Sofia Hayat Getting Ready For Her Wedding

Sofia Hayat Getting Ready For Her Wedding

Former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat is preparing for her big wedding. She’s especially ensuring that every detail of her wedding goes as well as planned and that it all works to her liking. Various photos have come about showing what she is doing as a means of getting prepared for this big event.

Sofia Hayat Getting Ready For Her Wedding

Her marriage to Vlad Stanescu will certainly be exciting to look forward to. She has been talking about him and has stated that he’s the best person that she has ever come about in her life. The attitude that she has over him is very positive and is certainly being spread out to all those who have been following stories about what she is doing.

Interestingly enough, much of this involves some of the more spiritual points that she has been getting into in her life. This includes a big focus on nature. It is part of how she has been one with the natural world and has especially expressed a strong desire to be closer to the heavens and the gods.

A Real Surprise

This all comes as a big surprise to many of her biggest fans. She has been known for being very personal and in tune with the earth. She even refers to herself as mother Gaia on a number of occasions and especially focuses on a variety of environmental issues of sorts.

The fact that she once announced that she was becoming a nun was especially surprising. She even denounced sex and stated that she would never marry. While she once stated that she was sticking with a life of simplicity, it is interesting to see that she is actually getting married after all. Of course, this is an event that is especially exciting for her many fans from all corners of the world.

Of course, there is still some talk about her spirituality and how she lives it. She has claimed in the past that she once gave birth to Lord Shiva. While her intriguing attitude towards her faith is clearly something to watch for, she is aiming to potentially become a more exciting type of figure worth watching.

Great Fashions

The fashions she is preparing for the wedding have been previewed through some outlets:

  • Sofia will have a bright golden dress with an open necklace. It will come with a scarf with a similar golden tone. The metallic accents around the dress are especially added to create a more refined look to her general appearance.
  • Some added jewelry will be included around the dress. This includes jewelry that has a series of beads all around. These are added to create some intense features that shine and offer a brighter look all around her entire body.
  • A light green covering may also be included as a part of her outfit. It’s not fully certain as to what she plans on getting out of the wardrobe but she is hoping to make it stand out and become her own unique work when it is all finished.
  • The lucky man is expected to wear a fine red suit. This will go alongside golden pants and a few gold accents around the top to add a more refined and consistent appearance all around.
  • She is aiming to get a few added bits of jewelry to her outfit as well. She is aiming to have a good series of piercings ready. There are suggestions that she might be aiming for something on her nose but it’s not certain as to whether she is serious about it or not.

Getting the Refreshments

Hayat has been getting some refreshments ready for her wedding. She’s stocking up on the champagne in particular. She’s aiming to get Cartier for the wedding, what with that being one of the hottest brands around. She is also looking for organic cava for the wedding as a means of having something enjoyable without being rough on the environment.

The foods will focus on a more vegan diet. These include canapes with fully vegan ingredients. She even wants to serve them on a wooden trunk. This would go well with some of the natural and organic efforts that she wants to put into the wedding to make it all the more exciting.

She is planning on having some meats available as well. Fish and chips canapes are expected to be served. She is looking to stick with a more local diet with plenty of carefully sourced foods being served. She’s also going to have many of these foods served on wooden trunks all the way through.

What Is the Ring?

The ring that will be used for the ceremony will be one that features a bright shine to it. It will have a golden tone while the centerpiece will have a white look to it. It is being used as a symbol of Sofia’s desire to be one with nature. It is clear that this part of her life will play a big part in making the event more entertaining and memorable for all to experience.

Great Perfume

Sofia also wants to get some nice perfume for the event. Roja Parfums Scandal is expected to be the option she is going for. This is made with a mix of woody and citrus tones. Lemon and bergamot are the key top notes with rhubarb and nutmeg among the other items adding to the mix on its base.

Preparing the Music

The music being prepared appears to focus more on classical arrangements. These include a number of traditional wedding songs as well as some appealing works that were listed in more detail:

  • Works from the typical classical composers like Bach and Handel are being included. This is according to some handwritten notes that she has prepared to help with getting it all ready.
  • Works from Carmen are also being included. This could add a more atmospheric tone to the wedding when the operatic styling of that product is put into play at the event.
  • Pachelbel’s Canon is expected to be highlighted around the end of the wedding. Interestingly enough, the handwritten note Hayat has for this has her spelling it as a “cannon” although that’s an understandable spelling error.

When Is the Wedding?

The wedding will take place on April 24. This is expected to be held as a festive celebration that brings all the religions together:

  • The effort is going to entail many religious values being merged together within the singular event. This includes the blessing of the people among the Hindu, Muslim and Christian faiths among many others.
  • An Egyptian High Priestess is expected to be on present at the wedding. Hayat says that she is a person who helped her when she was the Goddess Isis. This is a rather interesting development in terms of her values.
  • She has stated that they already held their Islamic wedding during a private ceremony. This was made primarily with formal purposes in mind and was held elsewhere in the country.

This is expected to be a rather appealing wedding when all is considered. Sofia Hayat is working hard to get ready for the big day and has prepared a number of features to make it all the more exciting. This will certainly come about as a fascinating event when all is considered.

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