Wedding favor options for guest: DIY| Edible| Personalized| Unique and Cheap

Wedding favor options for guest: DIY| Edible| Personalized| Unique and Cheap

Wedding favors are a very tricky tradition to say the least. You must get them right – and you cannot skip them either. You have to do it, and you have to do it correctly. Thankfully we have a few means for you to do it correctly.

Wedding favor options for guest DIY Edible Personalized  Unique and Cheap

Now there are different types of wedding favors that you can do. To get them right, you will have to decide whom you are going to give it to. You can make it either very personalized or something edible that they’d like. Today we are going to tell you about all those types of wedding favors in a gist.


DIY wedding favors are very authentic. They show people that you took the time out to make these for them. Hence it makes them feel very special. DIY wedding favors are also very cheap. So apart from sparing you the budget, it does the job of touching hearts also perfectly. Here are a few DIY wedding favor ideas –

  1. Colorful braceletsThe bracelets can be made unisex. They can have the initials of the bride and groom or perhaps they can have a “good luck” engraved in them. Carrying them on their hands could mean something to the audience.
  2. A plant in a vaseSimply take a glass bottle and dip some water and mud into it and put a plant that grows out. Seal the bottle with a cork and add a “thank you” note above it and you’re done!
  3. Elegant ribbonSimply wrap your thank you cards with a black ribbon and a wax seal. The wax seal can be engraved with your monograms. It is a good way to seal the thank you note.
  4. Birdseed heartsMake a birdseed heart with some glue and a cardboard. Just paste the birdseed in a heart shaped cut out cardboard and add “thank you” to it.
  5. MixtapeMake a customized mixtape for your guests and let them know that you appreciate them for coming to your wedding.


Everyone loves an edible wedding favor. Now with edible favors you have the option to either make them yourself (but you probably cannot since they are in such large quantities), or order them from stores. The best part of edible favors is that they are fuss free and loved by everyone. Who doesn’t like a box of cupcakes?

  1. Bite sized cakesInstead of getting a gigantic cake for the wedding, order a bite sized cake that your guests can nibble on. You can also make individual box arrangements as wedding favors for your guests.
  2. A self serve sweet stationThis is very sweet and a common theme in most weddings. Also, it takes off the pressure from the bride and groom for the wedding favors. The candies account for the nostalgia and it makes the event heartwarming.
  3. Little s’more fixingsLittle packing of s’more fixings are also very adorable. You can make them with a note that usually goes with it – “s’more love”. It shows the after thought that went on to make the gift. Hence it is also a good idea for a gift.
  4. Small pie love in a jarA jar filled with pie and heart shaped icons will be loved by one and all at the wedding ceremony. It can be a DIY stuff – if you like baking then you and your bridesmaids will have loads of fun making these.
  5. Pop TartsLet’s face it – people never grow out of pop tarts. When you order them, ask the baker to add some variety of flavors for guests of variety of tastes. Adult friendly flavors such as apple and brown sugar will be a hit.


Personalized Wedding favors are fun and they become mementos. When it comes to these, budget is not an issue because they can be customized according to your requirements. These favors make the table much more intimate.

Many people are now choosing to get personalized items such as wine cork stopper, wooden wedding magnets, sunglasses with personalized labels and many more of such items that they can easily purchase online.

The best part is that all you need to do to get the personalized items is browse the internet for some time and order them in bulk.


Want to do something that has never been done? It is hard to think of unique wedding favors that’ll actually be useful to your guests. Think of all the items you use every day and among them think of the ones that you will need. Maybe your guests have the same necessities. You get the drift? May be this will help give you an idea –

  1. A mugYou can place a card “take a mug to remember the night”. It will actually be useful to your guests and they will remember you by it. Personalized mugs or not, these are practical and unique favors.
  2. Key chainsA key chain that has written “Mr. and Mrs.” written over it will be a nice and sweet idea for a unique and useful item.
  3. Tags with funny messagesStyle tags with messages like “hands off” are a rage! Your guests will giggle as they choose one among them. It is a nice way to say thank you.
  4. BBQ SauceBBQ sauce is one thing that we all relish – yet whenever we are at the grocery store, we tend to look straight past it. Your giving your guests the BBQ sauce will make them relish the gift like no other.
  5. Hangover kitWhat’s more practical than a hangover kit? You bet no bride and groom must have done this funny yet totally realistic gift before. Get your guests a hangover kit as a favor while you push them to party harder at the same time. Sounds, totally correct!


Cheap doesn’t mean your gift has to be a very bad one. What if we told you, you could get awesome favors in a budget? Check out these –

  1. Mason Jars EtchedIf you buy them in a bulk these jars would cost around $0.70 to $0.80 each. Pocket friendly and practical – these are excellent wedding favors.
  2. CandlesWhat’s the best way to say that they are special for you? Just gift them some candles and they can be scented. Buy candles in bulk to get some good discounts on them.
  3. SeedsYou both are starting your journey as a couple. A seed is the symbol of life that is about to begin. Seeds are not only cheap, but also eco friendly. They also encourage people towards conserving the environment.
  4. CoastersWedding coasters are the best way for them to remember you. Also you can make them personalized – which doesn’t cost much either. Coasters are perhaps very common but they are budget friendly and if chosen carefully, can be beautiful too.
  5. Water bottleDo you have an outdoor wedding? Or perhaps you have a summer wedding. What better way to treat your guests than by keeping water bottles outside?

A tabular overview

Serial No. Categories Best idea
1 DIY Mixtape
2 Edible Bite sized cakes
3 Unique Hangover Kit
4 Cheap Candles

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