What can be the different Pre-Wedding shoot Props

What can be the different Pre-Wedding shoot Props 

Pre-wedding photo shoots have become one of the main rituals in every wedding today. There was a time when people get more excited about the wedding photos but now the photographers leave no stone unturned to make the wedding special for both the bride and the groom. So pre-wedding shoot makes captures some of your casual moments that you spent with your partner. Along with innovative ideas there are a bunch of props you can use in your pre-wedding photo shoots. Here we collected 10 different pre-wedding shoot props for you that you can use in your shoot. Before we talked about pre wedding shoot more you must know how to choose the right photographer for your wedding.

What can be the different Pre-Wedding shoot Props


Balloons are always fun to use in any happy occasion. When it is your wedding you will think of heart shaped ones, well that’d be little clichéd. Go for round or oval with your name or any funny caption written on it. if you can’t find balloons with caption, why not write your own message on it to make it look personalized.


Do you know the Hindi blockbuster song “Pyaar Hua Iqrar Hua”? Of course you did. Take the umbrella to feel that magic of love. If you are marrying in monsoon then umbrella is the best prop to show your rainy day love. Simple white coloured or floral umbrella will work when you wear dark coloured cloths while shooting. Take out your umbrella when it is cloudy and capture the best moments for your pre-wedding album. Please read the article to know creative ideas to make wedding albums.

Coloured Sunglasses

Coloured Sunglasses are other awesome props for the pre-wedding shoot. They are cool, they are stylish and of course they save you from scorching heat outside. If you are in summer and heading for summer wedding, then sunglasses are the perfect idea for shooting outside. Select some vibrant colours like yellow, green, red, blue and purple shades for day light shoots to give your album a vibrant look.

Colour pop-ups

Using vivacious colours pop-ups gives you a chance to create cheerful photos. You wedding album should not look dull with dull colours. It is not always possible to find a perfect background for your perfect picture. These colour pop-ups will help you to put your desirable colours in your photos. Take a vibrant colour in your hand and ask your partner to take a contrast one to show the love-hate relationship between the duo.


You still remember your childhood when you make and break soap bubbles with your friends. If you do then why don’t you try them again with your partner? We all have kids within us and our relationship has that innocence too. Use of water bubbles in pre-wedding photo shoot makes it easier to show how the little kid inside you is excited to get experienced of the new life you are about to start. It will be create amazing effects in your photos in your wedding album.

Wedding Rings

Your wedding / engagement rings are special, isn’t it? Why not show it off to the world through the lenses? These rings show the togetherness and the lifelong relationship that binds you two forever. Let the photographer click your hands wearing the rings to show the world how happy you are to be with each other for the rest of your life. The rings also show how truly you dedicate yourself to your partner.

Captions / Music / Festoons

This one is the funny and rocking prop for the shoot. If you have anything to tell your partner, write it down in a slate or festoon or on a paper and show it to the world. We often missed out so many opportunities when we wanted to say something but could not. This is the best way to share your heart with your partner by writing captions on the photos. Be it ‘I love you’ or ‘I have got my ATM’ or funnier like ‘I have got my cook finally’, add captions to your photos and make them interesting.

Best Friends Forever

Best friends play the most important role in our love life, isn’t it? They save us from our parents, they fix meetings with your partner, and they lie to your parents for joint studies and what not. So why don’t you take them along and add them in your pre-wedding photo shoot? They have always been an important part of your love life then they must be the part of your wedding album too. Ask them to join you and create the best moments before your wedding.

Ride the Roads

Wedding means you are going on a lifelong road trip with your partner. The road trips, long walks or even a simple bicycle rides can make a lot difference. While you are shooting for pre-wedding album, you can go little over the top with a cycle. Take your lady love on a ride; add some balloons, captioned boards and some flowers to make it look brighter and happier. It will be full on Bollywood style when you take a bicycle ride on a dusty road. On the other if you are planning for a monsoon wedding, then walking on the wet roads hand in hand and getting drenched in the rain drops will add extra brownie points to your snaps I am telling you.

Fairy Lights

This one something really superb to attempt for pre-wedding shoot props. The fairy lights are something that can make your snaps more colourful even in the starry nights. You two are about to write a fairy tale through your married life. The fairy lights will be the first step to depict the shinning side of your married life. Use these lights in a dark room or in the evening time while shooting. Use of coloured lights will be preferable as they reflect multiple colours at a time. But one must be extra careful while using fairy lights as photo shoot prop because they are fun to use but hard to handle. As these are electric lights one should be careful while using them.

Pre-wedding photo shoot props – things to know

Dos Don’ts
vibrant coloured props go over the top in using props
Use props as a side product over crowd the photo with props only
Ample space to the duo in a photo focus only on the props
Use light colour cloths while using vibrant background Use dull backgrounds

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