Spring wedding (color, decor, dresses, menu, ideas )

Spring  wedding (color, decor, dresses,  menu, ideas )

A spring wedding is full of freshness. To make sure that freshness remains intact in the wedding décor, we choose the right colors. There are a lot of things that go into making a spring wedding hit. One of them is also the food. Appetites are different during different seasons. Plus, you have to agree that some seasons are more flu resistant than the others. To ensure that your guests enjoy the most, you have to bring to them the best of food, décor, colors. Also, you have to find the right dress for yourself. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Spring  wedding color decor dresses  menu ideas

Spring Colors

It all starts with the color schemes. While there are many colors that you can go with, spring colors are special. You will have to select them very methodically. Make sure you select the colors before you decide on the card design. Indian weddings are known for their splash of colors. We have our Holi festival falling in this season. So some interesting colors are on this list –

  1. Red and GoldOkay this is a pretty standard wedding color. Red goes well with weddings and spring too. Spring has a very flush vibe. Gold complements this color scheme. Red, on the other hand, is the color that will make it easier for you to match dresses.
  2. Maroon and whiteMaroon and white are classy at best. For the most part the designs are in white but the maroon adds the depth to it. It is once again a good color choice on the invitation cards and the groom’s clothes. This color scheme will make your event look classy at best.
  3. Tangerine, Orange and YellowThis color combination makes life come around in the event. Yellow is the color of positivity and liveliness. You want a lot of energy at your wedding? This is the color you go with. Also with the dryness of the winter passing, orange and tangerine go really well for this occasion.
  4. Purple, Champagne, TurquoiseThese colors are the best that it goes. It is perfect for a plush wedding. You can turn to these colors when you are looking for a grand wedding. It is easy to find flowers of these colors during the wedding season too. So fret not!

Spring wedding décor ideas

Right after you have chosen the colors, it is easy to choose the décor. The décor usually goes with the color schemes you have in mind. In this case, there are different options which depend upon the area and the aesthetics of the event. For an Indian wedding, everyone goes all the way and can contribute in the maximum possible way.

If you are going for the purple and champagne color scheme, then you can have the table clothes in purple and the lights in champagne colors. The main event can be decorated this way. For the other events like mehndi ceremony and Sangeet ceremony you can go with yellow and tangerine theme because the flowers need to be put as well. Similarly you can go for all colors. You can also read an article to know about Haldi Ceremony |Significance |Ingredients | Rituals | dresses | songs

Here are a few things you can do –

  • Pink and Peach Mandap: For the mandap, you can decorate it with pink and peach colors. These colors are truly vibrant and they bring out the best in the traditional sense. If you are doing so, you can arrange the seats too in pink and peach colors.
  • Colored candles: colored candles can be used according to the color scheme you have chosen. They usually decorate the entrances and the centre tables. You can use different props at the centre table to make them look more vibrant.

Spring wedding dresses 

Indian spring wedding dresses are all about the color schemes. So you have to choose the right color scheme and then you go with the usual choice. There are lehengas, Indo-western and of course traditional gowns and Sarees which you can wear. However, the main thing that will give it a spring touch is the color of the dress. So we have some suggestions for you –

  • Peach lehenga: A peach lehenga is very in this spring season. So go ahead and get on with some of them. You might actually come to love them. Usually this color is very light but worn with gold borders, they shine bright.
  • Pastel Anarkali: Be a trendsetter at your wedding. Pastel Anarkali is very fashionable and it is one that goes perfectly with the spring season. You can also add some yellow shade to your lehenga and Anarkali for effect.
  • Cream and Gold Saree: You can try out any of the above two colors for your Saree. But traditionally speaking, in Kerala, Cream and gold colors are perfect for wedding. These colors are also very spring friendly.
  • Indigo Lehenga: A very bold lady will dare to wear an Indigo lehenga at her wedding. The color scheme also needs to be addressed the same way. But indigo is the color of spring. It is not the conventional color of the wedding. It completely depends upon you if you want to take up that challenge.

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Spring wedding menu ideas

When it comes to food you have to be really careful. Usually during spring season people are not as foodie as they are in winters. But still our Indian menu tends to remain the same for all seasons. You should also know about the  things to take care before finalizing menu of wedding. We have to have a vegetarian and non vegetarian on the menu. So here is what you can do –

  1. Vegetable Spring Roll (starter): this item is a good one for the starter menu. You can also add Aloo Tikki or the likes of it. These are light and munchy and usually Aloo Tikki is not very oily, your guests can stay quenched yet healthy.
  2. Continental food: Continental food is usually very light on the stomach. Some people like it. You can choose from either continental or Chinese for the main course. In case you want to go Desi, you can choose local food items.
  3. Murgh Musallam/Shahi Paneer: There goes one vegetarian and one non vegetarian main dish for you. You can work around this to add more items to the list. For the buffet you can also have a chole bhature section.
  4. Fried Rice/Shahi Biriyani: There go two choices once again for your guests who are vegetarian. The Biriyani will help you curtail a lot of items. Biriyani lovers don’t care about any season. It is a dish well digested in all seasons. So you have a lot of options.
  5. Shahi Tukda (dessert): A Shahi Tukda is made with a lot of cashews and milk items. It is not very light, but just ample for the season. You can close your eyes and choose it because it will not interfere with your other menu items.
  6. Ice Cream: Let your guests cool it off with an ice cream on the list. It is spring season, so the little ones in your wedding can enjoy an ice cream without the fear of catching cold. Some people also go with ice cream counters with the starters. You can also do that.

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