6 Wedding themes to make your wedding awesome

6 Wedding themes to make your wedding awesome

It is a no-brainer when I say, wedding is a day filled with hell lot of fun and memories. But when it is an Indian wedding, boy! It is a freaking carnival! The colors, the guests list, the crazy dancing, the music, the bling-y outfits, in short, just about everything is a blown out version of itself. And, if it is paired with a bang on theme, well what else could one ask for!

The fact that India has been home to the Mughals royal highnesses to the British royal highness, not to forget the Nawabs from all over India, the Punjabis, the Gujratis and what not, gives us quite a lot to choose from for our wedding theme. You must also finalize the wedding venue before deciding the wedding theme.

I mean, it is safe to say; you name it and Indian wedding is it. Now that there are so many options to choose from, you are probably super confused as to what could your best bet? Well, this article will exactly help you lessen your confusion.

6 Wedding themes to make your wedding awesome

Mughal Wedding Theme

Very close to my heart is the Mughal wedding theme. It cries out loud lavishness and culture. The décor for this wedding is often an enactment of the Taj Mehal featuring a lot of domes, pillars and fancy gates. The colors used are often the basic ones i.e. reds greens oranges along with lots of gold. However, you can always bring in your own twist to the décor; after all it is your wedding.

Some of the main features of the wedding include:

  • Incense sticks or incense flavored candles
  • Nawab-styled male hostesses
  • Kaneez themed dresses for the bridesmaids (it is okay if the attention is not on you girls for once. Let the bride have it)
  • Low seating for the guests with bolsters and cushions
  • Painting of Mughal Kings and Queens as the backdrop with tasseled curtains

Bollywood Wedding Theme

How can I not cover this one, India is known for Bollywood. Some celebrity actually called India Bollywood one time (okay that was probably too much, but you get what I mean). Dharma production and Yash Raj Films are known for creating magic on screen (who remembers Dilwale?), which means translating it into a real life event is so much more fun. This theme would be great if you are planning on a destination wedding. Make your wedding the perfect Bollywood style by doing this:

  • Choose a kickass destination
  • Loud dance performances
  • Over the top Mandap
  • Lots and lots of flower décor
  • Over the top dresses and jewelry
  • A dance performance by the bride and groom
  • Celebrity performances (in case that is too much, dress up like the,. Who cares any way, you want to have fun, right!). Please follow the link to know about bollywood celebrities real life proposals.

Punjabi Wedding Theme

This one naturally gives you a vision of over excited uncles, aunties and cousins, who are all sweaty presenting their over the top dance steps, giving you a jhappi and a puppy as part of their dance once every two minutes. Trust me; it is their way of showing how much you mean to them. So what to do to make it more exciting:

  • Goes without saying, an eager DJ and dhol wala
  • Bhangra group
  • Entry with bhangra and dhol
  • Bangle Mehndi booth
  • Punjabi folk Dance
  • Lots of gharha and neon décor, and:
  • A lavish food menu

Vintage Wedding Theme

What did is say about India’s history? The best part about History of India is that it is old but not so old. We still have our elders who lived the Mughal and British era, who have passed own quite a lot of information top us. Plus, the iconic movies that we had at that time, is everything. We can get so many ideas from the, and infusing it into our wedding may not be a bad idea. So what do you need to do:

  • Pick out your mom’s wedding dress and alter it a little bit to your size, but do not alter anything else, we want to play vintage and nothing speaks more vintage then your mom’s as is wedding
  • Take out all the old photos of your parents and grandparents for wedding décor
  • Pale colors and lots of lace would be great
  • Use bird cages with creeper plants hanging out of them
  • Set the dress code vintage too, you can set whatever decade was your favorite.
  • Make an entry on the Ghora gari
  • Use the hit songs of the 60’s and 70’s

 Rajasthani Wedding Theme

Almost every Indian wedding theme is colorful; Rajasthani wedding theme is no different. This is great if you held at Udaipur, but do not fret if you cannot afford that, there is always an option to bring Rajhastan to your home. All you have to do is:

  • Decorate the ceiling with colorful christmas lights or whatever is easily available
  • Hang from the ceiling colorful inverted umbrellas throughout the venue, with the largest one hung just in the middle
  • Erect a colorful canopy underneath which the couple to be married could sit and watch the evening unfold
  • Use special lightening effects; you could even use multimedia to help change the color constantly.
  • Use Rajhasthan’s iconic elephant statue around the venue or as centerpieces. You can color them and even bedazzle them to give that extra bling.
  • Hire a Rajasthani folk band to take your guests to the beautiful land of Rajasthan with their melody.

Tropical Wedding Theme

One of the best things about India is the amount if sunlight we receive on daily basis. Where the west is head over heels about this invaluable bliss, for a very long time we did not have very many ideas to use to our best interest. Well, times are changing and the new creative minds are making the most of what is available to them. Tropical wedding is definitely huge in the west, and now becoming “a thing” in the Indian Sub-continent too. The best part about this theme is that we have a whole bunch of natural sites where this theme could be carried out. One such place is Goa. Yes, Goa is the perfect destination for pulling off a great tropical wedding, but is that all, well not really. So below is a list to make your tropical wedding even cooler:

  • A nice coastal resort. If no, then make do with a place that has big pool.
  • A lot of tropical flowers and coconut trees for décor
  • Have a kickass beach party for your mehndi
  • Have Pineapple or any of your favorite fruit infused water topped with umbrellas, since it is going to be summer this will be perfect to keep your guests hyderated
  • Wooden plates with vibrant napkins with palm fronds and flowers as table decor

Please follow the link to know about the best themes to décor your home for bachelorette party.

Now let’s consolidate everything:

Modern Themes Traditional Themes
Bollywood theme is a modern and definitely a very popular one in the world of wedding planning. Who hasn’t dreamt of having the perfect filmi wedding? Mughal wedding is the theme that even the pop culture stars, such as Saif and Kareena opted for. This shows that even Bollywood divas get fed up of the modern standards and want to escape to the era of Kings and Queens with no paparazzi to worry about.
Alright, like I said that all these themes could be considered both traditional and modern, this is what I am talking about. The new vintage theme is everything what represents both of these categories. Since there is no hard and fast rule, you can change the details of even a vintage wedding and give it a modern touch.
Tropical theme, this is my favorite and if you can pull off this, well you are doing it right, girl! Rajsthani and Punjabi themes are one of the most popular ones, due to their colorfulness and wide aesthetic options available

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