Wedding Songs For the |Bride|Groom| Couple

Wedding Songs For the |Bride|Groom| Couple

When it comes to weddings, you will have to have the best songs at your bay. You need to not just shine but also create magic on stage – it should be a dance to remember as they say! Be it the ladies sangeet or the wedding day, the bride and groom will be asked to dance at some point. Now sometimes they may dance as simply the bride and the groom and rock the solo, or sometimes they may dance as a couple. So which are the best songs in either scenario to dance to? Of course the bride’s songs will not be the same as the groom’s one. So let’s check out the most happening songs that you could rock. Please read the article to know what can be the different sangeet songs that will force you dance till end.

Wedding Songs

For the bride

Here you go the bride these are the top songs for you:

  1. Kala Chasma: Enter the song announcing that you’ve got this! What better way to do it than to play the Kala Chasma song at the wedding? This song will completely give you the dance floor to conquer and you can either do it solo or with a partner who is not your would-be.
  2. Punjabi Wedding Song: A fun song which the bride can merrily shake a leg to. This song has different vibes. However, it can be played behind the songs that you started off with. Unless your family doesn’t like Punjabi songs at all, this song should work.
  3. London Thumakda: how can we forget this hit maker from the film Queen? This is a must play at every wedding these days. If you can perform to this song, you will be definitely turning heads. Make a mashup with this song among the others and dance to the beats like a pro.
  4. Aaja Nachle: This is the perfect song if the bride wants to dance to it on her Sangeet. This solo song will have you grooving in no time. Yes, it is one of those songs where you have to find the right beats. But you know what? You’ve got it. Just enjoy yourself while you dance to this.
  5. Desi Girl: This can be a little awkward in some families. But other than that it is a good to go. You of course want the crowd to cheer to the “Desi Girl” with the song! Make it a part of the deal and then end it on a high note. You will be remembered girl!

For the groom

Unlike the brides, the grooms tend to think that they do not have enough songs to perform to. If you are the cool groom and you want to perform at your own wedding then don’t hold yourself back. We will tell you the best songs that you can groove to. Here they are:

  • Tera Hero Idhar Hai: Yes, nothing says “groom” than someone who demands you attention on the stage like that. You will have to go ahead and make the stage yours with this one. You can only do it with steps choreographed from beforehand. This is a great song if you are into such things. You can get on with it in style.
  • Aare aare: This song will perhaps require you to pair up with someone. It has female side. But you can totally unleash your crazy side. It’s such a fun song. It will have your guests get up and join you in no time. Be sure to wear proper shoes!
  • Dus Bahaane: This is a song that has rocked the generation and is doing awesomely for the groom. It has the beats that can get you moving your body on the dance floor. Even if you didn’t want to, the song will make you get up and dance – it is catchy that way. Hint: you can even go impromptu!
  • Tu Meri: This song from the film Bang Bang has been a hit ever since it released and we cannot help but notice how it impacts the generations. It is a perfect song for the groom who is very happening and cool and wouldn’t mind showing his moves to the audience.
  • Dilliwaali Girlfriend: Now this can be a great song if you want to ignore the nosey guests who might read more into the song. But if you are cool with it then perfect! The song will make the guests smiling and will definitely make your bride blush. ‘Dilliwaali Girlfriend’ is the song that should end with after your grand opening.
Song Categorization Song Name Album name
  Kaala chasma Baar Baar Dekho
  Punjabi Wedding Song Hasi Toh Phasee
For the Bride London Thumakda Queen
  Aaja Nachle Aaja Nachle
  Desi Girl Dostana
  Tera Hero Idhar Hai Main Tera Hero
  Aare Aare Besharam
For The Groom Dus Bahaane Dus
  Tu Meri Bang Bang
  Dilliwaali Girlfriend Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani

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Songs for the couples

Now it’s the turn of the couples. This can get either way depending upon your song selection. It can either make the whole thing very soft or slow or you both can together pump things up. So let’s tell you about both the types of songs.

First let’s start with the high volume songs. These are the songs that you can both begin with:

  1. Balam Pichkari: Yes, there’s no song like a balam pichkari song with the cute couple on the floor. The song has a few innuendos which are okay for the wedding scenario. The song will of course want to have the bride and groom together so you might as well synchronize or practice a few steps from beforehand.
  2. Ainvayi Ainvayi: Who doesn’t’ love this song from the film Band Baaja Baraat? A classic wedding song, you and your partner can show off your compatibility by choreographing complementary moves to this song. After all dance does speak volumes about the couple!
  3. Iski Uski: If the previous two songs are a little uncomfortable for the two of you then try this one. It has the perfect vibes for the family setting. In fact, in the movie 2 States the song was song in a wedding setting, making it a perfect song to dance like Alia and Arjun.
  4. Do Dhaari Talwar: This is one of those songs which will at first sound like a song to solo dance to, but it is the song that you can both synchronize and dance to with perfect notes since the later part has a female voice to it as well.

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Slow songs for the couple:

  • Raabta: Mellow down to this slow but meaningful song. Show the spark and recreate it once again before your wedding. What better way to conclude the event than to go away with “Raabta” playing in the background.
  • Mast magan: Mast magan from 2 States is a lovely song that you both will love to slow dance to. Enjoy these moments, these are the ones that you will remember forever!


Song Categorization Song name Song Album
  Balam Pichkari Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
Loud songs Ainvayi Ainvayi Band Baaja Baraat
  Iski Uski 2 States
  Do Dhaari Talwar Mere brother Ki Dulhan
  Raabta Agent Vinod
Soft songs Mast Magan 2 States


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