Prop Ideas for wedding reception Photo Booth

Prop Ideas for wedding reception Photo Booth

So the wedding/reception is near and you do not want to do that tried and old wedding reception that you have been doing. You want to try something different – and you should! Weddings and receptions happen only once and reception more so because it is your chance to make a statement as a couple. You just cannot miss having the best of it at your wedding.

Prop Ideas for wedding reception Photo Booth

The plus point is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. You can always add some fun without breaking the bank. The cost of props for reception can heighten according to the theme that you choose. But there are thousands of ways to add a dash of fun to your reception using budget props.

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So you can either ask your friends and family to do the photography for you, or you can hire a professional photographer. It totally depends upon you.

Things you will need

First of all there are these things that you will need to create the perfect photo booth

  • Lighting: Okay if you are shooting during the day or if you are shooting with ample light you will not need this. But if you do have an indoor wedding or evening one, then you need a good light source. Two focus lights are ample for a small space.
  • DSLR: Do you have a buddy who uses DSLR equipments? Then get in touch with them. This is the time to make their talents into use. You will be able to get the best out of this with a good quality camera only and that is provided by DSLR itself.
  • Remote shuttler and tripod: You will need a stable base to capture the pictures. A tripod will give a good stability to your photo booth. A remote shuttler will ensure that the camera man has good control over the gadgets. Hence these are basic necessities for putting up a photo booth.

Props and Ideas

Now that we have the equipment in place, let us come to the fun part – the props.

What are props you might wonder and what are they needed for? The props are needed to give your wedding photos an edge. They make it fun. There are different types of props that you can use for your wedding. Today we will give you different ideas which you can customize according to your tastes as well –

  1. YouTube: A YouTube prop is very much in demand these days. Everyone is in a hurry to upload the wedding videos and funny stuff on this video platform. Hence, the YouTube prop shows that the couple is already going viral. This can be fun and for the couple’s favorite buddies, it can be a prop they can use to boast.
  2. Team props: The Team props basically say “Team Bride” and “Team Groom”. These props are the best when it comes to the relatives and the close ones of the bride and groom. When you are taking a group selfie, this prop can beco0me more meaningful. It is a fun one.
  3. “I wanna be next”: This is an open announcement to the aunties and the uncles who have been poking you throughout the wedding. You want to give them a clear message that you want to be next through this prop. Be prepared though – they can come with a suitable “rishta” for you right the next day. It is also a good idea for those who want to send their special someone a message. So this s a prop that brides and grooms can have at their wedding for sure.
  4. “I just came for the chicken tikka”: Challenge your guests to be honest. Check out how many of them pick up this one and pose. It will be fun to watch them pose with this placard though. This prop will definitely get some slow giggles from the crowd. It’s all in fun spirit.
  5. Hollow frames: For the selfie queens and the fashionistas of the event, you must keep some frame props. They would want to strike poses and upload those pictures on the internet. This would be a golden opportunity for them to have the perfect frame around their pictures.
  6. Oversized colorful shades: Oversized shades are cute – they are ideal for those toddlers and shy ones who want to click a picture, but don’t want to grab limelight. These are tried and tested props and they will definitely grace the event with the much needed colors in the photo booth.
  7. “I’m still single”: Keep this one in the props list and encourage your brothers or sister who didn’t bring a date at the wedding, to strike a pose with it. You know it is needed. Your family will perhaps thank you for making them do it. There are so many stories people want to tell, these props will help you tell it.

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  1. Facebook Newsfeed: This is the unique one. A Facebook Newsfeed is one where you strike a pose in between the cut out and take an inclined picture. So you know your pictures are already on the news feed. It might be a little more expensive, since it is big and has a lot of details, but it is worth it. People will go gaga over a Facebook Newsfeed prop.
  2. Instagram: For the Instagram fanatic, this one would be the best. So you know every social media has its own frame. Perhaps if you or your guests love Instagram more, they can head over and have a go at this one. It is a good one for a group photo.
  3. “I’m his/her”: The “I’m his” and “I’m hers” tags are old, but they’re gold. There are couples who would love to have a go at this. You and your spouse can have a go at it, but for the couple, we have the next one that’d be the best.
  4. “I am her Mr.” and “I am his Mrs.”: This one suits the newly married couple perfectly. You can carry this and this would be the perfect start to the new journey. It will also be the first time you might refer to each other as Mr. and Mrs. It is all very romantic and you can totally do this.
  5. “Set the night on fire”: Guess what? There’s always that one person in any event that brings a lot of life into the party. This one’s for that person. The groom can also carry it himself or make his wife have it. This one goes to tell who was the one that set the record straight at the event and you know it is albeit the bride and the groom.
  6. “He asked”: Finally, you can carry this, as the bride. If anyone got engaged at the wedding, they too can announce it. It will create the perfect ambience.

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The best part is that if you are from India, you can purchase these in bulk from online stores at prices as low as Rs. 375.


Serial No. Bride Groom
1 Just Married Finally Hitched
2 He asked She said yes
3 Set the night on fire Censored

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