Pros and cons of wearing crop top lehnga in wedding

Pros and cons of wearing crop top lehnga in wedding

There are so many things right with the crop top that I don’t know where to begin. But looking at the bright side isn’t enough when you know there are those little cons lurking in the background. The devil, as they say, is in the details. Therefore as good as it is to wear a crop top on your wedding; you have to really decide because there are many cons too.

Pros and cons of wearing crop top lehnga in wedding

No two things can feel the same to two people. You might be okay with little knick knacks someone else might not. So whatever option your friends and family give you, you are to be the last judge – because it’s your wedding.

To make it easier for you, we are going to give you some pointers. Yes, absolutely unbiased pointers so that you can decide for yourself. Crop tops seem great, and they can really make you look gorgeous on your wedding day.

You might have checked out the several models making the ramp walking down in these crop tops. You might have thought that this is it! This is the wedding outfit that you want to don. But be wary of the outcomes.

By the way, let’s not scare you at first. Let’s tell you the pros of wearing crop tops on your wedding day.

Pros of wearing Crop Tops

  • You can still stay traditional: Many a times the brides want to experiment. But since wedding is such a traditional event, and since you are focal point of that event, going traditional also has its allures. However, with the crop top along with the lehnga, you can still keep the lehnga very fusionised if you must.
    The bottom line is that you can recreate a crop top lehnga the way you want it. If you want a regal look then you can do so by making the sleeves of quarter length along with round front. If you want to make it fusion style (which is recommended), then you can go with the ones that are buttoned in the front.
    To take the palla or not is up to you. So, as you can see, there are numerous styling options that you get with any typical crop top lehnga.
  • You can flaunt the right areas of your body: Let’s face it – to everyone has the same strengths when it comes to body shape. If you have a pear shaped body you want to turn the focus up to your shoulders, instead of bottoms. You can do this by playing with the necklines.
    The U cut neck line can show off your shoulders – making your structure seem more even. If you have a triangle shaped body, then you want to go with longer “gher” lehnga. Those who have a triangle shaped body, have a longer shoulder. You can make your crop top hide your shoulder in that case. But in any case, crop tops are not for the ones that have an apple shaped figure.
    Bottom line: With a crop top lehnga, you can flaunt the right places of your body, the way you want to.
  • You need minimal accessorizing: Why waste so much time accessorizing when you can focus on wearing the right crop top? You must have seen celebrities going absolutely no jingle on the red carpet. This is because they wear crop tops that are already very bling-ish.
    With the right crop top you don’t have to wear necklaces or giant earrings. In fact, you will look really clumsy if you do wear them. There are brides that don’t really like heavy jewelry or can’t wear one because it makes them very uncomfortable. For these brides, the crop tops will be a respite!
    You now have the perfect excuse to skip the trinkets.
  • Easier to manage: The best part of this type of a dress is that it is totally easy to manage. You have an option to take the dupatta or not – most brides don’t! So if you don’t have the dupatta you have the full freedom to walk down without watching your step,
    The lehngas too – if not very heavy – are very easy to walk around in. This is why it is worn in mehendi ceremonies and others. If you do decide to drape it around your neck as a veil, it will totally out live the contemporary style. So either take the dupatta in a light handed manner or don’t take it at all.
  • Graceful and elegant: Imagine walking down the stairs with a lehnga and a crop top lehnga. How graceful does that look to you? Isn’t it the perfect bridal entry? Yes, the crop top lehnga will give you the fancy of doing that. You can wear the crop top lehnga in any way and still get the best of it.
    Graceful and modern dresses, the crop top lehngas are a craze among the bride nowadays. Yes, it is very much in. so you can stay on top of the trend and sport it on your wedding this season.

Cons of wearing Crop Tops

However as roses have its thorns, all good things have a few cons. Here are the cons of wearing crop top lehengas –

  • It can flaunt the wrong area: Given the body type, the lehenga is not for everyone! If you have a belly or abdominal fat (which most women have because of their hormonal tendencies), then it is not good for you.
    A flat ab is what you would need. But even if you have a flat-ish ab, it might not be right for you. This is because certain body types just don’t go well with this type of dress. If you have an apple shaped body then you will not be able to look good in it.
  • It can go wrong if it is wrongly chosen: If you don’t choose the right lehnga then you can simply look like the bridesmaid instead of the bride. Since the crop top lehnga is so widely available, you have to make sure that you are choosing the one that makes you stand out amongst the crowd.
    You don’t want to be wearing the same garment as your other friends and relatives have worn. It is very critical to get it right with a lehnga of this sort. With any other type of wedding dress it is fairly easy but not with the crop top lehenga.
  • You cannot hide those flabs anywhere: If you have some flabs underneath your shoulder, then you can be sure that the lehnga of this sort is not going to hide it. You knew that already, didn’t you?
    To wear a crop top lehnga it is a must that you lose some weight or get rid of the flabs. The crop top is a very unforgiving when it comes to the body fat. This is a major downside of wearing it.

These are some of the very basic pros and cons of wearing crop top lehngas.

Serial No. Data Info
1 Colors that suit crop tops Pastel, nude, peach, pink hues
2 Designs to look chic and classy Long or full sleeves (baggy)
3 Neckline options you have V or U, spaghetti, camisoles

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