8 Things to take care before finalizing menu of wedding

8 Things to take care before finalizing menu of wedding

Indian weddings are known for their lip smacking ala carte menus. Just like the wedding itself, the food has to be spicy and fun. Yes fun, because you don’t feel same way by seeing a platter full of sabzi (vegetables) and when you see a platter of butter chicken, do you? So yeah, the menu matters and that is just the last bit that can add the zing to your wedding. Many Indian brides and grooms go for a menu that suits their guests – like for example, going for the mutton delicacy or a vegetarian one for those who are vegan in their circle. But what else can couples take into account before finalizing their menus?

8 Things to take care before finalizing menu of wedding

  1. Choose a category: What is it going to be? Will it be a dry menu or one that has some jus? This is where you begin to count the number of courses you are going to have. Once you have that finished, you have to divide the type of courses that are going to be there in each step. For example, the main course will have two or three dishes, the dessert will be divided into two parts and what else is going to be in those dishes. This is where you will have to start.
  2. Will there be any surprise element?: You need to be asking question before finalizing. Many a times brides and grooms feel that they could have done something more for their menu. But that decision is pushed up till the last moment. So you need to decide it beforehand itself what element will be a surprise for the guests – and for yourself at the end of the day. It is always good to leave your guests wondering with a smile, if you ask us. So make sure you have done that extra bit or decide whether you want to do it before finalizing itself.
  3. Venue and settings: One of the things that everyone forgets when they think about food is where they will serve them. Yes, this is also one very important thing that you need to get started on as soon as possible. You don’t want to make a mismatch between what you are serving and where people are eating them. The arrangements are different if you have decided a farm house wedding, but there is always some pros and some cons of marriages in farm houses.It could create a chaotic situation and to avoid that, you need to get started on the venue decision ASAP or choose menus according to your arrangement. There are so many things you need to consider before finalize the venue.
  4. Storage area: The food storage area and the perish ability of the food itself must be kept in mind. You know if the food gets inedible you will be in a lot of trouble, better think of these things before starting to decide or your beautiful menu will be an upset. In case raw materials like vegetables need to be stored, you will have to make fridge arrangement and trust me proper storage facility will make the catering very much flexible and it will give you a lot less headache. Get this one ticked off your list.
  5. Keep in mind about allergy causing food: You know a lot of distant relatives are also coming to the wedding and they don’t know the menu. You will have to make sure that you know that there are no allergy causing foods in the menu – if so, some of your guests may not be able to enjoy to the fullest. If you cannot at all get rid of such item from the menu then at least make sure that your guests are aware that such items are there on the menu. Chances are less that anybody would be harmed in any way, but prevention before cure, right? Please read the article to know the do’s and don’t of serving drinks in your wedding.
  6. Budget: Although number 6 on this list, you must first of all start off with the budget assessment. You have already spent a lot on clothes, jewelry and the other arrangements. Now the food is also an integral part of the whole affair, you don’t want to cut down on this. So decide what your budget is and then based on that go about choosing the rest of the things on the list as mentioned. Please read the article to know how to plan a luxurious wedding in a unexpectedly small budget.
  7. What is the season going to be? Yes, many couples forget that the season has to be taken into account too. You may like mangoes in April but your wedding is in September, what are you going to like eating then? If you get this one right, you will be able to sort out a lot of things and get the best item for your guests. Usually during winters people like to eat red meat and such items, but during summers, they might as well want to have something lighter on their stomach – that doesn’t give them bloating you know. So choose the items that rock the season and you are all set.
  8. Make sure to add diversity: Right so you have got the seasonal dishes and the allergy causing dishes ticked off. Now it is the time to check how much variety you can add within your budget, without variety your platter will be incomplete. Make sure that you add some of the best dishes on the menu on that platter.

Things to discuss with your caterer before finalizing the menu

Yes, there are things that you will need to get sorted with your caterer. Rack your brains with them and make sure that you ask them the right questions. Don’t know what to ask the caterer? We will give you some tips. Just make sure that these things are known to you before you finalize the details:

  • Packages and the payment: Do they have a refund or cancellation policy? When do you need to finalize the menu with them? Will they provide the storage or rental items (tables, chairs, etc) and is there any additional fee for them? Are there event packages or everything is very out of the box? If so, what do the packages include? Please read the article to know how to choose right wedding planner?
  • Logistics: What are the electrical or other additional requirements? Is there any cleanup policy after the catering? What will they do with the leftovers? How long will the team take to set up the entire thing and to break out? Will the team be able to handle the tables and take care of the things like the decorations on the table? At what time will the catering service arrive? Please read the article to know how to use vegetables for decoration.
  • Drinks: Does the service include bartenders along with the alcoholic beverages? Will they be able to provide specialty cocktails? Will the staff be able to distinguish people whom the wine is to be served after the dinner? Will the coffee and the tea services be per person or is there any additional discount with those items?
  • Background: How many weddings every year do they attend? Have they done any events at your venue? Are they licensed with the liquor and everything?
  • Food: what is the signature dish? What is the food that is recommended given the budget, venue and the season? How will they be able to manage last minute requests?
Sl. No. Season Food Items
1 Winter Red meat, chocolate desserts
2 Summer Sea food with variety of ice creams
3 Monsoon Hilsa fish
4 Autumn Crab
5 Spring Date or plum dessert

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