13 Tips for Couples to Have a Stress Free Honeymoon

13 Tips for Couples to Have a Stress Free Honeymoon

After the hustle bustle of marriage, comes the blissful Honeymoon – you would think. But more often the Honeymoon turns out to be a resting phase after the big wedding for the couple. There are thousands of things yet to be taken care of back at home. Also, there is the office tension that needs to be taken care of. With all these things, your honeymoon is bound to get stressful.

Amidst all the hectic rituals, your honeymoon is bound to give you sleepless nights. This can take a toll on you. This is why we tell you to have patience and read the list. It will tell you what to do during your honeymoon so that you can have a 100% stress free time with your partner.You can also plan stay at home honeymoon.

8 Tips for Couples to Have a Stress Free Honeymoon

Not always! You will have a 100% stress free honeymoon. Just follow these steps:

  1. Share the plan load: Include your better half in the planning process. Don’t try to do it all yourself. If you take the sole responsibility of making the plans in India or outside India, you will burn out. Let this be an exercise for future – plan everything together. Also this way if anything goes amiss, your partner can remind you of it. Plus, they might have some needs of their own when they go on a holiday. You can best make sure of that if you take their opinion about everything. You will also avoid the “I told you so” rants in future by doing all these things.
  2. List all the things to do: Whether it is sightseeing, shopping or just staying back some times, make sure all the things are planned properly. It is very important to look perfect in your honeymoon. Each day you wake up on your honeymoon, you should know what follows that day. Make it a relaxing trip, by making less frequent sightseeing tours, or make it an adventurous one by planning lots of things to do. This will also make sure that you plan the necessary items and don’t forget anything in future. If you have taken a travel package then this will be easier as you will not have to do this by yourself.
  3. Pack smartly: what makes the trip more stressful is the last minute fuss – you forget to take something on your honeymoon because your spouse was nagging about the size of your package and then you blame them for not allowing you to carry their vital stuff. Specially when you have planned to go outside India. Hence follows a deep moment of stress and anger – that could be easily avoided. Just pack the right things. Avoid taking unnecessary things with you that will just make the bag heavier. Don’t try to fit it all within one trip. Keep room for something post honeymoon as well.
  4. Take some time before you do the honeymoon: Couples who are in a rush to go off usually are stressed more, because at the back of the mind they know they have to go back to some unfulfilled things at home. So take some time off to finish off pending dinners, making all the necessary arrangements at both homes. Also, finish off the family obligations like visiting relatives, having lunches and dinners. You can book a hotel for your first night instead of going off to the honeymoon straight out of the marriage ceremony.
  5. Ditch the hectic schedule: There are some packages – if you are taking one – that will try to sell you the most hectic of all schedules. You will have to go from one place to another within 5 days of the honeymoon. You don’t want to do that. Choose a serene place and try to relax as much as you want with your spouse in that area. The honeymoon is the time to get to know each other even better. So make sure you do it there, specially when you are going for honeymoon outside India.
  6. Be open to changes in the plan: going with the flow and doing random things together would not be more fun. If you feel like ditching the itinerary then do it. If you both want to go somewhere else and explore a village, a street or a fort, don’t be afraid to do it. Make the best of every moment and be a little spontaneous. Know at every time that you are allowed to ditch the itinerary at some time.
  7. Don’t fight: If you waste time fighting at your honeymoon then that will be the worst thing you could do! Don’t let the romance fade away even for a moment. When you are at your honeymoon, keep your egos out of the window. Take things humorously. These moments won’t come back so make sure that you get the best of them. Please read the article to those the things a women/men can share with their friends but not their spouses.
  8. Relax, don’t keep count: don’t keep count of how many times you do it. It is your honeymoon for heaven’s sake. Enjoy yourselves and keep the tabs out of the window. Relax, enjoy and don’t forget to be playful. Lastly if your partner feels tired, then be understanding of them.
  9. Realize your partner: You may be in the mood to jump up and down. Marriage is the time when you get to know your spouse more deeply. This is when you learn that your spouse is not always sharing the same interests as you. You may see that you have a high energy while they just want to sleep. This is when you try to be compassionate and understanding of your partner. Without getting mad at them, if you support them it will cement the moment and your relationship for years to come – not just the honeymoon.
  10. Stay well fed: Needless to say, you will need a lot of energy to surpass the honeymoon. Hence, you guys need to be well fed. If you both happen to be foodies then a lot has already been taken off your plate. You can go ahead and be the crazy kraken in the restaurant as you always are – this will ensure more of the good times together. Eat well, eat more and don’t forget to eat healthy too.
  11. Maintain good personal hygiene: during these times, you must be feeling mess everywhere. Also if you are going outside you may see changes in weather. This can in turn affect your health. To make sure that both of you guys are healthy and can truly enjoy the honeymoon, maintain good personal hygiene. You will feel fresh from within and the time of the year will go smoothly. Both men and women should take care of this.
  12. Pack secretly: Yes, this is another great way to spruce up things before you go to the honeymoon. By now, you both probably have seen each other’s wardrobes and know what he or she will be taking to the honeymoon. Create a separate bag and order something online. Bring that lingerie to the honeymoon and surprise them. This can make things feel new and exciting and it can make sure that you both feel excited about the events of the honeymoon.
  13. Plan surprises: Plan surprises in the room that your partner will never see coming. Call the hotel room and make some arrangement and give them a surprise that will completely blow them away.

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