Rajasthani Mehndi Design for Teej

12 Rajasthani Mehndi Designs to choose from at your wedding

When we are looking at mehndi designs we are looking at some illustrious designs that are detailed yet part of a bigger construct. Clearly, when you are getting married, you would want a more elaborate mehndi design for yourself. Thankfully you won’t have to go far to discover such. Rajasthani Mehndi Designs are just the thing you need to emerge as the gorgeous bride that you are. Plus, these are really eloquent.These mehndi’s are available in many designs – no wonder they are so highly sought after.

Rajasthani Mehndi Design for Teej

You can take your pick among some of the best among them. Here’s a list of those:
1.    Modern Indian Bridal Design: go for the artistic mehndi that every bride nowadays wants. This type of mehndi is usually done with big flower motifs. They look very elaborate and grand – perfect for the wedding ceremony. This is why most brides opt for this type of mehndi. The specialty of this type of design is that it gets bolder and broader towards the wrist.
2.    Traditional Rajasthani Mehndi: The Traditional Rajasthani mehndi can be something larger than life so brides better have a look at this one. It usually has a lot of peacocks in it – which look amazing on the bride’s hands by the way. Apart from that there is the mango leaf design which looks spectacular on the new bride. Please read the article to know the peacock mehndi design a symbol of love.
3.    Designs with more gaps: Don’t worry even though the gaps might be larger in these designs, resembling domes, these are actually richer to look at. This type of designing is done by completing a motif and then thickening it by these lines. This is one of the reasons this mehndi appears darker because it needs to be that way to create the motif completely.
4.    Flower Design: The flower design of the Rajasthani style is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It will be different structurally from the other designs. If you have ever got one, then you’d know that this type of design requires a lot of angular designs to keep it looking neat. It is pretty common so you can try this one as a basic example of a Rajasthani design. You can also read how to add colored stone on your mehndi to make it unique.
5.    Bridal design for full hands: This is the best design since it contains the depictions of a prince and a princess. It is perfect for the bride that wants to add some serious illustrations on her mehndi. The bride and the groom images can be drawn anywhere on the left or right hand side of the palm. These can also be drawn on the wrists or upper arms.
6.    Basic mehndi: This type of mehndi is more suited for the bride’s friends. If you have bridesmaids who want henna then you can get them these as they look neat. These are really simple. They are flower based and they will completely give off the glamorous yet traditional look onto the hands of the bridesmaids.
7.    Feet with toes covered: Now you know if you are getting a feet mehndi with toes covered, you are going to have to find a lot of intrinsic designs with this mehndi. We think that the Rajasthani mehndi is perfect for feet because it adds a lot of oomph to the entire mehndi ceremony. It will give your feet a very rustic and traditional edge. Generally the designers forget about the toes when going for the feet – but the specialty of this design is that it takes into consideration that your toes need to remain hidden too.  The little designs give it a traditional look and make it look appealing. You can also read the article about zardosi style of mehndi.
8.    Circular patterned mehndi: You have seen the long ones but have you seen the round ones? The circular pattern of mehndi is the best thing you will get done – especially if you are someone who has long hands and fingers. It will give your hands the required roundish appeal and make you look proportional everywhere. Apart from the common ones, the peacock, flowers and the leaves are some of the motifs can be drawn to make the circular patterns. They look very traditional, but if it is too simple for you, you can try the next one.
9.    Rajasthani Shaded Flower Design: The shaded flower design is pretty chick and it will look really gorgeous on any hand. It is usually characterized by really dark shades and it is classified as one of the most sought after mehndi designs. The criss cross lines on the back of your palm are what make it different. It can be appealing if you are wearing some hand jewelry around your fingers. Please read the article to know about Lace Glove Henna mehndi pattern.
10.    Angular Shaded mehndi: Then there is the angular shaded mehndi –this one looks the sleekest. The angular patterns are completely filled with minute details so as to make the whole hand look covered. If you have very thin hands you will like this one because it will make your hands look fuller because of the coverage area.
11.    Rajasthani feet design: the feet design that we are talking about here is different from the toes feet one. This one has the entire designs up till the calf. The feet are covered up too, but don’t expect the gaps to be tightly filled. It is more like a flower pathway up till the calf. This way it looks like the bride’s feet are delicate and they are lightly held. If the bride doesn’t want a lot of feet mehndi done, then she can go for this one.
12.    Easy design: The easy Rajasthani design is really simple it revolves around motifs of oranges and curves. It doesn’t have a lot of fillings to expect to have a really edgy mehndi once you end up with it. It is good for the bride who doesn’t like a lot of henna on her palms.
Tips to get the Rajasthani Mehendi right
•    Make sure you have the length pre decided. So if you are going to get the bride and groom designs done, you will have the option to choose to get them either on your elbows or on your palms. The length is everything in these mehendis. However usually the long ones look better in this type of designs.
•    Always remember that opposite designs will suit you. This means that if you have long hands and feet then you should go for the more round ones. If you have roundish hands and legs then you have to go for the ones that appear longer and stretched.
•    Many brides want to get a dark shade – as dark as possible. This can be done with one easy trick. You can apply lemon on the mehndi after it has dried up once. The more times you apple lemon and allow it to dry, the darker it will be. This is one of those little things that you can do. You can also read the article about how to keep your mehndi long lasting.

 Now that we know the different types of mehndi, let’s see which type is what:

Serial No. Types Design names
1 Round Flower, circular, shaded, easy
2 Long Modern, design with gaps, feet with toes design
3 Dark Shaded, angular, basic, traditional
4 Filled Angular, feet design

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