Pros and cons of applying Zarodsi Style Mehndi Design

Pros and cons of applying Zarodsi Style Mehndi Design

In a diverse range of latest mehndi designs Zardosi style dominates the trends for sure. Gone are those days when you consider mehndi only in weddings and you had only one or two options to have it on palm and feet. In today’s stylish and trendy life girls go opt for many designs, different patterns, different colours and other stylish things to add in to their mehndi designs to make it more attractive and unique. Zardosi style mehndi is one of a kind henna art pattern that perfectly goes with any ethnic outfit. Whether you are going for wedding ceremony or Deewali Puja or Eid ka Jashn – zardosi style mehndi is always a thumb up for all these traditional occasions. But before selecting the design you must know how to search the best mehndi artist in your town.

In fact the style is always a great pick for the bridal mehndi design as well. The zardosi style is elegant, royal and loud design that goes with heavy wedding Lehngas and sarees. Designers use different glitters and stones in Zardosi style mehndis to make the design shinier and brighter than ordinary henna art. Despite being one of the best patterns in mehndi designs it has some cons as well. So here are some of the Pros and Cons of applying Zardosi Style Mehndi Design.


Temporary Tattoo, Time Saver

Mehndi is considered as one of the ways of having temporary tattoos these days. It is not for only the zardosi but for all the patterns of mehndi designs. You can get rid of them anytime you want. Those girls who are working or busy in other tasks and cannot spend a whole lot of time in applying ordinary mehndi can go for Zardosi style mehndi. They are short, simple and time saver. Please read the article to know about lace glove henna.

Fashionable and Trendy

Of course zardosi is fashionable and stylish. If you are wearing a traditional outfit like lehnga choli, salwar suits, saree and such then zardosi is the best option for you. Weddings, pujas, deepawali, Eid or any other traditional occasion is apt for applying zardosi style mehndi. In today’s life women just don’t restrict mehndi designs to palm and feet, they apply henna designs on other body parts as well. Several designs and patterns are applied to belly, arms, wrists, waists and even on upper chest as well. It is considered as temporary body tattoo. Even nowadays Zardosi shoes are also very trendy.

Goes with any Attire

As said that the zardosi pattern is specialised in using stones, glitters and colours, it can go with any attire you wear. Generally when we attend a wedding or Puja or such traditional occasions we go for designer and colourful attire. Sarees and Lehngas with heavy designs zardosi motifs are favourites for all the girls for any wedding ceremony. So if you apply zardosi mehndi it definitely goes well with whatever you wear. Because in zardosi you can use different types of colour you can easily match your mehndi with the outfit you are wearing in the evening. On the other because it is temporary you can remove it anytime and go for other colour combination in the next occasions.

Use of Stones, Colours and Glitters

Zardosi is famous for using different stones, colours and glitters. It is easy to apply as you don’t need to sit for a long time like ordinary mehndi. You can simply apply the colourful glitters and stones on your palm, feet or belly and let it dry for few minutes unlike traditional henna art. Once it is dried you are ready for the party. On the other, some of the zardosi style mehndi designs are available as stickers. So to make your mehndi unique you can add some coloured stones on it.You can easily paste it on your body parts and remove it once the party is over.

Best option for the Bridal Mehndi

Zardosi is a heavy stone studded mehndi designs, shinier and brighter than any other traditional mehndi design. So it is apt for the bridal mehndi design. We know brides need to wear everything gorgeous, be it her wedding lehnga or dupatta or the mehndi. So zardosi style mehndi is best suited for the Indian, Pakistan and other south Asian countries’ gorgeous brides.With this style there is one more very famous Arabic mehndi design which can be a good option for bride.


Use of chemicals

As I mentioned that despite being one of the desirable mehndi patterns, zardosi style has some loopholes as well. Some of the points need to be taken care of while applying zardosi mehndi. The first and most important thing is chemicals that are used in the zardosi style mehndi. Generally henna does not content any harmful chemicals rather it is good for skin. But when you use several glitters and colours it does have some other effects too. The glitters used in zardosi mehndi designs consist of different chemicals that make it shinier. So before applying it, make sure it does not contain any chemical.

No Gentle Aroma of Traditional Mehndi

If you love the aroma of mehndi then zardosi mehndi is not for you. The mehndi does not contain any aroma that the traditional henna does. It is scented and contains strong smell that some of the people don’t like. In many of the cases I have seen guys like the traditional henna aroma in their spouse’ hands but the smell of the glitters in zardosi mehndi does not woo them at all. So if you are applying zardosi style mehndi then forget about the lovely aroma of henna. If you think traditionally then you can go for peacock feather pattern which is a symbol of love to make it perfect.

Loud Design

Zardosi style mehndi has loud design. It can be a pro for someone yet it can be a con for others as well. If you are not going to any gorgeous wedding but attending a western style party at friends’ place zardosi design will not work there. Also sometimes wearing zardosi mehndi can overshadow the style of your attire which is definitely not desirable. If you do not wanted to be loud then you can just apply zardosi mehndi pattern on wrist which looks more like a bangle and solve your purpose.

Not apt for non-traditional parties

As mentioned that the design is loud and not apt for any occasion that is not a traditional one. Because those parties are like more of theme based so people prefer to apply theme based mehndi design. I have already discussed how mehndi art becomes hugely popular among young girls as they consider it as temporary body tattoo. So if you are going to an evening party and want to flaunt your belly tattoo under your crop top, then zardosi design is a big no.

Not for sensitive skins

Zardosi style mehndi may consist of different chemicals which is harmful for sensitive skin. Specially if your skins keeps the mehndi for long lasting.If you have sensitive skin then zardosi mehndi must not be applied. On the other even if you don’t have sensitive skin still it can harm you if it contains chemicals. As a whole it is little bit of confusing whether to apply zardosi on your skin or not as it may harm your beautiful skin unlike the traditional henna. Many people complain that henna harms their skin, but it is because of not all skins are apt for henna. This does not always happen for the chemicals but for the skin as well.

Zardosi style mehndi design – pros and cons

Pros Cons
Time saving Use of chemicals
Best for bridal mehndi Not for sensitive skin
Goes with any colourful traditional attire Not for non-traditional occasions
Stone, glitter and colour No aroma
Trendy and stylish Loud design

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