Pros and cons of wearing latest indo western dress for bride

Pros and cons of wearing latest indo western dress for bride

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. She experiments with many dresses before choosing the final one. Coupled with many dresses, she now has the option to choose from many options. Globalization has led to the amalgamation of styles across oceans. Today, the Indian bride no longer wears traditional Indian clothing she may choose Western or the more preferred Indo-western style.

Pros and cons of wearing latest indo western dress for bride

What is an Indo Western Dress?

Thanks to the powerful creativity of designers, today we have an eastern and western fusion dress called Indo western. They are as gorgeous as ever and many a times their gorgeousness trumps the traditional Indian or Western dresses. These gowns are accepted by the masses because of their strong colors and bold definitions. In India, brides wear these gowns on their wedding day as they help make you look more gorgeous. However, there are many things to consider while wearing this type of dresses. Today we are going to tell you more about choosing it.

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Choosing the style

The style is not only limited to Indian but it also has a mixture of western to it. This is why it turns out to be something unique and thus women prefer it. But is it always a good idea to wear Indo western dresses? We have to remember that the bride is the busiest girl on her wedding day.

She has to take snapshots with people, perform rituals and also move about – not to mention look gorgeous at the same time. All that is not easy! So a bride must remember to stay comfortable apart from looking stunning. Today we will tell you all the pros and cons of wearing Indo western dresses on your wedding day. The final choice would be yours.

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Cons of wearing Indo Western dresses on wedding day

There are pretty huge numbers of cons of wearing this type of dresses. We know you love the Indo western dress, so we want to bring to you the dark side of it – so that you don’t regret your choice later. Some of these cons could actually be pros but it depends upon your preferences at the end of the day. Nevertheless here are they –

  • Unisexual: Indo western clothes have a way of being unisexual – meaning they do not clearly define your gender at times. You might end up looking like a man. But that’s okay if that’s how you want to.
  • Low necklines: In the classical Indian setup the bride is supposed to have a defined body cut. This cut is different from the ones Indo-western clothes are set up of. The low necklines could be a strict no-no for conservative families. It might raise a few eyebrows.
  • Incompatible jewelry: The Indian classic jewelries are very heavy and chunky. The gold chain or the long gold earring might not fit well with that Indo western outfit. Usually minimal jewelry is needed.
  • Problem sitting: You know at the wedding day you have to sit at the mandap right? This is probably the biggest issue with this piece of clothing. Cut in the Elizabethan style, it won’t let you sit with your legs folded.
  • Graceful look: Okay now let’s imagine that you are able to sit. But will you look graceful sitting legs folded in that gown? It won’t be good for the wedding pictures when you are making an Indian posture in a semi Indian dress. For your reference, you can check pictures online.
  • Highlights wrong areas: Indo Westerns have their way to highlight your posterior or your bosom. If you have a pear shaped body it might not be ideal. If you are bosom heavy it might not be good for you.

As we can see, there are many cons of Indo western dresses for bride. Now let us look at what the pros are.

Pros of wearing Indo Western dresses on wedding day

There are many advantages of choosing the Indo Western dresses rather than a traditional wear. Now the bride may feel confused about choosing one. But let us tell you the pros too so that it becomes easier to decide which one you should go for. These are the pros of choosing Indo western dresses on your wedding –

  • Chic: They make you look shiny and royal. 200 years of colonialism has etched the superiority of Queen-like clothes into our minds. Why not cash on that? They’ll make you look automatically regal!
  • Comfortable: Move around in them in style. You don’t even have to sacrifice your comfort for beauty here. Most of these dresses come with pants or flowing sharara styled lower portions that allow free movement.
  • Minimal accessories: As we already told you, it needs no jewelries. You can even go with little accessories. It is another thing that makes it comfortable – you look gorgeous without carrying on any chunky piece of item.
  • Color palette: Let’s face it – Indian traditional seems to over-idolize the color red. These dresses on the other hand let you choose from colorful shades and what’s more? All of them look gorgeous on you!
  • Modern appeal: We cannot ignore the modern appeal that these clothes ooze. They look very chic and very stylish and at the same time they have a very modern appeal to them. You don’t look like a bride from the 60s!
  • Uniqueness: When it comes to dressing up as the bride, even now most brides prefer traditional rather than semi traditional or Indo western. So you have a big chance of being the only one in the group who is thinking of taking a different route. Imagine how cool that is!

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Final verdict

The verdict is yours! As we already told you. We have given you a prominent number of pros and cons to consider when choosing the Indo western outfits. Now it depends upon your priorities. Not everyone is looking for comfort and that is totally okay! Weddings happen only once – choose your outfit wisely and rock that dress.

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