10 Pre Wedding Shoot Places in Delhi to Get Perfect Shots

10 Pre Wedding Shoot Places in Delhi to Get Perfect Shots

Before we start takling about wedding style shoots it is very important to choose right photographer for it. Pre wedding shoots are something that will stay with you throughout your life. You have got to choose that place wisely as it will portray the charm of the relationship for years to come. This is why you must pick the pre wedding photo shoot location from some of the best. If you are in Delhi there are all the more reasons for you to breathe. Delhi is filled with historic places and beautiful resorts that serve as the perfect backdrop to capture your perfect moment.

10 Pre Wedding Shoot Places in Delhi to Get Perfect Shots

There are some places which will not require much from your part because they automatically bring out the romance. These are the places that we are going to mention today and you will totally love them.

  1. Lodhi Gardens: The Lodhi Gardens are known for their scenic beauty. The arched domes and the light brown backdrop make for those perfect candid moments where the couple can just lose themselves. This is when the photographer has beautiful shots that don’t look so artificial after all. Just stroll through the historic hallways and the pavements with your partner and let Lodhi Garden’s natural charm do its job. Rest assured you are not going to feel anything but happy being with your partner clicking pictures here.
  2. Hauz Khas village: what’s so special about this place you say? The green backdrop will create a mystery that will inspire you both to give those romantic moments for the shot. If your partner is a little bit shy, this place will get them totally comfortable. Plus, while being here you will feel the passion in the air. The Hauz Khas Forest and Fort both are ideal locations to click your pre wedding photos. Staircases, arches, long pathways covered with beautiful greenery – need we say more? These things will bring out the natural romantic in you and your partner. Please read the article to know about the creative pre wedding shoots ideas.
  3. Sanjay Van: Clicking pictures with little cute animals? That should be adorable for the both of you. It will show the cute and caring side of the couple and will be the perfect location for such moments. The area is vast and it is situated near Vasant Kunj. This makes it completely secluded from the city. There’s this rustic charm in this place that is so pure it itself that whatever you click here will be amplified under its effect.
  4. Agrasen Ki Baoli: Not a conventional pre wedding shoot spot, but then who is looking for anything remotely conventional anyways? Agrasen Ki Baoli rose to fame when it appeared in the Aamir Khan starring blockbuster “PK”. The place does have a charm to it. Those lazy afternoons when you and your other half will e perfectly demonstrated by the 103 stairs and coupled with that there’s this contrast of brown and yellow bricks in the day time which makes it magical.
  5. Garden of Five Senses: what can be more of a description of compatibility than a place that indulges all your 5 senses? Both metaphorically and visually this place is ideal for pre wedding photo shoot. You can give those rugged rocky stances or pose among the lotus flowers in the pond. It is all very scenic and will capture the rawness of the relationship. You can use so many pre wedding props here ans click awesome shots.
  6. “The Perfect Location”: Seriously, the place itself is called “The Perfect Location” the hint cannot be any more subtle. The best part about this place is that it looks like a mini Greece. With the entire white and blue back drop the pictures will look out of this world. No one will believe that you have clicked it in India, let alone Delhi. It comes with its own set that is meticulously planned according to your whims. What more could you ask for, right? This place should be a must go on your list.
  7. Dusit Devarana: this place is best visited after the sunset. All you have to do is just sit back and let the vast sprawling location give you the best moments automatically. Being in this place, there is not much that you will have to do. The location will work its charm on you and the difference will be seen on the photos. This is one of those places that will give both you and your partner the memories that will last forever. Being a little far from the main city, it will give you prep time too.
  8. The Westin Sohna Resort: Talking about resorts, how can we ignore one of the best resorts in Delhi, which serves as the ideal shooting place? The outdoor here is breathtaking and very modern. It is ideal for the couple that is trying to break the moulds of “normal”. You and your would-be can have a nice chat or pose with these brilliant designs – there’s a pyramidal structure at the centre where itself any imaginative mind can create thousands of postures. But you must be taken care of wedding budget for this location.
  9. Olive Bar and Kitchen: Want to recreate those moments you have had with your partner during early dating days? This place has a dream like ambience that will surely bring out the candidness of the relationship that you two share. It has interesting decorations with candles and the space in itself is very open and romantic in nature. This will definitely give the two of you some candid moments. Also, you can have lunch while clicking pre wedding photos. It will be a nice day out and truly a day to remember.
  10. Heritage Transport Museum: if you want to have fun and ant to try something off beat then Heritage Museum should be the place you should visit. The place has 90,000 sq ft and is all decked with howdahs, bullock carts, vintage cars and more. You will never have a dull moment at this place. That’s for sure. There’s a lot of dimension play that you can use for your pictures here. You can both have fun and really let yourselves go at this place and this can bring out the fun factor in your photos here.

Using these location can make your wedding album awesomely creative.

Let us take a quick look at the places and where exactly these are situated:

Sl. No. Location Situated in
1 Lodhi gardens Lodhi Road
2 Hauz Khas village Aurobindo Marg
3 Sanjay Van Vasant Kunj
4 Agrasen ki Baoli Connaught Place
5 Garden of Five Senses Saket
6 “The Perfect Location” Faridabad
7 Dusit Devarana NH-8
8 The Westin Sohna Resort Gurgaon
9 Olive Bar and Kitchen Mehrauli
10 Heritage Transport Museum Gurgaon


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