Shoes to wear with Indian saree like pumps|High heels| sandles| wedges

Shoes to wear with Indian  saree like pumps|High heels| sandles| wedges 

Confused about what to wear with your Saree this wedding season? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you the exact item that’ll suit your Saree. Basically people fret a lot about the type of the ethnic dress, but actually Sarees are very feminine. They suit all types of footwear. So you have a lot of options to choose from.

Shoes to wear with Indian  saree like pumps|High heels| sandles| wedges

Of course now you cannot choose sports shoes with it – unless you are very bold and have gone rogue. But let’s not over think it! We’ll tell you exactly what kinds of shoes go with a Saree and the pros and cons of each type of shoes.

Peep-toe Pumps

Peep-toe pumps are a better alternative to flat sandals because they keep your Saree clean. Also, if you have a smaller height then going with peep-toes is the way to be. They also give you a good height which in turn makes the Sarees look better.

But while wearing the peep-toes make sure that you are walking on an even surface at all times. If your event is at an open garden and the grass looks wet and soft, this wouldn’t be your best option. Make sure that you are comfortable at all times. Not everyone feels great in a peep-toe. In that case, you can just go with wedges since they have a more even sized heel.

One of the other reasons to go with peep-toes is that you can flaunt your shoes. Most people tend to think that with a Saree lurking beneath your ankle, the shoe would be overshadowed. But that’s not the case here. Your Saree gets picked up because of the height and your shoe can be flaunted.

As you already know – the peep-toes have a very feminine appeal. It will look sweet and appealing – if that’s the look you are striving for this evening. Make sure you choose a color that goes well with your Saree and don’t forget to get that pedicure done!

Shimmery High Heels

Now this is what classic wedding shoe looks like! You know those shimmery high heels which you wear during any event? Well, you can choose a shiny, strappy one to add to the glitz. This type of high heels is not more than 2-4 inches, while the pumps we mentioned earlier would be around 5-6 inches. So it’s your choice, which one you want to go with.

Usually golden colored ones, with adequate glitter work done on them are the ones that women prefer. If you don’t like glitter, simply choose a golden colored heel and you’re set.

But if you like it extravagant, like it should be, for a wedding, then you can go with the ultra stone embedded ones. Some shoes have crystals embedded on them to make them look like shiny diamonds on your feet.

Now this type of shoe is recommended for an evening party. This shoe will look rather dull during the day time. So buy it only if you are attending a night wedding party.

You can also read an article to know Are Zardosi shoes good enough to wear in wedding?

Strappy Wedges

Now you might think what is it with wedges? Actually wedges are the easiest to sport with Sarees. Some women tend to think that wedges are not for Sarees but that is wrong. Wedges go with all sorts of clothes and especially with Sarees. If you are someone who has a problem with high heels then wedges will be your best friend.

This type of wedges covers only the toe area with straps. So make sure that you get good foot care before heading out with them. Regarding colors, since wedges offer a larger surface area, the colors tend to stand out most. So you can choose the color that compliments your Saree.

There is no strict rule that you have to opt for a shimmery strap or such. You can go with white straps that compliment your turquoise Saree.

Simple Kolhapuri Sandal

In case you are looking for something that is a little bit on the simpler side, then opt for Sandals. These can have a little bit of heel. If you really don’t think you can manage high heel alongside Saree then this will be a great second option for you. Consequently, if you want to look chic or if you are already pretty tall, then the low heel sandal is best for you.

A simple sandal with a clutch can really make over your entire look. There are sandals that come with a lot of detailed embroidery on them. There are embellished ones that really complement Sarees rather than the plain ones. So if you are going with them then choose the ones have Kolhapuri style.

Make sure that the heels are not more than 2 to 3 inches in them. Usually Kolhapuri is present in chappal style, but you can also find it in sandal format and use it.

Stiletto heels

Wear a stiletto only if you wear them on a regular basis and have the habit of wearing them on a regular basis. Many women wear Stilettos but then they are unable to handle them on special occasions.

For the looks part let me tell you that Stilettos are a smashing hit when paired with Sarees. Make sure that the color scheme matches with your Saree as usual and you are all set. But traditionally speaking, a black stiletto with a Red Saree is to die for during any Indian occasion.

These are typically recommended if you are going for a party. You can also choose a golden or a silver colored stiletto. If you are choosing lighter colored clothing then this color shoe will go along with it.

Apart from these obvious choices, you can also go with black mojri shoes with high heels. They are pretty much like Kolhapuris and look stunning.

So make sure that you don’t go wrong with your shoes next time. Make sure that they are in your cupboard for the next time you have a mood to pick up the right shoes for yourself. 
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