How to become a wedding designer planner Career Course Salary

How to become a wedding designer planner  Career  Course Salary

If you are like me, you must have grown up watching a lot of Indian weddings. Recently there was a Bollywood movie called “Band Baaja Baaraat” that explored the topic of Wedding Planning. It inspired a generation to look towards wedding planning in a different way. Today it is estimated that wedding planning is an industry that is growing by 500% a year. Yes, it is an Rs.20, 000 crore industry today.

How to become a wedding designer planner | Career| Course |Salary

It is no doubt that wedding planning is growing by the minute. It is a very prosperous career. Our society is looking at wedding planners differently now. Earlier there was a notion that the families of the bride and groom would go ahead with the planning. But today families are nuclear and honestly, people are neck deep in their work to help out. Plus, today marriages are much more organized. Women want to live out their wedding fantasies boldly. This calls for a full fledged planning.

Wedding planner?

A wedding planner is a person who manages the entire event. He or she overlooks all the aspects of the wedding and makes sure that it is carried out as per your vision. A wedding planner is a professional who knows how to manage the wedding so that the friends and family of the couple can enjoy. The management task is left to the wedding planner.

He or she then makes sure the flowers, the decoration, the arrangements, the food, photography, entertainment, etc. is in order. The wedding planners’ work is hard. They are the ones who have to work day and night to ensure that everyone is getting food. Their work begins from the day before the marriage to the day of completion.

Skills and eligibility required

To become a successful wedding planner, you need to have certain skills. However, there is no eligibility criteria needed. In case you are opting for opening a big business, you may need to be 12th pass or equivalent. Rest assured, you need the following skills to become a successful wedding planner –

  • Wedding planners should have very clear head about what is needed. They always need to keep their eyes and ears open about what is going on. Meaning, they should have a checklist in their minds about what is needed and what is left to be done.
  • They also need to have excellent people skills. They need to communicate with a lot of vendors and shopkeepers. So they need the power to talk and negotiate deals as well. This comes under verbal skills.
  • Their organizational skills should be at par. They should respect deadlines strictly and make sure everything falls under their pre-defined time table. This calls for effective organizational and structural orientation.
  • Wedding planners at the same time should have the capacity to work under pressure and in high energy settings. You know how the ambience is in a wedding house. You need to fast adjust to the pace and get working.
  • They should have excellent attention to detail. They need to have good problem solving skills to back them up. The wedding scenario can sometimes go differently from the way planned. They need to quickly adjust to changing circumstances.
  • They need to deal with a lot of people. So they have to have a positive outlook and enthusiasm too. Wedding planners need to be able to manage both the customer as well as the employees well.
  • Having a good knowledge about fashion is a must. The brides will be very nitpicky at their wedding, rightfully so. They must know what flower goes with what décor and what shoes go with what Saree, or what’s in trend.

Wedding Planning Course

If you want to become a wedding planner, we suggest that you take an in-depth wedding planning course. You have two options for these. First, you can do an MBA in Event Management. Second, you can do a Masters in Event Management from a reputed institute. At the graduation level, you can take up BA Hons. in Event Management.

Within the event management course you will get all the details about wedding planning. There are other courses like Diploma in Wedding Planning, but we think the best way to go is to study the basics and that is Event Managing. It will give you the idea of the structure of planning.

Wedding Planning Career

To start your career you need a managerial role in a big event management company. To get a managerial role in such a company you need to have taken MBA in Event Management. To get MBA in Event Management, you have to have Event Management in your undergrads course. So now you see why we were stressing upon BA Hons.

But basically a wedding planning career does not have to begin with employee. You can start your own entrepreneurship. Usually people get some experience in an event management company before starting their own. The wedding planners have career prospects in several fields – like cultural functions, other ceremonies, religious functions. Some other areas and career prospects include catering, promotion, advertising, etc.

Wedding Planning Salary

Salaries of wedding planners depend upon the level you are in. if you are working as an employee in a managerial position in an event management firm, your salary will be Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15, 000. The salaries in this profession depend upon the budget of the wedding. So if you are doing big budget weddings you are getting big budget income.

Normally the wedding managing firm gets 10% to 15% of the value of the wedding. The fees can depend upon the place or on the expertise of the wedding planner. It really depends upon several things. But once you get hold of good clients and create a reputation in the market, you can expect to earn big. Some big wedding planners also earn crores at weddings. Normally, if you are a talented and known player, you earn lakhs per wedding.


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