Pros and Cons of Proposing a Girl for marriage

Pros and Cons of Proposing a Girl for marriage

There comes a time in every man’s life when he is swept off by the beauty and intelligence of a girl. He feels that she is the right one for him. He thinks that he is ready to take a bigger plunge into the ocean of relationships and commitment. However, at times many men find themselves hitting the freezing cold water instead of the warmth and love they expected. To propose or not to propose a girl can be a big decision of a man’s life. A proposal requires commitment and dedication from your end. It is one thing to spend some happy and thrilling moments while dating a girl but entirely different thing to involve in something more serious like proposals. A lot of things change when it comes to marriage proposal. Yes, there is a risk of the girl saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, but the bigger challenge is to keep up to expectations of a relationship. Here are some of the pros and cons of proposing a girl. Please follow the link to know what are the romantic message those can be sent to propose a girl.

Pros of proposing a Girl

Pros and Cons of Proposing the Girl

  1. If She Says ‘Yes’ You Have The Love Of Your Life

To fall in love is a feeling beyond words. To actually get closer to the one you love is something that everyone dreams about. If the girl has made you fall in love with her head over heels, there is no better feeling than getting a ‘Yes’ from her as an answer. It gives you a sense of exhilaration and makes you feel positive about the life and world as a whole.

  1. You Get Someone To Share Your Life

Every man wants a woman with whom he can share his entire life, his dreams and aspirations, his troubles and fears. He looks for a partner who with whom he can spend moments of joy and happiness. When you propose to the girl of your dreams and she says yes, you get a partner to enjoy beautiful moments of your life together.

  1. You Will Get Someone To Confide To

You have to accept that not all days are rosy even when you are in love. Your bosses are not concerned with the fact that you have fallen in love. So expecting box of chocolates and red roses on your office desk instead of piles of work files could be a tad foolish. So yes, there will be days when you will feel low on energy. There will be times when you will want someone to be there for you with whom you can confide to (except about your past love affairs, as it could be a bit early to reveal about your flings). You will need someone to listen to your predicaments, understand your restlessness, and know your fears. Proposing the girl you love may mean that you get such an intimate friend and partner, who not only sees your bright side but also accepts and appreciates your darker side.

  1. You Two Can Have Fun Together

Being in a relationship doesn’t always mean that you have to just do serious talking all the time. When you are in a relationship, you can spend a lot of time doing fun things together. You can go together on adventurous trips, watch movies together, go on hiking or biking or spend hours talking about you and your life. When you are spending time with someone you love, it not only feels good, but it is also beneficial for your overall well being. Please follow the link to know the things men and women can share with their friends but not with their spouses.

  1. You Start Understanding Emotions Better

Not to say that men are not emotional, but women are said to feel and express emotions relatively better. When you propose a girl, be ready to experience wider range of emotions. When you are with your girlfriend, you learn about how she feels and how she expresses her feelings. This gives you a better understanding of the opposite sex.

  1. If You Will Not Propose Her, Somebody Else Will

Okay, may be this should have come a bit earlier but nevertheless, here it is. A girl will not wait for you to propose to her forever. If you are indecisive or just taking too long to propose to her, you may not find her hanging around.

It is true that there are several pros of proposing a girl. That said, life is not always a bed or roses and all coins have two sides. So before handing her the red rose and saying the magic words, just take some moments to ponder that the roses comes with thorns too.

Cons of proposing a Girl

  1. You May Feel Dejected if She Says ‘No’

Nothing compares to the pain of a broken heart. Many men have succumbed to this injury before and many will continue to do so. Rejection makes you feel dejected. It is a serious blow to the ego and self esteem. Though most of us know how to pull us together and move on in life, not everyone is as lucky. Some may never come back from the depths of despairs and some may start feeling that they are just not good enough or deserving. However, none of these is true. A rejection doesn’t have to be always about you. Love is not a forced feeling. It does not depend upon someone’s looks and social status. So tread carefully if you are not good at handling rejection.

  1. You May Not Get Time To Develop Understanding If You Are Too Quick To Propose

Relationships cannot and should not be hurried. Going on an easy and natural pace is the best strategy. Trying to understand the body language of your lady love is important. Evaluate everything before making a haste decision. If you are too quick to propose and she accepts your proposal, you both may find that you are not on the same page when it comes to understanding each other.

  1. There Are Chances Of Getting Into A Relationship With A Wrong Girl

This point is closely related to the above point that is going too quick about it. If you have not given considerable time to evaluate everything you may find yourself stuck with the wrong girl. Remember, relationships are not only about looks. You both need to develop understanding about each other, which means you need to spend a lot of time with each other. That said, there are situations when no matter how much time you have invested in understanding her, you may later find that she is not the one.

  1. You May Get A Cold Feet Later

As said earlier, being in a relationship requires lot of commitment and dedication from your end. It is not as easy as going on a joy ride together. There will be challenges, lots of them. Not all men are ready or prepared to face those challenges and they leave in between. This is not only a pretty unmanly behavior; it also hurts the one who is involved with you in the relationship. It is one thing to discuss differences, try to find out solutions and reach to a mutual decision and another to run away, leaving others wounded. So if you are one of them who cannot keep to the commitment, proposing a girl could be a serious trouble for you.

For those who like to skip the lengthy paragraphs, here is a short table to quickly sum up the above article.

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Table: Pros and Cons of Proposing the Girl

Pros Cons
There is no better feeling than getting a ‘Yes’ from the one you love. It is difficult to handle rejection.
You get to share small and big moments of your life with the one you love. Proposing a girl too quickly may not give you enough time to understand each other.
You can share your secrets and your dreams. There is a chance to get stuck in a relationship with the wrong girl.
You can find time to do fun things together You may get afraid of the commitment part on a later stage.
You have a better understanding of how the opposite sex thinks and feels
There is always someone else waiting to propose her if you don’t.

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