Wedding Day Manicure Dos and Don’ts

Wedding Day Manicure Dos and Don’ts

So your wedding is around the corner. You must be getting worried about the mehndi tenure that follows right from engagement day to D-day. But hold on, before you get the mehndi done you will have to worry about getting the manicure done right. Getting the manicure done right is an essential part of the routine, if you didn’t follow it. But let’s face it – the manicure if done wrong, can totally make your hands look wrong. You cannot afford to get wrong on this day. So you will have to depend on the right guidance.

Wedding Day Manicure Dos and Don’ts

No amount of mehndi can cover up your ill manicured hands. So first know the secrets of getting it done right. Let’s start with the dos.

Dos of Wedding Manicure

  1. Maintain your nails at home
    Maintain your nails at home first. It will give you a much better finesse at the nail salon. The more layers of dirt you have picked out yourself, the better they are going to turn out after the cleansing in the manicure and they will make your hands softer. It will overall have a better impact. Make sure you try out home remedies and certain cleansing elements that help to naturally get rid of the dead skin cells from your hands and make them glow.
  2. Makeover that French manicure
    So you have a French manicure that you sport? Why not give your onlookers a more desi twist on your wedding day? Make that one up with a little bit of Indian touch. Making over your already manicured hands will make your hands look appealing and fresh. Nobody will see it coming and it will actually be quite a fresh surprise to the party. Plus, everybody wants to have desi affixes on the wedding day, which brings us to the next point.
  3. Nail art that seems right
    Nail art for once, goes rally well with the mehndi the bride wears. This is why nail art is very important for D-day. You will have to get that nail art on to get some really awesome manicures. Nail art is usually for parties and events but nowadays you have nail mehndi designs too which you carve on fake nails – giving them the perfect look. Or you can choose to keep it simple and just have some glitters with minute. If you want you can also get some glitter on your toes, these make your toes look very auspicious especially with the feet mehndi you get.
  4. Take a peek into gel nails
    Are manicures just not working for you? Do your manicures last only a week? For the desi bride getting a gel nail may be the ideal way because there are so many rituals that require us to use our hands. Right from wearing the chooda or painting the walls with ‘alta’ – your hands are considered auspicious in the ceremonies and therefore they will be used much. In all these things, if you are unable to maintain your hands in the finest way then opt for the gel.
  5. Cuticle oil
    Before applying the gel nails or anything else make sure that your nails are well hydrated and conditioned. No matter how much you care for it, if they are dehydrated it will show. Take care of those nails by applying some cuticle oil. You have to apply this oil 2-3 times a day. They will promote healthy growth of the nails and if you want a little longer nails for your D-day then you can get them by applying this oil.
  6. Follow a manicure routine
    Don’t depend on the salon lady to do all that for you, have your own manicure routine that you can follow. Before or after the shower time is perfect to follow your little manicure routine. Use a foot file that is light on your skin and doesn’t cause much irritation. Make sure that you exfoliate the whole body including the tough skin on your feet and your elbows. This is an extended part of your manicure routine that will keep you soft and supple for D-day.
  7. Maintain the foundation
    Once again the foundation of a perfect manicure is your nail. If the nails are broken or twisted or very dry it will look really patchy and the nail polish won’t set. To avoid such problems at the last minute, maintain the foundation. That is really all you have to do. Before hitting the salon you have your own bit of prep to do and that includes maintaining the foundation of your legs.

Don’ts of manicure

Now let us have a look at the things that are a strict no-no for D-day.

  1. Don’t get gel manicure very early
    We already told you that the gel manicure is a good idea but make sure that you don’t get it too much in advance. You have to make sure you get it only a few days before your wedding day so that it can remain intact. This will make sure that it stays on for way ahead and even during your honeymoon. There’s a thing about gel manicures – they start to lose their luster after a few days. So get them on the day before the wedding day so that you look perfect for all the events are forthcoming since the wedding.
  2. Don’t ditch the cream
    you may feel like you have done everything so why now bother with the hand cream. But you’re wrong. Your hands need moisturizing. Let the mehndi dry and then moisturize your hands some more. This will make the mehndi shine on and it will also ensure that those close up shots that the photographer is taking are coming about just right.
  3. Don’t be in the mood for exploring
    I know the weddings can really get to you and make you do things that you never thought of doing before. But trust me! Doing all this might backfire and then you will not have the time to make it right. So don’t try that nail art that you have never tried before – no matter how much the salon lady coaxes you to try it or tells you that it is in this bridal season. If possible go ahead in advance and learn all the things and only if you like something and think it looks good on you, try it.
  4. Don’t forget to get manis for your bridesmaids
    All hell breaks loose when you go to manicure without your sister or that sibling that is around you. You want to keep them in the loop and have some fun time with them too. this way you get them to do you little favors on D-day.
  5. Don’t fret over little chips
    Yes, it is an inevitable part of the deal. They are going to lose their luster or chip away some time or the other. The best thing you can do is not worry much and just go with the flow.
Serial no. Do’s Don’ts
1 Make sure you have the nail conditioner Don’t be in a rush to set it
2 Keep extra bottles of nail polish with you Panic over chipped nails
3 Keep fake nails handy

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