Ring Ceremony Decoration Ideas| Message wording| Gifts

Ring Ceremony Decoration Ideas| Message wording| Gifts

If you are an Indian you probably have high hopes for the engagement day. There are a lot of rituals associated with this day. Unlike the west, you actually get proposed and presented the ring through this ceremony on this day.

Ring Ceremony Decoration deas Message wording Gifts

This is why it is of utmost importance that the decorations and the gifts are to perfection on this day. We will discuss many things but let’s start with the decorations first.

There are many things that you can do to make the ring tray look awesome. Today we will tell you about some of these fantastic ideas.

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Decoration ideas

When it comes to decoration, there is hardly any shortage of colors in the Indian ceremonies. We will give you some of the classic ideas and a few unique ideas that you can try out as per your taste.

  • Paisley: If going for paisley, you will have some awesome options in front of you. You can either make the paisley surrounded with some cute decorative items or you can make it simple. The colors pink and golden are often used in conjunction with some beads and pearls. However you can also use cream and silver color to make it look elegant.
  • Jhoomar Tray: The Jhoomar Tray is known to have a lot of fans. It I just like a regular rectangular tray but it is bounded with a handle like decoration where the jhoomar is tied. People can also make walls and floors out of it. Usually it is completely traditional. So you have your options.
  • Custom made photo frame: The ring can be put inside a custom made photo frame. The frame can be pearly or beady – or of any color of your choice. It can really look very decorative. The custom made photo frame for the ring is usually very special. Unlike other holders it focuses on the ring particularly.
  • Birdcage: nothing says “marriage” more than a bird cage. Jokes apart, the bird care will contain a beautiful bird that looks up and there will be the ring centered right in its nest. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? It looks even more appalling with the right coloring and lighting.
  • Tray with human figurines: Signifying the bride and the groom there can be a single tray where the rings can be kept. The rings corresponding to the bride will be in front of the bride, while the one for the groom will be right in front of the groom. This way the two can be coordinated nicely.
  • Religious figurines: why not go ahead and use the Radha Krishna or the Shiva Parvati figurines on your tray? They will make the décor all the more special and it will also have that extra blessing. It is the same as the human figurine idea but you can readjust it according to your tastes.
  • Kids with pillows: Make your little niece or nephew the “Ring Security Squad”. Watch as they light up the room as they walk in with the ring in their hand. It will make the decoration extra special as the guests are amused.

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Ring ceremony message Wordings

So you are inviting friends and family over for the ring ceremony, what should you word the invitation as? Sure you would get different types of suggestions from the person on the end of the wedding card. But do you want to go with the same tried and tested ring ceremony messages? Don’t you want to make it sound authentic? Not oly for engagement but you also can have the ideas and Quotes for Indian wedding Diary Planner

Your guests want to know that you really meant the invitation you sent them. So try these wordings instead –

  • “Spring is here, the wedding bells sound clear. Join us in the joining of hearts. You are cordially invited to attend our ring ceremony on [insert date]”
  • “Come join us as we take a vow to stand by each other forever. Our journey begins this [insert date] and we want you to come and join us at [insert venue].”
  • “Love is the reason. Witness the romance of the season. Engage in our engagement party. You are cordially invited at [enter venue] on [enter date].”
  • “Come, join us, as we celebrate the two love birds [bride name] and [groom name] proposing to each other and exchanging rings. You are cordially invited to join us at [enter venue] on [enter date].”
  • “We would be truly pleased to have you join us on the evening of our biggest celebrations that are really just beginning. Please join us at [venue] on the eve of [date].”
  • “Mr. and Mrs. [bride and groom’s parents’ name] invite you to the ring ceremony of their daughter/son on [date] at [venue].”
  • “We are ecstatic to announce our engagement which is on [date]. You are invited to the party and fun happening at [venue]. Do join us!”

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Gift ideas

So you have been invited to the engagement ceremony. What do you gift? Of course it has to be something that fits the description of “less than wedding, more than anniversary”. Indeed deciding the gift for the ring ceremony is the perfect time to give something special. Hence we have the following ideas which you might like –

  1. Bride and groom hangers
    The hangers will be marked bride and groom. If your couple has everything and they are really the type of couple that goes along very well, then this is it. They will love the pre wedding gift.
  2. Gift them a photo shoot voucher
    They must be already searching for photographers for their pre wedding photo shoot. The vouchers will help them a lot. You can also gift packages for the same.
  3. Ceramics with inscriptions
    For those that are a homely couple, you might want to gift a ceramic with date inscribed on it. It will make it extra special with the name of the bride and groom and the date of their engagement on it.
  4. Oversized travel bags
    Give them those oversized travel bags – they may be planning their honeymoon already. Those big leather bags would look awesome on wheels – ideal gift for the couple with wanderlust.
  5. Gift them gift coupons
    With everyone already thinking about gifts, there’s a heavy chance that the couple might end up getting the same gifts in large numbers. Hence they do appreciate it if you give them coupons. This will allow them to buy stuff they actually need. It is a very practical idea actually – although it seems cold hearted (it is not!)
  6. A grooming kit
    Do you know of the favorite brand of the bride or the groom? Then you can gift them something that will help beautify them before the marriage ceremony. The grooming kit is actually quite a nice engagement gift.
  7. Clip on camera
    This will be the best one they can utilize to capture their special moments into. It will help the bride and groom have a much sorted way of capturing almost all the moments together.

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Let us have a look at the top things in each category –

Serial No. Top Gifts Top Decoration idea
1 Travel bag Jhoomar Tray
2 Grooming kit Paisley two tier
3 Gift vouchers Square box
4 Cash Bird cage

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