Sofia Hayat’s Engagement

Sofia Hayat’s Engagement

Sofia Hayat, the ex-Bigg Boss contestant is once again in the news. This time for her engagement – yes, that’s right! The ‘nun’ who said she will never get married is finally tying the knot. What’s more? She has got engaged after dating for only one week. This will add fuel to the fire for those who were proclaiming that the celebrity is ‘unstable’.

Sofia Hayat Engagement

This is not the first time Sofia Hayat is making news. She had confessed in the past that she has given up worldly affairs which also meant giving up conjugal relations. This is why her engagement is not going down well with even her believers.

Sofia Hayat – From Nun to Bride

Sofia Hayat took part in Bigg Boss, after which, she had a complete change in lifestyle. She confessed that she had visited the Native Americans whereby she was given ‘Ayahuasca’. During her ritualistic consumption of Ayahuasca, she claims to have had an out-of-body experience, and some insights. These helped her renounce the world – she claims and then she decided that her purpose in the world was to let people know that there is no ‘hell’.

The woman since then has had many followers. She called herself ‘Gaia Mother’ – which means Mother of the Earth. She has also been having a lot of controversies surrounding her. Recently she posted a picture on Instagram with Swastika drawn on her two feet. Since the Swastika is a sacred symbol to the Hindus, she got indulged into a court brawl.

Whom is she dating?

Recently, she was seen dating a person – whose name is not yet known. People close to her are suspicious that this is the guy she has got engaged to. Apparently, the man is white and he is not a resident of India. Sofia Hayat will get married to him soon because she made it very clear in her Instagram post that ‘the cosmic father’ has finally met ‘the cosmic mother’.

Whether or not these claims have any base in reality are unknown. However, we do know that Hayat has gone to a restaurant recently with the man she claims is her fiancé. She even shared a picture on Instagram, showing her hand on his and a cake that says ‘congratulations’. She didn’t fail to mention that it was the restaurant that had prepared the cake for them. She tagged it “spreading the love.”

It is clear from her posts that there is a mystery man in her life. However, Hayat seems to be very protective of him for now. She has not revealed his face, although this hasn’t stopped her from posting several things about him. For instance, she wrote a long post in Instagram about how this man was not rich in the worldly terms, but rich in many ways that others are not.

Her posts about her fiancé

It seems like Hayat is making a good impression about this aforesaid guy so that when she does introduce him, people have no option but to like him. She also mentions how the guy is a ‘true gentleman’ – that, he always pulls the chair for her without asking and kisses her on forehead. It is not sure if she knew the guy from beforehand or if it is someone she met recently.

There is more to come that is for sure because the matter didn’t end here. After announcing her engagement, Hayat was quick to post pictures of their wedding rings. She seems pretty sure of her marriage because she has said ‘the world will come to know (of this alchemy)’. Even though it seems like Sofia Hayat is talking in riddles, it could very well be that she has found someone she has truly connected with.

She has said that ‘always be true to your heart….it only knows the truth.’ This is an acceptable statement but the fans and the well wishers alike are concerned why Hayat is getting married now after she had announced that she will remain a celibate for the rest of her life?

Not just that, this is raising questions about her announcement of breast implants. For those unaware, Sofia had earlier announced that she would be giving up her breast implants. If the news about her marriage did not ultimately ring true, fans are worried her breast implants might still be intact.

The transformation of belief

From ‘I am not going to have sex anymore’ to ‘Sacred sex’ that brings ‘changes to the world’ – Sofia has surely come a long way. She seems to be surreal to the rest of the world and their claims. Although we are all allowed to change our opinion and our outlook from time to time, Hayat’s change in outlook seems too drastic to be believable. It has been only six months since she has announced her celibacy and she has already planned her marriage in just one week.

Hayat was previously in what she claims as a ‘verbally abusive’ relationship with cricketer Rohit Sharma. It obviously didn’t go down well, during which she tried to kill herself. Yes, she was suicidal. This was the turning point in her life and since then she has given many contradictory statements which meant nothing to the common masses. However, she still kept on sharing her ‘experiences.’

She claims that this person she is in a relationship with right now is a person who has been sent from the heavens for her. This shows that even though she is no longer a nun she still strongly holds her personal beliefs and spirituality. She even went on to claim that “this is the marriage the heavens have been waiting for.” These terms and beliefs are only believable to those who believe in alternate spirituality.

Sofia Hayat obviously took a few detours from her original plan of celibacy – a very long one, if we must say. But she definitely looks very happy. She shared a picture saying “happily engaged.” No matter, every religion believes that marriages are made in heaven and we only wish she’s right this time.


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