3 Things to Buy and 3 Things to Rent at Wedding

3 Things to Buy and 3 Things to Rent at Wedding

When you are spending a lot for just a day, it can be often tempting to go all the way and buy all the stuff. However, that is not always feasible because you have to take care of the other expenses also.You have to make proper wedding budget first. You have to make sure that whatever you are buying is absolutely necessary to be bought. Yes, we are meaning to tell you that you can also rent a few things. Don’t throw in all your money. Let the rentable things take some of the costs out. You will be thankful for it later.

Amidst the entire wedding hustle bustle, you might be feeling dizzy about what to buy and what to rent. This is why we are here to tell you the things that you should buy and the things you should rent at your wedding.

3 Things to Buy and 3 Things to Rent at Wedding

The golden rule to decide what to rent and what to buy is to ask yourself these questions: would you want to keep it after your wedding? Would you be able to sell it off post your wedding? Can these be re-gifted at a later date? Beyond these, if you want to judge items then go with this list.

Things to Rent at Wedding

  1. Tuxedo: if you are going to wear a tux just once or twice in a year there is no reason you should buy that tux. Unless you have a special sentiment associated with the wedding dress, you should give this one a miss. The tuxedo can be rented for the event. Also, having it rented will ensure that the right tux will arrive on time, and it will be pressed neatly before you wear it. please follow the link if you want to know what can be the different dresses a bride can wear on her special day.
  2. Havan: if you are getting married in the Hindu Indian way, chances are that you will have to get the pyre ready. People are confused whether to buy it or rent it – but here’s the thing. What will you do with it after the wedding? You can always rent it. Otherwise you can ask the priest to bring one and pay him for it. Problem solved. These are the teensy tiny little things that you can arrange through rent. Follow this to know more about the things you need to keep in hindu pooja.
  3. Table linen: Getting table linen is always a matter of concern. You will have to get them washed and cleaned and fold it after the event. While if you are booking them and getting them in rent, they always come in the best condition and after the incident they go back to where they came from. You don’t have to take the trouble of keeping them neat. It is a smart decision to rent them always.
  4. Votive candle holders: If you are having a gala dinner and all your friends and family are present then you may want to get the votive candle holders for rent. This is one of the things that will spare you the costs. Now initially they may seem like a great investment – you may feel that you can use them later. But trust me, nobody uses them later. Not 300 glass votive candle holders. If you rent them they will be much cheaper and they will go easier on your pockets. Also, renting them frees up your time from having to store them and pick them up later. Please read the article to know the best lighting deginner for your wedding.

Things to buy at Wedding

Always when you are at your wedding, you will have to invest in some things. Apart from the regulars that are your clothes and accessories – which hold great value for the women, you will have to buy some other things for guests at the venue too. These are some of the things that you cannot avoid buying because of their nature.

Now that we have put the things to rent in order, let us have a look at the things that we must always buy at the wedding.

  1. Bunch of Napkins: While purchasing the linens can be a total trouble, buying the smallest thing could actually save you a lot of bucks on the wedding. Depending on the number of guests you are going to have, buying them can be a lot cheaper than renting them. You could get bulk discounts on them. Plus, they don’t take up a lot of room. You could also buy something that is custom made and is unique in away. Perhaps you could have the menu laid out on them? You could play with them a little. Also, you could use the extra ones later. This is also among one of those thing a bride has to keep in her emergency lit during wedding.
  2. Jewelries: Jewelries are the eye grabbers of the occasion. Sometimes they become heirlooms. How can you possibly rent the jewelry items? Why would you not want to own a jewelry that you wore on your wedding day? The celebrities may be doing a lot of things, but you can draw the line any time. It is your wedding and your decision. You could get a beautiful pendant and make it a part of your family heritage and pass it down for generations. Every indian bride must buy satlada on her wedding.That would be something!
  3. Custom goodies: custom goodies such as signs that point where the wedding is, where to dine, or the little tidbits that makeup your wedding are the kind of things that you can buy. These can become a souvenir in the long run. For example, recently Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover had a “monkey wedding” theme. They had all the goodies designed in the same theme. So these could become ideal things to remember ones wedding by. In the long run they act as good memories.

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