Punjabi Mehndi Designs 2016

Punjabi Mehndi Designs 2016

Have you also been waiting to try on some mehndi designs? The wedding season is almost at the door and if you have been wanting to try out something new then there’s a new design in town that you could try on. Apparently the Punjabi mehndi designs are pretty cute and although they have been here for quite some time, they are being revived and there are some designs that will completely blow your mind.

Punjabi Mehndi Designs 2016

The designs can work for the weddings for sure but also they can be worn on every occasion. So whether you are the bride or the bride’s friend or sister, you can take away something from these designs for sure.

These Punjabi designs are as old as it gets but even then they have been given a modern twist and therefore the 2016 version that we are going to show you has some pretty amazing fusion items. Also these designs are traditional at heart. So without further ado, lets get you introduced to some of the mehndi designs that are as spunky as he Punjabi spirit itself.

  1. Dots:The dots are the simplest of all the designs and they can be done on the children’s hands too. These are really easy to do and they also get completed in the least amount of time. This is why you can do it on anyone but especially on kids if they are very restless and don’t have the patience to sit while you are carving designs on their hands. If you are a mehndi designer yourself then it is even easier for you because you don’t have to carve the designs yourself, you don’t even have to have the cone. It can be done without any equipment. The best part of it is that you get to carve the designs on to the center portion which makes the designs even more appealing.
  1. Checkers:The checkers are a pretty common design and you must have seen it on the hands or the legs of he brides. It is in fact a bridal mehndi but if you don’t do it on the right place then it will not look good at all. The best place to do a checkers mehndi design is on the legs and behind the palm of the hand. These two places have one thing in common – a large canvas and an ornamental appearance. Hence you will see that most of the times these are done on the legs in fact brides often sport it till the toes, it is common on the hands too. If done right, it can look much like a jewelry pattern.
  1. Peacock: Okay you must say peacock motifs are found on other designs too, right? But if you are a designer you must be aware that peacock designs are used completely differently in Punjabi mehndi designs. Usually the beaks are longer and they are very well pronounced on the neck. These are pretty looking and in bridal hands they look like a million bucks any bride can get this done if she is looking for traditional Punjabi mehndi design for her wedding. To make it look regaler you can put the peacock on your palms directly. Also the peacock is never alone it is almost always adorned with paisleys and flowers, which brings us to our next design.
  1. Flowers:Flowers have often been known to be the symbols of fertility. They also ooze gentleness and brings out the bride’s natural gentleness much easily. The flower design is one that can be drawn both on the hands and well as on the feet. They are also used on the back of the hands which makes them so much easier to use on every occasion. They can be toned up, for example, a large bunch of flowers can be used so that the effect is maximum. On the other hand, a small branch can be drawn so that the effect is minimalistic. Its definitely a good option for the bride’s friend who doesn’t have much time to sit and tattoo her hands.
  1. Colors:The Punjabis are known for their colorful and vibrant personalities and so is reflected in their mehndi as well. Colors are a major part of the mehndi designs here. The best part is that nothing can highlight the mehndi more than colors and therefore if you are getting married it can be a good way to stand t from the crowd and it is a nice way to make a statement. Go ahead and use some of those colors that are so easily fitted into the gaps in the Punjabi mehndi designs. You can also read the article Make Your Mehndi (Henna)Unique: Add Some Colored Stones to It
  1. The traditional mehndi: Don’t you think that there is no traditional mehndi design because there is. The mehndi design is so made that it has intense motifs carved in black or a very dark shade. This type of mehndi design is great for parties and occasions. You can combine them with anarkali suits and they also go well with dark colored nail polishes. Basically the traditional Punjabi mehndi design is pretty smooth. It can be done with or without wearing jewelry and based on the intensity of the motifs you can either make it suitable for a party or for a grand event such as a wedding.
  1. Shoulder length heavy motif: The shoulder length design with heavier motif is one that is pretty common with the brides. Usually these do not have very dark tones because they don’t need one. The motifs themselves are so intricate and so minutely shaded that they are very evident. Also as you go along the shoulder the color seems to gel well with the color of the bride’s skin. This makes the tattoo appear very normal on the skin. This is one reason to go for this motif.
  1. Heart henna design:The heart henna design is one that you must definitely look into. This design is suitable for karva chauth and other such events because it contains a very simple message – of love. When you put both your hands together it comes out to be of heart shape. This one however has to be done perfectly so that the heart appears unmistakably on the hand.
  1. Feet Mehndi:The feet mehndi design is impeccable you can see it as the bride walks down the aisle. The feet is decorated with rhinestones and colors so that it shines perfectly. The glamorous stickers have to be used so that they are noticeable. This is how the Punjabi brides like to do their feet. This type of mehndi design is perfect for the events like karva chauth too.
  1. Floral mehndi designs for the back:The floral mehndi designs are pretty cute and these designs can also be done on unconventional areas like your back. You can do them to define your back and these are usually diamond shaped when hey are done this way. You can use dark colors for these – if you are dark skinned then also the darker shade will bring out your skin tone pretty nicely.
1 Designs for hands Floral motifs
2 Designs for feet Checkers
3 Bridal designs Peacock motifs

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