Wedding Photography packages in Delhi

Wedding Photography packages in Delhi

Wedding photography is something that has broken and redefined all trends in India. Everyone is doing it. Right from pre-wedding photo-shoots to post wedding clicks, everything is straight out of a movie these days. If you want your shots to be perfect, but don’t want to play with the budget too much, we have handpicked some packages for you –

Pre-Wedding Gold – Rs. 9999

This type of package usually comes with one stylist and one photographer. You get all the (50+) images delivered to you as soft copies after they are enhanced and enriched editorially. Also, you get a 2 hour dedicated photo shoot at any place in Delhi of your own choice. The prices are usually for 4 hours of dedicated shooting and editing.

For a mini event – Rs. 9999

Some other photographers will give you a little more – up to 100 photos digitally enhanced at the same price. You also get shoot duration of 4 hours in this package. This type of package is ideal for events such as Sangeet, Cocktail party, Reception, etc. The photos are further shared and stored with via USB, DVD or (secure) cloud storage. The images are usually delivered after a month-long editing and retouching to revive the moments.

Mini Event Album – Rs. 14,999

Ideal for covering the entire main (wedding) event, this package gives you a non-tearable album with printed hard cover. The album shall consist of 80-100 highly touched and digitally enhanced pictures of the events. All processed as well as unedited images will also be shared via cloud storage or USB storage. 1 photographer will come to take all candid and/or traditional shots.

Premium Pre-wedding – Rs. 14,999

In this package, along with a photographer and a stylist, you also get a cinematographer. So your shots are not just candid – they are choreographed and they are the best for couples who are shy.  This package will also come with a short cinematic or animated video of 5-6 minutes along with the shots.

You also get 5 posters of 19×13 inches on glossy paper. The package includes a half day shoot (of up to 6 hours) at any place of your choosing in and around Delhi/NCR. The images are sent to you as soft copies and 80 digitally enhanced pictures are taken.

Wedding Photography – Rs. 19,999

This is the best package in this price – it will cover your entire wedding and reception event. One candid photographer will take both candid as well as traditional shots. The photographer will shoot for 12-14 hours and will cover the entire two events. He or she will take two sessions each for the wedding and reception. Similarly, about 200 photos will be delivered to you after digital enhancement and editorial touches. A 12×15 inch album with 20 sheets will also be given to you. This album will consist of 100s of photos and will come with a printed hard cover for the two of you. The photos will come to you after a standard time frame of one month.

Mini event Photo and Video Combo – Rs. 24,999

In this combo offer, you will also get a videographer along with a photographer. The videographer will shoot along with the candid photographer. The videos will be delivered to you from 4-6 weeks after the event. If you want to choose background score for the videos you will have to get in touch with the videographer and add a week more to the delivery date. Also, this package will include 100+ traditional and candid still shots with shoot duration of 4 hours. It is ideal for reception, Sangeet, Dinner, Cocktail Party, Mehndi and such events.

Pre-wedding Gold Package – Rs. 24,999

This package includes one full day of up to 8 hours shooting – in multiple locations of your choice. About 120 digitally enhanced, print-ready photos will be provided to you. You will have to select and finalize with the photographers where you will go. Up to 2 locations can be traveled as per your choice. About 150-200 photos shall be taken and 120 of the best among them shall be chosen for final approval.

In this package, the transportation fees are also included. An USB will come along with the package. You will also get an album consisting of 20 pages that have the photos in them. Also, you will have a cinematographer and a stylist. The full-HD 3 to 4 minute Music Video will be made with stills and graphics. You can show them in projectors – they will be projector ready.

Wedding Economy – Rs. 44999

With this package you get three shooters – one traditional photographer, one candid photographer, one videographer. They will cover your entire wedding and reception ceremonies. A traditional, full-length video will also cover all the events and will range between 45 to 60 minutes length.

You will get 300+ soft copies of your photos. These will be shared via cloud storage, USB or DVD. The video will come in a DVD via courier. The photographers and the videographers will shoot continuously for 12 to 14 hours in two sessions. Here the two sessions can be the wedding and the reception simultaneously.

Big Fat Indian Wedding – Rs. 64,999

If you are looking for something exclusive, this is where your search begins. In this package you will get a cinematographer who will shoot your pictures in a cinematic style. There will be a touch of drama, story and some great music to accompany the shots in this style. The emotions will be captured and everything will be delivered to you in high-end style.

A 5-10 minute video will be shot in HD, covering the different events and they will be presented in a cinematic style with music and effects. Apart from this, a 45-60 minute video will be shot and presented. It will cover all the events traditionally and present all the details in style. The DVD of the original 45-60 minute video along with the short video will reach you via courier.

Not just this, you will also get a short cinematic trailer made for your wedding. You can share this trailer across social media. It will create anticipation for the coming videos and moments. The short trailer film for the wedding will come within 2 weeks. Besides, you also have a 300+ photo album for you in his package.

You have to choose the images which you want and they will come to you digitally enhanced, after one month. The soft copies of the same images will come to you 3 weeks from the date of the event. The fully edited cinematic video will also reach after a month.

Big Wedding Package – Rs. 1, 34,999

In this package, you get everything that you get in the previous “Big Fat Indian wedding package.” The only thing that discriminates this package with the previous one is that, with this, you also get a complimentary pre-wedding and post-wedding photo shoot. This pre and post wedding photo shoot will take place within the city that is, within Delhi/NCR and 10-15 edited, printable photos will be sent to you. The post wedding photo shoot can be scheduled after the wedding as per your preferences. Both the pre and post wedding shots will be solely for couples.


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