Pre bridal beauty treatment

Pre bridal beauty treatment

Pre bridal beauty treatment can be a little bit confusing sometimes. While you are planning on all the other things like your invitations, menu and decorations, there is one thing that is slowly missing out, your beauty regimen. Remember you will have to look your best and the earlier you start your beauty regimen, the better.

Pre Bridal Beauty Treatment

That being said, you will probably not get time to fully focus on your beauty regimen. But there are some hacks that can save you time and make you look perfect.

Pre bridal beauty tips

  1. CTM: Don’t forget to do the CTM everyday – cleansing, toning, moisturizing. It is a must for every day. It will keep your skin looking youthful and fresh. You will see the difference within a week itself. The glow will keep increasing till your D-day. Toning will help reduce the fine lines on your skin and moisturizing will help lock the moisture on your skin making it look soft and supple. Always clean the pores and let the grease and the dirt out – let your skin breathe. Please read the article to know the different wedding dress a bride can wear.
  2. Exfoliate: One of the things that brides forget to do is exfoliate, that being said don’t exfoliate every day. Doing it once a week is excellent for your skin. It will remove the dead skin cells effectively and give you that natural glow that you are craving. You can use rice flour or a mild exfoliator. Make sure not to press too tightly while rubbing it on your skin.
  3. Getting facial and hair spa: The first question is one bride can ask is it really important to take hair spa before wedding? So the answer is “must” .Start getting monthly facials done six months before the wedding at least. If you are pressed for time then get one done twice a week and opt for gold facial – it will really make a difference. Make sure you get a patch test before getting anything done on your face. This way you can be sure no rashes or irritation happen on your skin because of the product – it is your wedding after all.
  4. Get soft hands and feet: Keep your hands and feet soft by massaging olive oil on them before going to bed at night. Get regular mani pedis as these help in the long run to keep your feet and hands soft and supple.

So now that we know how to keep our face and skin beautiful, we must learn how to stay fit too. The glow comes from within everyone knows. So you must follow a particular diet to ensure that your skin and hair look perfect on D-day. To be honest, if you start doing this from quite earlier, this will make all the difference in your looks.

Pre bridal diet tips

So what is it you should eat or drink? What should you avoid? Experts are of the opinion that you must first of all drink enough water. This will keep your skin moisturized from within and keep flushing toxins out of your system. Some would say drink 8 to 10 glasses of water, but in reality you must drink as much water as you body needs otherwise you may get into water intoxication, which is not harmful, but isn’t healthy either. Please read the article to know: 6 Things A Bride Must Eat During Her Wedding.

As always eat a balanced diet that is rich in green vegetables, fruits and proteins. Go for the lean meat. Quit eating junk food and soda. Chips, coke, burgers, etc should be avoided if you want to look flawless on your wedding. It will also cause bloating. You don’t want to have a bloating issue when you are on the ceremonial stage. after all you must have to choose the outfit for your sangeet ceremony.

You can have a cheat day, but don’t gorge on chips and the usual munchies, go for healthier snacks like sprouts, fruits, etc. Another thing you will have to keep in check is that you have a glorious skin. For this, you will have to eat a lot of minerals and vitamins. Lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet may lead to hair breakage, pale and rough skin, etc.

Nowadays there are a lot of apps available that will help you keep you calories in check. You can also count your vitamins and minerals and carbs in the same app. These free apps will give you a lot of insight and keep you on track.

Pre wedding packages

So you need a lot of things done. Are there any packages available for you? You bet there is! There are several types of packages aimed towards brides that focus on different areas. Here are some of them that you may find near you:

  • Lakme Studio Salon: Lakme Studio needs no more introductions. With them you will get Golden glow, Bridal Aura and Platinum packages in facials. These include aroma or orchid mani-pedis, floral bliss facials and of course an instant glow. In hair care package you will get Aroma hair oil massage for 45 minutes. They also give full body polishing, exfoliation and fruit packs. These will last you till your honeymoon for sure.
  • Kaya Skin clinic: you may find a Kaya Skin Clinic near you. They are offering some interesting packages. You can take care of fine lines and wrinkles with Kaya Botox services. If you don’t want that you also have a choice between Aqua Radiance and Meso Glow package – which infuses the vitamins into your face making you look stunning. The best part is that all of these skin care solutions are holistic. Therefore these will have no side effects mostly. There is also the Skin Renewal Pigment Reducer for your face and body to remove the pigments and the darkened spots in your skin. Skin Polishing, Kaya Back Shine services are some of the other things that might interest the bride to be.
  • VLCC: VLCC bridal packages have gained a lot of popularity recently. There are different types of pre wedding packages depending upon the time frame they have before D-day. There is the 4 weeks package and the 2 weeks package. Then there is the groom package which focuses mainly on the groom – this is unique because you don’t see a lot of packages out there for the groom. after all you must look perfect on your honeymoon.

You can get packages from anywhere apart from these, but make sure that the packages that you are looking at have the following essential things:

  • Bridal facial: you must get a regular facial. This is essential and different from the regular ones. You shouldn’t settle for anything other than your skin type and always ask for a patch test.
  • Body polishing: Body polishing is extremely important because you have to look your best from head to toe then there is the honeymoon. So make sure there is body exfoliating and toning in your regimen too.
  • Manicure and pedicure: The mani-pedis are essential. You must make sure those are in your bridal list. You will have to get them done at the right time to ensure that you have got just the right feel to your hands.
  • Hair care: Don’t forget to get the hair spa. If you have damaged hair then go for hair smoothening and start taking care of your hair from at least 3 months before.
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