Theme based mehndi design

Theme based mehndi design

Mehndi or henna art work is a special sort of art found in South-Asian countries. A lot of study says mehndi was originally found in Egypt a long time back. However the intrinsic value of mehndi designs in various occasions is more in South Asian countries than any other region. Generally when we talk about mehndi we think about brides. But the scenario has largely changed these days. I have already mentioned a lot of time that with changing time, the fashion mantra is also changing gradually. Some say the old things are coming back; some say the new generation is creating new things. But as a whole the trend is changing and people are getting more innovative with same old things like mehndi. Read the article to know how to search the best mehndi artist in your town.

Theme based mehndi design

We are living in that era where themes work more than anything else. Be it your wedding, birthday parties, dresses or mehndi, you follow a proper theme for each occasion. Occasions like Eid, Karva Chauth, Teej, Deewali, Janmashtami or whatever, we opt for mehndi and nowadays you get a wide collection of theme based designs. Here I have collected few theme based designs that are trendy and apt for every traditional occasion you attend.

Bridal Mehndi Design

Bridal Mehndi Design

Talking about theme based mehndi reminds us of Bridal mehndi at the first place. Because some of the people still think that mehndi is meant for brides only. Bridal mehndi themes have wide choices. The first and foremost thing is bridal theme design is the elaborate and congested design. A lot of people from different community say that when a bride applies mehndi on her hand, her skin should not be visible by even 1%. The design of the mehndi should be that much intricate.

In Bridal mehndi design you can have normal floral design, Arabic design, wavy, with glitters or even colourful mehndi. As far as the design is concerned, the design must have a king, queen, elephants or palanquin. They give it a fabulous traditional look. Lace glove henna is also very popular among brides.

Eid Mehndi Design

Eid Mehndi Design

Eid is one of the biggest celebrations for the Muslim community. It is the occasion where people wait for the moon. Muslim girls apply Eid special mehndi on their hands in this event. As people know Eid is all about Moon so it has to be a moon shaped design in Eid special henna art. The designs are mostly wavy or curvy in nature. The design is made on the basis of a half moon (generally). You can also use white stones to make it more shiny and bright. You can have a half moon in the middle of the palm and then light floral designs around it. Arabic mehndi design is the best option for this occasion..

Mehndi Design for Janmashtami

Janmashtami is one of the many important festivals of Hindu community. It is a celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth. Those who worship Lord Krishna at their homes, apply mehndi on this occasion. With the changing trends the pattern of mehndi on such occasions changes too. In earlier days we could not even think about different mehndi themes on different occasions. It was always conventional mehndi for every occasion. But now we have different pattern in Janmashtami as well.

Peacock Mehendi Patterns - A Symbol of Love in All Types of Mehendi Designs

Janmashtami is all about Lord Krishna. If you are applying a Janmashtami mehndi design on your hand then you can have Krishna’s face on your palm, or a flute or you can have the feather as a main design of your mehndi. You can use bright colours like golden, green and blue for the main design as well. As krishna love morpankg a lot you can also go for peacock mehndi design which a symbol of love .

Wedding or General Function Mehndi Design

Wedding or general function mehndi themes are ordinary themes. In these themes you can have ordinary designs like floral pattern, round shaped, curvy designs, jaali or checks design, geometrical shapes or asymmetric patterns and so on. This theme is common and anyone from all ages can apply this designs for any occasions like wedding ceremonies (not bridal), general puja or any other occasions or events.

Independence Day / Republic Day Mehndi Design

Independence Day / Republic Day Mehndi Design

Now this is something really new concept that we have heard. When we hear about the days like independence or republic the first thing comes on our mind is flags, national anthem, white coloured dresses, cultural functions and such, but have you ever thought of independence day themed mehndi? If your answer is no, then here I am with the innovative mehndi designs for Independence Day. You can make the mehndi design in your wrist which looks more like a bangle.

If we can draw a king, queen, moon, Lord Krishna and even elephants and such in our mehndi design then why not flags, peace, pigeons, swastika, Christ and other religion signs? For the Independence Day or Republic Day, the design is made around flags, peace, religious signs and such. You can have full length mehndi design or Arabic or light patterns or even complicated designs, but the main theme should be based on country related designs.

Mumbai Mehndi Designs

State wise mehndi themes are popular too like Bombay style mehndi. In Mumbai, they like the intricate designs more than Arabic or ordinary floral pattern. Janmashtami is such a big occasion in Mumbai or Maharashtra. So the Janmashtami pattern is popular in Mumbai.

This theme also follows colourful and stone studded mehndi design. As mentioned it specialises in complicated and intricate designs, using stones is also a major part of Bombay Style Mehndi Designs.

Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

Rajasthani mehndi is something you all have heard of. Rajasthan is the place of royal people, Kings, Queens and huge grangers. So following the architecture and royal pattern of the state, mehndi designs are made like that. Rajasthani Style mehndi patterns are specially designed for brides. They have unique designs of elephants, chariots, palanquins and Rajasthan style queen and king motifs.

The speciality of such theme is deep and congested designs. If you are not the bride but attending a wedding, you can simply have elephant trunks in the upper portion of your arm with jaali and rajasthani royal patterns all over your hand. Also Rajasthan or Jaipur style patterns are perfect fit for other occasions like Navaratri, Deewali and other traditional occasions. you can also add some coloured stone on it to make it unique and show the different rang of rajasthan.

Tattoo Style Mehndi

Tattoos give you a trendy and western look more than a traditional look. However you can have this western look with most traditional element that is mehndi. As far as the permanent tattoo is concerned, the artists use different colours and needles to make it on your body. In case of temporary tattoo they use either stickers or mehndi or paint brush to make a tattoo on your body.

If you want a temporary tattoo for a party then mehndi is the best option. They neither harm your skin nor be there for long time. Rather it is easy and you can have any design you want. While following tattoo style mehndi designs, you can have designs like butterflies, angels, religious signs, Lords, general wavy floral designs or anything on any of your body parts. Muscles, around belly buttons, waist, ankle, upper arm, fingers, wrist, back, lower back or even on shoulders, you can have tattoo style mehndi anytime to get a trendy look.

Above all you must also be aware of how to keep mehndi long lasting.

Theme Events
Eid For Eid
Janmashtami For Janmashtami or puja
Rajasthani Bridal or weddings
Mumbai General occasions
Tattoo Trendy, party or any general event

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