Pre Wedding Cocktail Party Themes Idea | Dress | Decoration | Games

Pre Wedding Cocktail Party Themes Idea | Dress | Decoration | Games

When it comes to pre wedding bashes Indian weddings already have one trademark event called the Sangeet. Although not a custom followed by all Hindu weddings, more and more people are taking it up. If you want to celebrate the Sangeet in the customary way, then it is a cool idea. But if you want to experiment then there are thousands of ways to do so.

Pre Wedding Cocktail Party Themes Idea Dress Decoration Games

Nowadays the idea of a cocktail party has become increasingly common in the weddings. This is the time when you can enjoy with your friends and also with your family. Usually people very close to the bride and groom visit the cocktail party of the couple.

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Whether you are the bride or the groom, you can have a fun day – you deserve to have one, right before tying the knot. You can throw a cocktail party for your friends and family to enjoy these days. Make sure to enjoy these “last few days of freedom” just the way you want it.

Pre wedding cocktail party ideas

Want to have the best cocktail party? Then you have to know a few tricks. We will tell you exactly how to have the best cocktail party. This goes with all cases. If you follow them as mentioned then you are bound to have the most ravishing birthday party.

  1. Know your guests
    Serve the drinks that are popular with your crowd. If you know your friends and relatives then select a separate corner for each of them. You can create separate servings and assign different waiters on different types of guests. This way your guests will know you remembered them and that you know exactly how they like their drinks. It will definitely go a long way in making the event actually meaningful.
  2. After the drinks come the appetizers
    While appetizers are essential, make sure that they aren’t too rich for your guests. Make sure that you keep them in a clean place. Your guests will not appreciate it if they have an upset stomach later. Also make sure the flavors of the appetizers match the cocktails. There are always so many healthy, dry snack options available. You can promote healthy eating among your guests by choosing the right appetizer.
  3. Music to get it going
    Get music to get things going. Once again you have to make sure that you know your guests’ taste. After all your aunts need background music to discuss the suitable groom for your cousin too, right? A party never gets started without music. Hence, either hire the right DJ or create your own mix with the songs that you know your circle likes.
  4. Décor and seating
    Seating is one of the prime factors that decide whether it is a hit or a flop. If you place two of your aunts who don’t get along well with each other, you might as well keep the fire fighters on your emergency call list. Cocktail parties are where things can get a little heated up with tipsy people all around. So make sure that you have the décor and seating on point.
  5. Keep help ready
    You know I wasn’t kidding when I talked about that emergency call. When it’s a cocktail party, things are bound to get a little out of hand. So you have to make sure that you have bar tenders and Ubers at the tip of your finger. You should be able to send the guests’ home if they need to. Ensure that the place where you arrange the party is centrally located so that you have all the help you need at the tip of your hands.
  6. Matching clothes
    Ask people to come in matching clothes. The clothes should be in line with the theme. This brings us to our next list of ideas.

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Cocktail party themes

All said and done, you need a cocktail party theme to get this thing going. The fun part is that you can channel the discussions on any topic with the ambience and the theme you choose. We have a few awesome ideas for the desi cocktail party –

  • 90s Bollywood
    Are you a millennial getting married? How can you forget the 90s? Chances are that it was the favorite time for a lot of your guests too. Set up the décor and the entrance in a highly lit 90s Bollywood style and you won’t regret it.
  • Vintage
    For the ones who love things a tad bit contemporary, the vintage party theme is the best way to go. You can also ask people to come dressed in Vintage clothes to match the theme. This way you can have perfect classic cocktail that you like.
  • Gold, red and glam
    Keep every bit of décor in red and gold to glam things up. To take things a bit further, add the food in the same color – red and gold. You would get a lot of options like honey chicken and such scribbles to add for this purpose.
  • Regional theme
    If you are a Punjabi getting married, then you can get a Punjabi wedding theme – with trucks and everything that symbolize Punjab. If you are from Rajasthan, you can have elephants and peacocks to decorate the cocktail party. These are all really cool ways to keep it traditional even at the cocktail party.

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Cocktail party Dress

Now that we have all of that set, you need to take the cocktail party dressing to another level. We have just the right idea for you to rock your own cocktail party. Here it goes –

  1. Gold embellished gown
    Choose a long gown that is golden in color. It will literally go with all types of themes that you choose. Gold is the color of wedding – but a gown is not too traditional. So it won’t scream wedding. It will just keep things suitable for a cocktail party like it should.
  2. Flaunt it short
    Keep your short dress in style and flaunt that thing at your wedding. But it is advised that the would-be bride wears a mid length dress this ay you will keep it chic without drawing unwanted eye rolls from conservative members of the family.
  3. Anarkali or light lehenga
    Do you have the desire to wear a flashy anarkali or a lehenga of your choice? Then go with lighter colors than the wedding. Pair it up with light makeup just to suit the essence of the cocktail gathering. But make sure to wear a lot of accessories to be the bride of event.
  4. Fusion
    if you are the kind of bride that likes to experiment, then the fusion outfit is the one that you should go with. This way you will be announcing your entry into the traditional outfit that you will don at the wedding. It will be like a transitionary phase which is metaphoric because it is the cocktail party for a life changing event – your wedding!

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A tabular overview

 Here are a few ideas you can try out –

Serial no. Decoration Games
1 Colored mini lights Drinking games
2 Neutralized colors Spin the bottle
3 Colored cocktail Karaoke
4 Themed additional Charades

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