. So pick your clothes smartly and don’t let the zing of the big bright lehenga fool you.
  4. Go with bright colors: Since you are keeping things minimalist (by wedding standards), you will have to compliment yourself with bright colors. You don’t want to become too unnoticeable. We suggest going with turquoise, tangerine or maybe yellow. These colors will bring out the spirit of the wedding Sangeet and make everyone ready for the event. You have to keep the vibe of the event in mind before choosing the colors. One best way to make the event even better looking is to match your Sangeet outfit colors with your husband to be.Bright colors will also go well with your Bollywood styled clothes. So if you take a hint from Bollywood you will be saved on this account. This is one of the subtle things that will save you from being overshadowed – it is your day after all. You have got to add some bling to it even if you have gone simple.
  5. Avoid chunky accessories: Heavy, chunky accessories are a no-no at your Sangeet. Even though it is true that accessories are the limelight at your Sangeet, you must resist the temptation to go for the bigger ones. Buy them after you have decided upon the dress, because they should complement your attire and not steal the show by standing out. Don’t go for the ones that have a huge weight. Since we are keeping everything easy and flowing during the sangeet the accessories have to match that code too. Also, you will not be able to dance much with weighty jewelry. Please read the article Satlada: Must have jewelry for every Indian bride!
  6. Choose the clothes with highlighting but minimalist works: Whether you are going for that embroidered heavy dupatta or not, make sure that the works are subtle. The whole idea again, is to go cocktail mood with your clothes. Let no one see it coming – your wedding day is the day when you are about to go grand with your clothes, make sure that no one sees it coming. Choose the dress that says you are the bride but doesn’t over do it.Clothes with highlighting are good for such occasions. Sangeet will have lots of moving around and a lot of ceremonies. Also there will be dancing and this will be the perfect time to hit the dance floor while you have your shine on. So choose good embroidery. Please follow the link to know, what are the different dresses a bride care wear on her wedding.
  7. Complementing but comfortable shoes: The best way to go about the Sangeet is to choose sandals – unless you are not comfortable in them or that’s not your style. The bottom line is to make your shoes go with your whole outfit – this is important as your feet cannot remain unsynchronized with the rest of the attire. At the same time since we are taking everything down by a notch, the shoes should not be very heavily embellished too. You will have to move around quite a bit and might have to shake a leg too. So keep that in mind. You can go with the Juttis these are awesome for this ceremony. If you have that mani pedi pending for some reason then the Jutti will save you all the embarrassment. Also it will go along comfortably with the occasion. Choose shoes that compliment your look but are also comfortable.Please follow the link to know zardosi shoes is good choice to wear on your wedding or not.
  8. Round it up with a funky look: The main idea here is to balance your oomph with élan. You don’t want to go too gorgeous, yet why should you down play it? You are the bride. Make sure things are understated yet bright. Make the attire shiny yet not overshadowing the event. This is how you will make your Sangeet a rocking one. These should get you going on your Sangeet. If you have some performance planned then make sure that you make the clothes arrangement for it separately. If you don’t want to get into the mess of changing clothes while performing then you have to keep your clothes choice in mind when you are going to choose your performance number.This will help you to make your album even more creative.

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