Satlada: Must have jewelry for every Indian bride!

Satlada: Must have jewelry for every Indian bride!

Every bride dreams of having larger than life accessories for her. Let’s face it, on a normal day we may have a fascination for earrings or for bracelets, but for our wedding, we imagine something plush, a full head to toe arrangement that makes us look like the Queen to-be that we are!

Thankfully for an Indian bride, finding the right jewelry isn’t difficult. We have so many different styles of jewelry that we don’t even know about all of them. The Satlada for example, is a simple yet elegant jewelry piece that every bride can consider wearing.

Satlada Must have jewelry for every Indian bride

What is a Satlada?

Before you choose Satlada to wear , then it is necessary to select the dress you can wear on your wedding day . Satlada is a layered piece of necklace that is popular among bride these days. It was once worn by the Nizams of Hyderabad and therefore has a very royal appeal to it. You might have seen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan donning it in the movie ‘Jodhaa Akbar’. It is stunning to look at. Usually made of pearls, the Satlada shows how a piece of jewelry can be simple yet elegant.

The word “sat lada” literally means seven layers of pearls. The original piece was known to have 465 pieces of pearls in it with generous additions of diamonds and emeralds. Wearing one can instantly change your look.

Why should a bride wear Satlada for her wedding?

A Satlada is loved by everyone. In fact there are so many references of this jewelry in our period films and historical graphics that it has almost become a statement of the bygone era. Wearing it in your wedding can be fun because:

  • It oozes a fashion statement: A Satlada is the thing that is being revived again and again by our fashion experts and mainstream media. You can literally see it being worn on the billboards and this makes you a cool bride.
  • Less is more: Since a sat lada is in itself such a huge garment, you will feel like you have worn many necklaces and jewelry pieces all at one. If you look at the pictures closely, you can see that it has covered the entire neck area of the bride. This will give you a very hefty look. This means you are actually wearing less but still look heavily embellished. Let’s face it – a bride has to wear so many heavy items on her wedding day that she will want to go minimalist at the end of the day. This is when you will thank yourself for having made the decision to wear a Satlada instead of some other jewelry.
  • It becomes a legacy: Years later when you want to pass on your “wedding jewelry” to your offspring, you will want to show them that you wore this thing. It is one of those pieces that almost becomes like an heirloom in the family.
  • Extremely pocket friendly: Since it is made of pearls and not of gold or other pricey material, it is seriously a big cut on your budget. This means that combined with the fashion statement it has and the price it is available in, you have something genius to wear on your wedding day. You can actually use those extra bucks to buy a more expensive lehenga or a gift for your would-be. This is a great idea for those who are not fond of jewelries as well, as it will keep your body covered and still you will walk out happily having saved your money and style.
  • Plenty of variety: The above point being said, it is important to note that Satlada can be worn in different ways. In fact, you can mould it and make it as per your wish. There is just so much you can do with a Satlada – no wonder it was revived by Sabyasachi Mukherjee recently.You can very easily pair it up with some other necklace or make it bigger and spread to make it a centre piece. Many people also find it interesting to add the choker to it. In fact, you can decide how many pearls or other metals you can add to this material. You can either add pearls or diamonds equally or maybe lesser diamonds and more pearls if you want it more pocket friendly. It is really an amazing thing to get so much variation in one place.
  • Enigma: It is said that Maharani Bhagmati was the one that popularized the use of this jewelry. If you are a woman who wants to wear something that makes her feel truly special on her big day then you mustn’t ignore this piece of jewelry. It has got the power to completely transform your look.

Bonus: Even your would-be husband could wear it!

Wouldn’t it just look special if you and your fiancé wore complementary neck pieces on your big day? It might as well go a long way to show that you guys are really meant for each other.

Yes, a Satlada necklace is unisex. This means that it isn’t restricted to just women. You can wear it and you can also make your man wear it. You can also wear the matching zardosi shoes with this jewelry.

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