10 Radha Krishna mehndi Designs for Hindu brides

10 Radha Krishna mehndi Designs for Hindu brides

When it comes to bridal mehndi designs we are all a little bit conservative. We want it to be auspicious and bring good vibes to the wedding and post wedding too. What better way to get this done than by going all Radha Krishna on your mehndi design?

10 Radha Krishna mehndi Designs for Hindu brides

The Radha Krishna mehndi design is a perfect way to tell the tale of your love. It symbolizes love and auspiciousness. With the blessings of Radha Krishna your married life will be a happy one. It will bring good function to your wedding and at the same time it looks stunning on the brides’ hands. You can also read the article to know how to search best mehndi artist in your town.

Traditionally the Radha Krishna mehndi designs are a common theme in the Marwari weddings. The Radha Krishna love is eternal and their love story is remembered even after so many years. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the bride wants one on her hand. If the bride wants Radha and Krishna’s love story depicted on her hand through mehndi, here are a few great ways to do so:

  1. The subtle and easy one
    This one has the Radha and Krishna depicted on the palm of the bride’s hand. The rest of the hands are covered in different motifs. It is so done that the figurines are made the prime focus of the mehndi. The rest of the mehndi is but a decoration of this center piece. If you are a bride that doesn’t like complicated or edgy designs then it will be the perfect one for you. The arm designs are what add the extra touch to this one.
  2. Radha Krishna all over
    This is a very complicated design. Here you can see Radha Krishna doing different things at different instances – like playing the flute or just meeting with each other and so on. The mehndi itself is long enough to fill the whole arm. Then during these, at different instances you see the Radha Krishna depicted. It is a beautiful sight, really. It looks splendid on a bride. You can say that the entire saga of the Radha Krishna is depicted on the hands through this mehndi design. It is different from all the other designs and is ideal for the bride on her D-Day.
  3. Swirly Saga
    This mehndi is decorated with swirls and twirls throughout. As we all know the Radha Krishna leela was one with a lot of playfulness. That is the same playfulness that you see depicted in this mehndi along with the figurines of Radha and Krishna themselves. The tiny swirls, accompanied with the giant ones, give a whole new twist to the entire design. It makes it look complicated and yet elegant enough to be sported by a bride on her D-day. There’s a lot of design that goes into making the Radha’s chunari itself. The peacock designs are very prominent in this design.
  4. Peacock – feather – dance!
    Sounds fun right? It is! This is a wonderful and gorgeous mehndi design that has a lot of shades. It is a play of bright and dark mehndi colors and you can see them pretty easily on the shades here. At the edge of the mehndi which ends at your elbow, there is a peacock tail which seems to comprise of the entire tale of Radha Krishna. There are so many little details that you will be fascinated by this design. It is really one that brides can go forward with. Add to these accessories like Rhinestone and you will be a bride one can never forget. You can also read the article to know about Peacock Mehndi Patterns – A Symbol of Love
  5. Classic and the most traditional
    In the times when Radha Krishna mehndi was very much in demand, this was the one brides used to go for. It is simple, but you cannot miss its traditional appeal. Here the fingers are covered in intricate details and the palm has nothing other than the Radha Krishna depiction. The wrist had spade designs which when it extends till the tail, becomes like a peacock tail. Needless to say it is a classic design. The forearms have intricate details and this one is truly timeless in design.
  6. Edgy contemporary
    This one is a twist to the one in number 5. It has more details and not just a plain Radha and Krishna on the hands. In fact, earlier Radha Krishna was together in one hand, while here they are separate in two different hands. But the rest of the hand is also filled up with intricate designs. There are minute depictions that carve out on your fingers – even the finger tips aren’t left out, if that is what you are wondering with this design.
  7. Neha Assar Radha Krishna mehndi
    This mehndi is first designed by Ms. Neha Assar, a big name in the field of mehndi design.  To do this mehndi abstract patterns feather and peacock tails has been used. The Radha and Krishna are seen leaning on your forearms – giving them more of the body space on your arms. The motifs and the beautiful swirls are something that will go well along with this design. It surely complements the Radha Krishna design on the upper arm. It is one you must check out if you are a fan of gorgeous designs.
  8. Black and bold mehndi design
    Different moods of Radha Krishna are portrayed here and all of them so beautiful, that one would not be able to take their eyes off of the mehndi design. This is certainly one of those things that you get at your wedding. The black mehndi makes the design so rich that you will be able to see different shadings. The dress of Krishna appears to be orange from where the mehndi has been of lighter shade. There is a lot of detail here and aesthetically probably the most pleasing of all. It takes a lot of skill to carve this one on someone’s hand.
  9. Weaving circles and patterns
    This design may look complicated but if you really look down at the heart of it, it is nothing but semi circular patterns. Amidst them is Radha Krishna in their full glory. The detail on the palms and the forearms are given more importance than the details in the fingers here. The woven patterns near the wrists do complement Radha Krishna design well.
  10. Dulhaniya styled mehndi
    Need we say more? The name itself says “Bridal mehndi”. There’s a full portrait of Radha and Krishna on this mehndi and you have a fort like structure. It looks traditional enough to be a bridal mehndi yet modern enough to be sported by today’s bride. It has intricate patterns made with lines that enhance its gracefulness. This is a very unique pattern and not done often on the hands of the bride. You can do this on your D-day of you want to go out and try something new.

Here are a few things to jog your memory:

Serial No. Types of Designs design names
1 Classic Swirly Saga, Radha Krishna all over
2 Modern Black and bold, Edgy contemporary
3 Simple Weaving circles, subtle and easy
4 Grand Dulhaniya styled, Neha Assar, Black and bold

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