8 Pre wedding Shoot Tips to Get a Perfect Shot

8 Pre wedding Shoot Tips to Get a Perfect Shot

A pre wedding photograph is a good way to make memories last forever. And for that it is very important to choose right photographer for your wedding.These moments are charming and worth hanging on your wall in a home where you live. This is also why they have to be perfect. There are some things that can make these perfect. Of course you are not professionals, you will make some mistakes. But with the right tips and guidance you both will be able to give those perfect shots that will have the both of you mesmerized.

8 Pre wedding Shoot Tips to Get a Perfect Shot

So here we are with the perfect tips to get you started. Here are a few things that will help you get through it from a scratch:

  1. Get the right photographer: You knew this was coming. You will have to get the right photographer to get going. But make sure that this photographer is someone you are comfortable with. You know, you will be taking a lot of pictures of private moments between you and your partner. So you must very first feel comfortable with the photographer being present in this scenario. You know many a times we get some photography enthusiast in our family to do the job – which is totally okay, if you are comfortable posing in front of them. Make sure that they are compatible with your visions and understand your requirements.
  2. Ask the right questions: After you have selected your photographer, you still need to know if they will be able to meet your criteria. You don’t want your photographs compromised – because they will last a lifetime. So you want to ask them the right questions at the right time such as, if they will be available on a particular date, about the timing, location or the extra arrangements if any, which will be necessary for you to make. Make sure you also enquire about the cost for the add-ons
  3. Dress accordingly: Once you have found out what it is you need to wear or where you will be clicking the pictures, it is time to go shopping. It is now your part to make sure that you are looking the best for the photo shoot. You and your partner can go on a shopping spree together for this one because you will need to coordinate your clothes. Also it will mean that you will both get your head in the game before the gala photo shoot. Many a times the bride and groom are asked to keep a distance until marriage. This can create a bad effect when it comes to photo shoots. So make sure the shopping is the time when you choose to come together again. Please read the article to know what can be the different dresses a bride can wear on her wedding.
  4. Go for exotic locations: The locations can be as simple as a pavement that you both had a special memory on, or as gala as a heritage site. If you stay at an exotic place – like a resort, make sure you have taken the permission to shoot there as well. If you and your partner are somewhat introverted and you don’t want to get the stares, then choose a secluded place – that will also make the shots a lot more candid. If you both are comfortable the locations will highlight themselves. So make sure that both of you are comfortable in the place that you choose. Please read the article to know the different pre wedding shoot places in delhi.
  5. Let it go: After an entire round of preparations when you are finally down there to get the pictures, it is important to let yourself go. Since you now trust the photographer and his creativity – as proven by following the first two steps, you can now simply let yourself go and trust. Just have really candid moments with your partners because we are capturing moments here and it is important to really have those moments rather than just posing and clicking. Go ahead and have a day with your partner which you would really like to look back at. This is what this day is all about after all. Please read the article to know  how to make your wedding album creative.
  6. Here comes the cliché: Many brides are distressed seeing that they have posed in the same way their friends or BFFs have. This can make it really upsetting for the couple. Let us assure you, it is completely okay to recreate some evergreen moments, if at all, it will make you more popular with your buddies.The classic “Hum Aapke Hai Kaun” pose is something that has been repeated several times. It gives the previous generations something to connect with these photos. These are fun. So don’t fret. You can let yourself go and have fun. Even you can use different pre wedding props to make it more attractive.
  7. Correct body language: See when either of you is the shy kind there is a chance for the moment to become a little like make belief. It is up to the both of you to make each other comfortable and to have candid shots with the correct body language. Believe it or not, the body language does matter. When the two of you will be up there – all eyes will be on you during the picture display and therefore it is a must for the both of you to make this possible.Unleash you prankful side. Play some jokes – you can even share some private jokes with each other. This will leave you both in splits and the photographer will have some really great pictures of the two of you. Always remember some moments of your past and have that spark rekindled. Personally it will be a good moment for the two of you to revisit all those years of dating right before your wedding. You can even ask some pre wedding shoots ideas from those who already went through this.
  8. Listen to the photographer: Don’t go into it thinking that the photographer has it all done. The three of you including the photographer are a team. You will have to listen to the photographer when he or she tells you to pose differently. This will add some spice to the pictures and they will be truly memorable. There are those that are adept at capturing candid moments while some have a vision in their mind and want you to act accordingly. So make sure that you listen when your preferred photographer gives you a hint.

Here are a few more tips for your pre wedding shoots:

Serial No. Things to figure out Things to do
1 What type of outfit to wear? Body hugging clothes.
2 Location for the pre wedding shoots Monuments, gardens or parks, pavements, resorts
3 Essentials for the photo shoot day Sunscreen and fluids.
4 Things to do before photo shoot Getting permission for the venue (if necessary), shopping.
5 Choosing the right photographer Match the portfolio with your preferences.

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