Tilak Roka Ceremony in Hindu Wedding

 Tilak Roka Ceremony in Hindu Wedding

There are many ceremonies which make an Indian wedding richer by experience. The Roka is one of those ceremonies. It is practiced in Punjabi families and not so much around the other parts of the country. It is a pre-wedding ritual and happens several months before the wedding. This ceremony marks the beginning of a lifetime of togetherness for the couple. Hence it has huge significance and meaning.

Tilak Roka Ceremony in Hindu Wedding

Roka Meaning

The Roka ceremony takes place as a mark to announce that this girl and boy are going to get married. In the earlier days this ceremony was marked to let the society know that these people are going to get married soon. So no new wedding proposals would come to the girl’s or the boy’s family any more until they are married. It is more like a “booked and engaged” deal which the families announce.

It is also used to signify that the girl and the boy have given their consent for marriage. Hence, celebrations ensue, wherein the families come together and exchange sweets and gifts. They bless the couple for a happy life together. To make this occasion even more auspicious, the families arrange for a puja ceremony. The priest chants verses from the holy books and performs rituals to eliminate any negative effect from this bonding.

The mother of the groom places a chunri or dupatta over the girl’s head as a mark of decorating her. This is one of the ceremonies that begin a sweet friendship between the girl’s and the boy’s family. It is also the invitation of the bride and groom into the respective families. This is why close friends and relatives are called to celebrate this ceremony so that they get acquainted with one another.

Roka Invitation Card Wording

  1. Two loving hearts are about to get engaged. Make sure to bless the couple in their Roka ceremony on [date]. You are cordially invited by [name of bride’s parents] and [name of groom’s parents].
  2. When you realize that someone makes you happy, you want to share that happiness with everyone around. Come and join us in the celebration of love. [Bride’s name] and [groom’s name] will celebrate their Roka in [venue].
  3. Please join us in the Roka ceremony of [bride] and [groom] and a cocktail party at [venue] on [date]. The lovebirds will await your presence wholeheartedly for the event.
  4. Do join us in the engagement and Roka ceremony of our beloved son [name] with the daughter of [name] and [name] at [venue]. So save the date! Join us for the celebrations.
  5. Love has chosen us to be together forever. Our journey begins with the Roka ceremony and we will get engaged to be married. So do join us on [date] at [venue].
  6. We will find solace in those whom we love and we shall make our home in those that have our hearts. Do join us for the ceremony of love – Roka on [date] at [venue].
  7. Dear friend, I invite you to my Roka and engagement ceremony with [name] on [date] at [venue]. I would eagerly wait for your presence on the event as I look out for a lot of fun and dance.

What to gift in Roka?

Several gifts are exchanged between the bride’s and groom’s family during the Roka ceremony. One of those is the basket of fresh fruits. These fruits signify that the bride and groom are given blessings from the elders. Usually the “shagun” or the gifts are presented by both families. The boy is given some cash and some gifts. The girl is also given some cash and some assortments. Usually girls are given chocolate assortments and sometimes jewelry in Roka. Men are given similar gift purchases.

The exchange of gifts is usually begun after attending the tilak ceremony. In some households it is believed that the mother of the bride does not visit the tilak ceremony. So after the tilak ritual is done, the exchange of gifts begins. During this time the mother of the bride comes back and they give the groom sweets and some cash. Similarly, after the girl gets the tilak, the mother and father of the groom come to give him gifts.

From the bride’s side it is usually the father and the brother of the bride that give him sweets and gifts. They also give each other ornaments made of gold. It is known to be auspicious to exchange such gifts which are made of gold. The friends and relatives also exchange sweets and assortments.

Quotes related to Roka

  1. You are something between a dream and a miracle. I wish to spend the rest of my life with you. Let the Roka begin because we have found each other finally after so long.
  2. They are not man and wife, who are merely spending their life together. Rather, the two who are best friends, lovers and soul mates are true life partners. I have found mine in you.
  3. Sometimes one meeting is enough to know someone sometimes a thousand moments spent do not give you peace of mind. Through this Roka I announce that I have finally found that perfect partner with whom just one meeting was enough.
  4. All my life I searched for the right person, not knowing that he/she was so close to me. When I finally met you, everything made sense, everything fell into place. I feel blessed.
  5. When we announce Roka, we are not just exchanging rings; we are also exchanging a promise – a promise to hold each other in sickness and health for the rest of our lives.
  6. God made man and woman so that they can complete each other. None like another. I have found my other half in you. Now I am complete. My entire search has ended.
  7. I loved you yesterday and I still do, I loved your yesterday and I till death I shall do. This engagement shall mark the beginning of our union, forever we shall be one.
  8. They say we spend only seven lives with the one we love, but I want to spend forever with you. May this day of Roka come in our lives, lifetime after lifetime!
  9. There is a sparkle in her eyes. I want to nurture it, grow it, and share it with her, for the rest of my life. This is why I gave her a tiny sparkle on her ring finger.
  10. Every passing day I feel blessed that I found a loving person like you. You make me come alive. I wish to spend the rest of my life and beyond, with you. Will you be my bride?
  11. Today this ceremony is the symbol of the success of our love, dear one. When we unite under the night sky, the heavens shall look down and sigh for ours is the perfect love story.
  12. It all started with a spark. Talking to you made time pass away in seconds. Then we grew to become close friends. I wouldn’t spend my life with anyone else but you. Let this Roka mark our forever union.


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