How to Prepare Ladies Sangeet Ceremony Anchoring Script

How to Prepare Ladies Sangeet Ceremony Anchoring Script

Sangeet is one of the most important and fun-filled ceremonies in a wedding. Whether you can dance or not, but in Sangeet ceremony you have to groove with the bride and groom and their respective families. If you are one of the duos then you can’t just escape from it, rather your dance will be the most special one in the evening. As a whole the sangeet ceremony is one such function where everyone just forgets everything and grooves like there is no tomorrow.

How to Prepare Ladies Sangeet Ceremony Anchoring Script

Now these days Sangeet or even the wedding follows several themes and styles. Be it a retro theme or techno or just a simple Punjabi, Rajasthani or pure Gujju style, or any other wedding theme, Sangeet can follow any one of these according to your choice. But above all you need a compact script for the evening. Take two most interesting and talkative persons from your friends’ group who will be the anchors for the evening and prepare an engaging script to organise the rest of the evening. Here are few points that can be added when you are preparing the script for the Sangeet.

Welcome Note:

Start with a welcome note. ‘Hello everyone, welcome to the Sangeet ceremony of Mr. X and would be Mrs. X’ starting with these lines, you can start your function. Briefly discuss about the bride, groom and their respective families in your welcome note. It must not be serious and formal but of course it has to be full of humour and funny words.

Ganesh Vandana:

Lord Ganesha is very important as Hindus always worship him before starting up anything new. Wedding is a journey of a new life that the duo is going to start. So it is kind of mandatory to start the ceremony with Ganesh Vandana.

Speech by Bride / Groom:

Once the Vandana / Puja will be done, ask the bride and the groom to share their feeling and happiness with everyone. Speech sounds like you are in a conference room, but fortunately you are not. So ask the bride and groom to share their experience, courtship and relationship moments with everyone present there. You can also ask their parents to join them and yes don’t forget their BFFs here. They have the best secretes to reveal.

Songs / Dance sequences

The main function starts with the wedding songs. Once the speech and other formalities by the families are over, the evening then flows with the songs prepared by the two families. There are number of songs that are made for weddings or featured on wedding ceremonies. Though every state has different folk songs on wedding and related rituals, but who does not want to enjoy a Bollywood night in a wedding sangeet ceremony?

Kids’ performance: The function can be started with kids’ performance on any Hindi song like ‘Wah wah raam ji Jodi kya banai’ from the film Hum Apke Hain Koun.

Special Bride’s performance: Then it is time for the bride to groove in ‘mera piya ghar aya, o ram ji’ from the movie Yarana to show how she looks happy when she her partner comes to meet her. For a bride there are other songs too, pick up any romantic or dance number from the latest movie to woo your partner. Please read the article to know what a bride can wear on her sangeet ceremony.

Special Groom’s performance: “tu jo mila toh ho gaya sab hasil’ this romantic number from the film Bajrangi Bhaijaan can melt the heart of the bride when the groom will woo his girl by performing on this song. Bride and Groom’s performance must be special for the evening. The songs and the timing should be perfect for both of them.

Group Act / Friends’ Act: Slowly as the evening is passing by, the script must be looking more interesting. After the ravishing performance of the special duo of the evening, then the time comes for the parents’ and relatives and of course special friends’ performances. List up several dance numbers like ‘Banno tera swagger’, ‘Mehendi laga ke rakhna’, ‘Mahi ve that’s the way mahi ve’, ‘Lo chali main apni devar ki baraat leke’ and much more for the entire friends and family group and solo dance numbers.

Script order for the dance:

Make sure to add songs and dancers in a perfect order. After the couple’s solo dance, it is time for the parents. Once they are done with the performances, brother, sister, bro-in-law, sis-in-law and other cousins will join the stage. Other relatives like uncles, aunties, grannies everyone will join the stage one by one after the main performances. After the family, it is time for the friends to groove with the bride and the groom on stage. You can also follow the link to know about Wedding Songs For the |Bride|Groom| Couple

Jokes / Skits:

It is important to engage the guests with your superb comedy timing. Even if you are following a well prepared script, improvisation always works in such cases. If you are anchoring with a partner, then pull her/his leg a little. Crack some intelligent jokes on the family and in-laws, but make sure not to get offensive, because everyone is there to have fun, not to get upset.

Crack jokes in between the two acts, add some of the catchy Hindi Shayeri and poetries to spice up the evening. If you have the talent to write funny poetries on your own then do it while preparing the script.

Couple performance

The final performance of the evening should be ended with couple dance. The duo that is going to get married should end the function with a romantic performance. Songs like ‘Pehla Pehla Pyaar hai’, ‘Kuch toh hai jo neend na aye’, ‘na jiya zindegi ek pal bhi’ and ‘mujhko barsaat banalo’ are some of the romantic latest hit songs that can be performed at the end. To know more about this please follow the link Latest Romantic Couple Dance Songs for Sangeet Sandhya

Wedding Script – things to remember

Dos Don’ts
Compact script Talk too much
Arrange the songs in perfect order Mess up with the dancing orders
Add relevant songs Add sad or depressing songs
Add funny poetries, jokes Use abusive language, offensive topics
Welcome note Start the function without briefing the script

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